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Snappypants by sunshineley Snappypants :iconsunshineley:sunshineley 2 2
SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 3
[12:57:19 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap had passed out, and some time was lost to him; he blinked his eyes open through a set of soft draping towels now, and saw Trison in front of him. A rage deep within his gut bubbled, but he didn't have the strength to feel much of anything right now, so it faded as quickly as it had came; he brushed a hand across his face after another several moments of silence, and found that a good number of towels had lined his arms. "The-" His hoarse voice swore softly. "Happened here?" The chiss had leaned forward, looking down at his hands, and noticed that his skin was still a few too many shades dark; he then took note of his shirtless body, but decided that wasn't his most pressing matter, and his black chest tattoos rippled as he coughed.
"What I wouldn't give for a hit of oxygen right now." Snap had chuckled faintly, a smile resting on his face in an easy expression, and he leaned his head back to rest on the edge of the tub. He then coughed once more;
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SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 2
[3:04:33 PM | Edited 3:33:14 PM] Melissa: Trison looked thoughtfully around the disorganized room; he didn't understand why someone would have a space like this and not learn how to put it to use. He especially didn't get it, if it had to do with someone who passed; he personally held the few things he kept from important people who no longer were a part of life, as close to him as possible. He did understand the feeling of loss and decided not to ask about it, as he watched Trash tend to himself.
"I wasn't implying that he didn't." Trison countered, leaning into the room slightly; this room seemed warmer than the common areas of the ship and it tried to draw him in, but he stayed in the doorway, not wishing to overstep boundaries. "It just seems to me that two to run a ship isn't alot." He added, looking down, his hair covering his eyes as he did.
He listened to the peculiar droning of the droid; Trison wasn't sure if he had ever been around an astromech that spoke so freely,
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You Promised by sunshineley You Promised :iconsunshineley:sunshineley 3 0
SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 1
[6:30 PM] Sunnyshine: It was a day of mixed tidings; because of the muggy air amidst this part of Denon's planet-wide city, Snap's grey shirt clung to his skin in a most uncomfortable way. The Chiss man had worn simple clothing, so as to not attract unwanted attention, but his sharp red eyes and deep blue skin had drawn the gaze of more than a few passer-by. He was glad to be free of the foot traffic now, though, having turned into a more industrial area, but heat from the machinery was making him uneasy; he wouldn't be able to last here for too long, as the humidity was making it slightly difficult for him to breathe.
The hum of engines passing in the distance reminded Snap that normal civilization was only a few steps away, and this heartened him; he would only have to be in the city's armpit for a little while longer. He leaned as causally as he could against the broken wall of a factory, using the neck of his shirt to fan himself; he really should've opted to leave
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I like to draw with pencils, and don't consider myself to have talent in any other medium. I like computer gaming, television shows, movies, YouTube and drawing of course; I like obscure animals, creatures, and insects; I like several sorts of art and music. I have a few OCs: my first one was Sunshine Ley the mutant; my most often used one is Rashina Kiaki the alien; my favorite one is Rae'Quia the Argonian. I prefer good grammar over bad, and will correct yours when copying over, but won't actively critique unless you need me to. I would be glad to help you in any way I can. I like to smile and laugh, but have issues with depression and anxiety so it doesn't always happen.

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Rae'Quia Biography 2015Verse: Somewhere between The Elder Scrolls fanfiction and my original universe.
Date: October 19, 26, 2014; February 7, 2015; March 31, 2015
Full Name: Rae'Quia
Pronunciation: ray KWEE uh
Nickname/Alias: Raeta, Raen
Meaning: Qwe means the sound of rain, and rac means a tall leafy tree; the English version of her name is Raining-Canopy or Swamp-Log.
Origin: Although the use of an apostrophe is somewhat unheard of in her culture in general, along with an æ, it is a tradition passed down from her mother's matriarchal tribe to mark the firstborn daughter.
Pet Name: Rae, Raerae, Raeq
Signature: Medium-sized messy and mismatched print; little to no experience with cursive, or languages other than English.
Gender: Female
Gender Role: Almost neutral, with tendencies toward female.
Orientation: Asexual, with a strong demiromantic tone toward no particular gender.
Real Age: Twenty-nine
Birthday: April first
Birthplace: Gideon, Argonia
Immediate Family: Jeejum-Ai, and Kioa'tu; both deceased.
My Main BloodlineThis is the bloodline of Zoconchren that I follow, as to my main characters, and in no way dictates what you should follow with your own characters.
As the society is matriarchal, one's most prominent heritage is through the females of the ancestry. Excuse me for sounding a little biblical.
Verucassi was borne of Jaibulun, Diaori, and Fyliinat. She lived for seven-hundred and twenty-four teres, and begat four daughters; Lyncassi, Harracassi, Zaracassi, and Kiolancassi.
Vaarunu was a descendant of Zaracassi. She lived for seven-hundred and ninety teres, and begat eight daughters; lastly of whom was named Jasmine.
Jasmine lived for two-hundred and seventy-eight teres, and lived and died during the time of the Great Hillican war. She begat two daughters; the younger of whom was Andromeda.
Andromeda brought about the turning point of the Great Hillican war, lived for six-hundred and eighty-three teres, and begat ten daughters from the same man; the e

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The markers kinda muddled things |D but, given that I spent several hours on this, wanting to give up several times, I think it turned out pretty okay. Why is it that sometimes I simply forget how to draw? In any case cx this is Divolas with bedhead/wearing the pajama pants from
Pencils, pens, markers
Snap belongs to me
Chiss belong to starwars
[12:57:19 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap had passed out, and some time was lost to him; he blinked his eyes open through a set of soft draping towels now, and saw Trison in front of him. A rage deep within his gut bubbled, but he didn't have the strength to feel much of anything right now, so it faded as quickly as it had came; he brushed a hand across his face after another several moments of silence, and found that a good number of towels had lined his arms. "The-" His hoarse voice swore softly. "Happened here?" The chiss had leaned forward, looking down at his hands, and noticed that his skin was still a few too many shades dark; he then took note of his shirtless body, but decided that wasn't his most pressing matter, and his black chest tattoos rippled as he coughed.

"What I wouldn't give for a hit of oxygen right now." Snap had chuckled faintly, a smile resting on his face in an easy expression, and he leaned his head back to rest on the edge of the tub. He then coughed once more; the wind outside had knocked his breath right out of him, and he knew it'd take a few days before he could even speak clearly again.

The tile of the floor grew cold with water that had been splashed onto it; Snap's hands quivered as he steadied himself with them where he sat, and he looked back to his human friend. Had he really kissed him? Wait, that did happen, he wasn't crazy; it had only been hysteria, then, right? As far as he was aware, Trison held no inner feelings for him, no even real interest in him; it had been pretty blatantly expressed aboard Bittersweet, as they had almost completely avoided each other out of respect.

[2:48:30 AM | Edited 2:52:47 AM] Melissa: "I-I'm sorry." Trison repeated sadly, hearing Snap's voice so quiet and drained. "I d-didn't think." He shivered slightly and stuttered, still trying to warm the chiss with the towels and the friction of rubbing his arms.

It was a wonder that he could still form sentences; his mind was jumbled and his memory had blanks, he barely remembered running outside, let alone anything else. 

"Do you think your friend here would have any?" He asked, responding to Snap's request for oxygen, still not looking him in the face, but looking down instead.

Trison saw that the chiss was still trembling, but didn't think putting him in the warm tub was a good idea with his breathing still being labored; he thought about what to do, blankets and skin contact seemed to be what he had once read in a medical text, but he didn't know where to find that here. 

"I'm-I'm going to try to go get help." He scooted back from the chiss, and tried to stand, but staggered to his knees again, barely catching himself. He crawled towards the door, yelling out as loud as his body would let him.

"Help!" He moaned; his throat burned with the strain of trying to be loud, but he continued desperately despite the pain. "Help, anyone!" He leaned with his hands against the floor, finding that he had used what little strength he had, caring for Snap.

Soon a man in robes appeared in the doorway, another human by the looks of him. "How may I assist you?" The servant inquired, looking from the shirtless human to the towel covered chiss. 

Trison panted as he caught his breath and spoke softly in reply, "Phenurus invited us to stay and we need help getting to a room." He said softly, his breathing calming as he looked towards Snap again.

"Help me with him." He requested; he moved slowly on his knees to Snap and positioned himself at his side, his arm around the chiss' waist. The servant placed himself on Snap's opposite side without a word and helped lift the chiss supporting him as well as he could. Trison managed to stand this time, though his legs wobbled and felt like they wanted to give out, but he willed them to work and by some luck, if he had believed in such things; they walked a short ways down a corridor and into a bed room, where they sat the chiss on the bed, still covered in towels. Trison nodded a thanks to the servant, who left, closing the door behind him. Leaning against the bed, Trison started removing the towels and clothing from Snap's still damp body.

He kept his eyes up as he patted the chiss dry, a pink flush covering his cheeks as he realized how intimate this actually was; he pulled back the neatly made bed covers and offered Snap a towel to wrap himself up in as he continued to look away.

Once Snap was under the blankets, Trison removed the remainder of damp clothing that he wore and wrapped a towel around his own waist. He slipped under the blankets and scooted up to Snap, wrapping his arms around him to have as much body contact as possible.

"Goodnight Panna cake." Trison whispered against Snap's skin.

He felt warmer almost immediately, and he hoped that Snap would too; his mind didn't have the strength to point out the severe awkwardness of the situation, but instead he quickly drifted off to sleep.

[1:02:58 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap hadn't put up much of a fight, his head still swimming with many emotions and pain; perhaps a few choice vulgarities escaped his lips, but they had only been said with the slightest breath, as he was carried to the bedroom and dried off. He had gingerly gotten under the covers, turning on his side to face away from the rest of the room, and soon felt a presence on his back; he was already in the process of passing out again, but with sleep came deeper breathing, and his skin began to lighten back to its normal deep shade after a couple of hours.

The chiss woke up with a start, jolting slightly, though still on his side; he paused to recognize that he had arms around him, and struggled to remember what had happened the previous night. The sun had risen a while ago, it seemed, him judging by the well-lit skylights far above them; he had a sudden and inexplicable need for cake of some kind, and he turned his body to see who was wrapped around him.

A flush ran across Snap, starting from his ears, and continuing all the way to his chest; a soft purple glow on his face, he pressed gently away from Trison and fell out of the bed. His hoarse voice swore as he hit the floor with a muffled thud, and he clung to the towel that had been strategically draped on him; not that he minded being in bed with someone, but their relationship hadn't gotten to that point yet, and he hated to think that they had skipped the entertaining steps that led up to being together like this.

What had happened last night? Questions began their parade through his head as he lay on the floor, each one dancing in the spotlight of his mind before moving to the next; what had been said, what had been done, what was he feeling right now, and why was he wearing nothing but a towel? He lifted himself into a sitting position, curling one of his legs under, and ran a hand across his head; he was also slightly angry that the snow had washed all of the product out of his curly hair. He always put aside a good amount of his time solely dedicated to hygiene; especially since he had hit his head, he had been slightly obsessive and meticulous, and even a little self-conscious about his cowlick in particular.

There was still a great ache in Snap's chest as he breathed, but his brain was preoccupied with other things at the moment; he rested his face in his hands in a resigned gesture. What had happened, he repeated in his brain, and memories sluggishly came to him over the next few minutes; Trison had ran out into the snow, he had followed, alright. Trison was freaking out and freezing, he gave him his coat; they had came back inside, and he drew a bath. He paused, there was something missing; the thought had then hit him with a sudden jolt. Trison had kissed him. What? The chiss had swore again, not quite understanding; his thoughts began to leak out into the verbal part of his mind, and he muttered incomprehensibly to himself in a whispered tone. What? That didn't happen, right? Does that mean something else happened in the night; a particular something which would cause them to be in the same bed? What?!

[2:01:00 PM | Edited 2:02:55 PM] Melissa: Trison woke up but didn't open his eyes at first, he felt someone sharing the same bed and kept trying to convince himself that it was only a dream. Memories of the night before came in broken fragments, rushing in on him like the wind of the night before; his mind couldn't seem to fill in some of the blanks, but his emotions were running high, screaming for answers as he lingered against the other person’s back, his craving for heat winning out. He loosened his hold on the chiss, having felt him move against him, but didn’t dare open his eyes, fearful of the other man’s reaction to waking up in bed with him.

Was it so bad, waking up to his embrace? Trison pondered, as Snap had moved away from him; he wasn’t openly affectionate for many reasons, but the feel of holding someone almost felt too good, even with the anxiety that always seemed to push itself into his thoughts and feelings.

"Please don't go." He whispered. His voice sounded odd in his own ears and was rough in his throat; he let his request sit on the air, letting out a sort of resigned sigh as he felt Snap move from the bed.

He was trying to ignore his emotions again, a struggle with which he was all too familiar, but never came easy; his throat tickled, and he swallowed the nervous laughter that tried to escape.

"You need to rest," He tried justifying the situation softly. "And I need the warmth."

He rested his arm across the empty bed, almost like he was reaching out for him and opening his eyes just a crack to look for him.

To him Snap looked different than he had seen, in his short time of knowing him; it wasn’t so much his uncombed hair or lack of clothing, but more an insecurity that he hadn’t seen in him before. His actions always seemed so intentional, even his passive behavior towards Trison; but he hadn’t considered that Snap wore a mask of sort, just as he did.

Seeing Snap’s demeanor shift to what Trison saw as anger, refocused his thoughts to the night before. He hid his face in his hands, rubbing his hair anxiously in his eyes; trying to figure out what more to say, but found that the social and business-like behavior that he had drilled into his personality was nowhere to be found. “I-I don’t know what got into me.” He admitted, his embarrassment apparent in his soft, almost weepy voice. “I don’t do well with feelings.” He turned away from the chiss, his breath catching in his throat as he trembled against the bed and pulled the blanket tight around him.

[7:51:42 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap's eyes flew open, consciousness flooding into him all at once as he heard Trison's voice; he leaned forward against the bed, searching for the human's face among the strewn covers. "I- I'm sorry." His voice was weak, and he stammered a little. "Are you okay?" His bare elbows burned against the sheets, still being a little wind-blown, and he winced slightly at the pain that remained in his chest. He then glanced around the room; it was moderately sized, had grey walls, and a few fixtures that made it obvious that it was a seldom-used bedroom.

It seemed that someone had come in and cleaned up earlier, as well, since their clothes were missing entirely from the floor; a small wardrobe hung slightly ajar in the corner, and Snap scooted over to it cautiously. The dark hairs on his legs rubbed uncomfortably against the flat carpeting, and he adjusted his towel before opening the thin wooden doors to look over some clothing options; everything in the closet shone with a mix of bright colors, and he smiled with a satisfied glint in his deep red eyes.

The chiss had quickly pulled on a pair of baggy drawstring pants with a flashy pattern, though it took a lot of strength to do so, and tossed his towel to the other side of the room; nonchalance returning as his mind be came more clear. "Hey, Trison?" Snap's voice had a slight whimper to it, but mostly because he was still so very exhausted. "What if I had told you I liked you, the first time we met? At the bar?" He paused for a moment, stepping back over to the bed while trying to keep his balance; he softly pulled the covers around him again, scooting in next to the human, though not quite touching him. "Would things have turned out differently?"

[8:27:33 PM | Edited 8:29:36 PM] Melissa: Trison’s heart skipped a beat as the chiss finally spoke; he must have misread what he had thought was anger in his body language, because his tone seemed tired but not furious.

“Only because of you.” He replied softly, still turned the other way; his feelings still made him uncomfortable and it was easier to speak without having to look into Snap’s intense eyes. “Otherwise…I don’t know…” He trailed off, letting silence fall between them again; though this time he truly hoped that the chiss would say something more.

“Yes, Snap?” Trison responded softly to the sound of his name being spoken by the other man’s voice. The question whirled around in his mind for what was only a moment, but felt much longer to him. “I-I-” He stuttered, then swallowed hard, trying to get his words to flow. “I don’t know.” Was his honest reply, but he wasn’t content on leaving it at that; he turned over, finding himself face to face with the chiss. “I-” He tried again, but his words and gaze faltered, his eyes wouldn’t stay with Snap’s gaze and he found himself noting the man’s dark, curly chest hair and tattoos instead. “What do these mean?” He asked, almost touching his dark skin, but stopping just short.

[8:44:31 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had chuckled, his smile sincere, but then coughed; he paused, sighing, and put an arm over his head to lay on while looking at Trison's face. "They mean I was a stupid kid-" He cleared his throat; his lungs burned with the effort of talking. "And thought maybe they'd draw the attention of some girl." He had then returned his gaze to the ceiling, and the skylight rippled with some wind outside; the chiss was glad that they were sheltered from it, for his great warmth had returned to him without a lot of effort. "Love is an interesting thing, Trison."

[8:56:44 PM] Melissa: “They suit you.” Trison replied, his tone noticeably relaxed; he was too tired to mentally fight with himself anymore and was trying to let them just be in the moment, whatever it meant. “Are you okay?” He asked, concern showing on his face. “Are you ill?” He asked, trying to push down a hint of worry that was rising in his chest. “Do you need me to fetch a doctor?” He offered, although he wasn’t sure if he had the strength to leave the bed.

[9:05:52 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap smiled once more; a little brighter this time, and with a touch of redness on his ears. "No, I'm alright." He paused, wondering if he ought to divulge why he had been coughing. "I should be back to normal in no time." His voice strained with the suggested optimism, and he cleared his throat again; putting a hand to his mouth this time in a self-conscious way, and then letting it fall to his abdomen. "What about you?" After a moment, he turned his head to face Trison; his black hair curled around the pillow as he did, and it looked almost like a thin cushion. "Can you feel your fingers and toes again?"

[9:19:12 PM] Melissa: Trison let his fingers hover just inches away from Snap’s dark skin as he listened intently to him, but still didn’t touch him, holding back like he always seemed to. He nodded and wiggled his fingers and toes, brushing against the chiss ever so slightly and pulling away just enough to keep a fragment of space between them.  

He traced Snap’s tattoos in his mind, a lingering memory to remember the moment, just in case it ended as quickly as it came. His mind circled back to the unanswered question from a few moments earlier, “I like you, you’re interesting.” The words left his lips in a whisper, somewhat unintentionally and suddenly; his brow furrowed slightly as he continued, unable to hold back at this point, for some unknown reason. “Maybe we would have had a less lonely night; maybe some more drinks, maybe some hugging or kissing, I might even have gone with you back to your ship. Whatever happened after that would have been messy and awkward, with one, or both of us feeling hurt or unfulfilled.” His voice sounded higher at this point, almost like he was crying; but his eyes were dry as he pressed his arms to his chest and his heart was racing.

[9:42:38 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap's face frowned with sudden concern, seeing the human pull away; he let out a sigh, his lungs burning again with the forcefulness of it. "Look, Trison-" He paused, and then turned sideways to face him. "Awkwardness is just a part of life." He smiled, letting his eyes track some tiny muscles of the human's features. "Things wouldn't have gone like maybe I expected-" Pausing again, he rubbed his chin, and then held out a hand on the bed as if in offering. "But I wouldn't have been disappointed, sharing an evening with you, if we had gotten to talking instead." He chuckled. "I'm a romantic, you know, and emotional connection is more thrilling than anything else in the 'verse." His voice had cracked a few times, though he was only barely above whispering, and his smile faded a little; he began to remember all of the unspoken things between them. "I gave you the space I thought you needed. When I hugged you, that was me breaking my oath of respect, and I'm sorry that it made you uncomfortable or confused; enough to go out in a-" He swore. "Snowstorm in the middle of the night." He cussed under his breath again, putting a hand on his forehead. "I am such an idiot."

[10:12:43 PM] Melissa: Trison refocused his eyes on the dark curls that rose so eloquently from Snap’s blue skin, moving with each of his somewhat shallow breaths; he was listening to the chiss’ kind words, but his mind was trying so hard to escape. He noticed the other man shift and glanced up; seeing his outstretched hand, he reached with his left hand and curled his fingers just slightly around Snap’s fingertips, in an unsure type way.

He wanted to say something in response to the way the chiss so honestly spoke to him, but his nervousness tugged at him, making it difficult to respond right away.

Trison took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down; instead he unintentionally let a string of giggles escape from his throat, partially at Snap’s cursing. “kark-ha ha-druk- ha ha ha -dosh- ha -pfassk-” He cursed, himself in between each breath of laughter. “Poodoo-” He said going quiet, with a pout on his face. “I’m-the-idiot.” He told Snap quietly, his teeth clenched. “If I’m not being all business-like I can’t really talk; you-you threw me off, because you're not business like either, and that hug...” He couldn’t even find the word to finish the sentence; instead he looked up, biting his lip, his mismatched eyes shining through his hair.

[10:33:46 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap smirked coyly at Trison's selection of vulgarities; most were simply variations of poop. "I'm sorry, I don't like to be businessy, unless the situation absolutely demands it." He paused to look down at their hands, and inched his forwards a tiny bit; he didn't want to push his luck, especially now that they were talking more openly, but that kiss from last night still hung lightly in his mind. "Heterochromia, right?" He pulled a word about genetics from the deepest recesses of his mind, back from when he was a child stuck in a small room with lots of books; some of which happened to be of the medical variety, but he hadn't retained much over the years. Somehow he knew this one word, though; perhaps because, to a little kid, it was one of the funnier ones. "Your eyes." He clarified. "They're striking."

[10:51:36 PM | Edited 11:15:42 PM] Melissa: Trison didn’t pull away from Snap’s advancing touch, instead he slid his own palm against the other man's hand, his fingers moving lightly against his skin, of their own accord; he was exposed more emotionally than he had been in what felt like a very long time, and although the feeling wasn’t free of discomfort, he felt like they had already managed to push through several difficult moments since they had met.

“How do you survive, with your heart on your sleeve?” He asked him, pure interest in his gaze. “I can navigate through my own feelings about as well as I can see in the dark.” Trison giggled at his own joke just a bit, not uncontrollably this time. “Hetero? What?” He asked, his eyes still fixed on the chiss. “Does that have something to do with race or gender? Honestly it doesn’t make a difference to me.”

[11:24:38 PM] Sunnyshine: "By not wearing sleeves." Snap made a joke in response and beamed, having put his forehead so it almost touched Trison's for a second, before laying back down on the pillow. Respect was still one of the most prevalent things in his personality; it had cracked for that single moment, but then he spaced himself again to a more polite distance. Their hands were still entwined; his skin was warm, and the hairs on his arm tingled with the light touch. "It means your eyes are different colors ...or ...something like that." He brushed his hair with his free hand in a sheepish way. "Maybe double color in one eye? Nothing to do with race, just, emm-" He broke off, trying to think of a word, but soon gave up with a shrug. "I dunno. It's a cool word, though, right?"

[11:55:08 PM] Melissa: “I always wear sleeves…” Trison replied to Snap’s joke, not laughing, but letting a little smug smile spread on his lips. He glanced down at his bare chest and arms, “Except, um, now.” He tucked his right arm under his side leaning just a little closer as the chiss talked about the color of his eyes. “It’s an okay word, but not as interesting as you.” The words fell out of his mouth without hesitation, and his own eyes shown with surprise at his own smoothness. Honesty wasn’t always easy for Trison, but he was willing to try it out if his words would let him, especially because it seemed that Snap didn’t want to cross boundaries that they really already had. “I’m not sure how we’ll feel when this moment is over.” He whispered the words slowly, but they were filled with sincerity. “So, will you kiss me already or will I have to run out into the blasted cold again?”

[12:28:54 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap was a little taken aback by Trison's sudden and forceful words, but they weren't unpleasant to him; he breathed a sigh, smiling, continuing to ignore the pain in his chest, and lifted himself off the bed slightly. He could smell his silky hair as he gently leaned their faces closer together; he locked his piercing red eyes on Trison's, and parted his lips very slightly, breathing in their shared sweet aroma for another moment.

It was then that there was a knock on the door. Snap reflexively looked toward it with a start; his back muscles rippling from exertion. He let out a resigned sigh, as the person on the other side of the door knocked again, and threw himself from the bed; he stumbled, looking over to Trison with a sheepish expression, and walked to the door to see who was bothering them. He cracked it open only a little bit, wanting to preserve Trison's privacy, and winched slightly as he breathed in another sigh.

Phenurus' voice was soft and low, asking Snap if they could talk for a moment; the chiss grimaced slightly, a sort of guilt washing over his face, but he nodded in the affirmative. He cussed, closing the door again, and made sure his pants were tied on straight. "This is his house after all." A sort of anger started to bubble up through his words as he addressed Trison again. "I'm sorry, but-" He paused, longing for just a moment prior, where everything had been sweet and perfect; his tone became more earnest and caring. "Just don't... jump out a window or something, alright?" With that, Snap exited the room, closing the door tightly behind him.

[1:01:42 AM] Melissa: Trison couldn’t believe his own words as the chiss sighed and leaned in; anxiety tried to inch forward from the back of his mind, but he forced himself to ignored it by focusing on Snap’s intense eyes. He had never found himself actually attracted to another being in a lustful way, and this moment wasn’t any different in that aspect; but he did find that he was inclined to look at him in a certain way, and he wasn’t sure if it was merely the idea of romance that appealed to him, or that he just saw him like one would see a beautiful piece of art.

He watched as Snap moved away so quickly; perhaps it was his turn to be embarrassed and Trison didn’t really blame him. Pieces of the night before invaded his thoughts as he shifted to keep his eyes on the chiss, who crossed the room and opened the door; Trison gave him a sad little smile, as he considered that they were losing the moment again.

He nodded at Snap’s brief explanation, hoping his eyes didn’t show the loneliness that surrounded him. “I’ll be here.” He told him softly, watching him go. Trison snuggled down into the blankets as a wave of cool air met his back, he turned back to where the chiss had laid and scooted closer to the lingering warmth.

He remembered quickly why it was so easy to keep others at arms length as he ached, feeling like he had been punched in the stomach; despite wanting to cry, he was exhausted from the events of the night before and instead quickly fell asleep.

[2:14:35 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap folded his arms in a cautious way, breathing as evenly as he was able to, and faced Phenurus in the corridor; his limbs ached with a soft soreness he had know a thousand times, but his lungs felt as if they were on fire. The chiss' pulse had been climbing quickly, with Trison talking like that, and he struggled to compose his thoughts; blinking through the bright lights that were on him now, and casually leaning on the door.

Phen avoided eye contact for a moment; he didn't like this feeling of vulnerability and disappointment. "One of my employees told me you had been brought to this room." He started slowly, his voice airy and trailing, and then paused. "Why did you come here?" He looked over at the chiss now, confusion and sorrow in his eyes, his more-eloquent speech patterns slipping. "Was it really just to use my home to bed your new 'friend'? An effort to make me jealous? Or to illustrate how very imbecilic I am?"

Snap's arms unfolded; he was a little shocked. "Phen-" He tried to reach out, but the human flinched away.

"I remember you saying, with me, it wasn't that kind of a relationship; that you didn't feel the same way as I did, but-" Phenurus broke off; tears had been threatening to come out, but he took a moment to straighten himself.

The silence was a little deafening after a while; Snap had struggled with knowing what to say. "I came here because-" He started, deciding to gloss over all the emotional stuff for now. "I need spice."

"What?!" Phen exclaimed, pausing with an expression of horror on his face; his long sleeves shook with a sort of subdued rage. "I cannot believe you would allow yourself to be sucked into another pit! Though I have been hurt deeply by your actions, I still care for you, Snap; have you forgotten what you told me?"

The chiss huffed, looking away with a small smirk; his face blushed a little as he got a miniature lecture.

" 'Even though it's lousy to be alive,' you said, 'better than being nothing at all.' " Phenurus had continued, purposely editing out Snap's curse words in his quote; he began to shake his finger, like a mother might. "I'm not going to enable you, not for a single moment; the answer is no."

"Phen-" Snap chuckled, grabbing his hand from the air as if to diffuse his rising emotions. "I need it for a job. There's this guy I know who needed a favor; he wants to energize some people. Enough so they can at least have a fighting chance against their big bad enemy." It wasn't often that he divulged this much information about something he'd been hired to do, but this man had been his friend for a long time and he trusted him. "Look, if you don't feel comfortable doing it, that's fine-"

"No," Phenurus countered, wiping his face with back of his hand; a solemn undertone to his expression suddenly. "I know how to separate business and emotional."

Snap smiled. "It wasn't always that way."

Phen breathed, longing to hold the chiss one last time, and leaned in to lay a kiss on his lips again. Snap turned his head, declining, and the human lowered his hands in a resigned way. "I'll send you some details for an errand." Phenurus said, his eyes down. "Spice is expensive, so it's only prudent." He then pivoted and walked away.

Snap watched him for a moment to be sure he wasn't going to turn around again, or suddenly yell out information about this unknown job; it wasn't something overly likely to happen, he thought, but everybody seemed to be acting so unreasonably lately. Like there had been something put in their air. He pondered this for another moment, and reopened the door that was at his back; the room was moderately lit, though not as bright as the hallway, and he easily noticed that Trison had gone back to sleep.

Letting out a sigh, he wondered if what had almost happened was even real; he could be hallucinating, he told himself, or all this could be a dream. He closed the door behind him, entering as quietly as he could, and sat on the edge of the bed; was it a dream? He had never been pursued by two people at the same time, it was completely implausible, and he had been through a trauma the previous night; so then maybe it was a dream. At least it was a good one.

Snap curled into the covers beside Trison, careful not to bump his sleeping form, and stared at the ceiling again; this was the same position as a few minutes ago, he reminded himself, and maybe he had never left at all. Was he going mad? Had he imagined everything?

[12:21:44 PM | Edited 12:31:30 PM] Melissa: Trison snuggled up to Snap in his sleep, feeling the warmth of his body next to him; he pulled his right arm out from beneath him as he shifted and laid the back of his hand softly against the curve of Snap’s hip, sort of tucked in between their bodies as he leaned to the source of heat beside him; his left arm unconsciously reached for more covers, but instead rested on the chiss’ chest and stayed there without hesitation.  

He snored softly, his mind playing memories and moments of another time as he slept. If his mind hadn’t been so clouded and his body so fatigued from the night before, he would have perhaps awakened at the feeling of someone beside him or the dreams that danced in his imagination.

After all, he hadn't always been comfortable being touched, or touching someone else; sometimes it was great, while other times it was just too much. His mind had reached subconsciously, seeking not only heat, but companionship for the first time in a long time. "Cake…" Trison whispered in his sleep, interrupting his own soft and even snoring; he was dreaming of the night they had met, but this time it was different. This time he let his guard down in the dark cantina and didn’t hold back so much; he laughed and spoke like he was someone else, someone who knew how to enjoy life, especially the little moments.

Sometime later in the day, a slight knock was heard at the door and it opened just enough for a young woman to enter, pushing a serving cart into the room. Trison didn’t really stir, except maybe to shift a bit closer to the chiss; but the maid didn’t notice nor care, she quietly crossed the room to lay their freshly laundered clothing and belongings beside the wardrobe, she then pushed the cart near the bed and left without a word, closing the door with a soft click. The soft aroma of food arose from the small cart and lingered above them, condensation gathering on the inside of the lids that covered the plates of food dripped somewhat on the linen covering the tray, as the steam tried to escape.

[1:20:12 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap hadn't moved much over the next few hours; shifting his leg to kick off some of the covers, so that only the bed sheet was on him, but making sure that Trison was still enveloped. He had stared at the same spot on the ceiling, looking out of the skylight to watch the thick clouds pass by them, and the turn of the world seemed to still.

When the girl came in the room in order to deliver food, Snap glanced up for only a moment, but didn't engage; he then heard a passing conversation out in the hall.

"-See Mixy earlier?" The first man chuckled.

The second replied; he seemed to be unamused. "You know he hates when you call him that."

"I'm serious, man; he threw a chair at Kinny!"

"She's seen worse, I'm sure."

"Absolutely, but this-"

It was then that the pair of guards passed the door; their voices trailed off, being muffled by the thick walls.

Snap frowned slightly; so, Phen hadn't gotten over his anger issues after all, he was just better at hiding it now. There was a time that they fought, and he had bruised him a little, but they had always reached some sort of understanding afterwards. Perhaps, he glanced over at Trison, they ought to be careful to not upset him any more; though he had questioned whether or not Trison's actions were sincere, since he had been in an altered state, he certainly would not let anything happen to him while he was around.

The smell of food wafted around the room, ruining his concentration, and gently caressed Snap's smile as the woman exited again; he looked down at Trison's hand on his abdomen, wondering how he could move without bothering him, and sat up slightly to reach for the tray. He didn't even care what he ate, just that his stomach wasn't so very empty anymore, and he grabbed the first thing his fingers brushed up against; the pastry broke a little as the chiss laid back down with a slightly painful sigh, taking Trison's hand to return it back to its position. He felt a little dizzy, being highly dehydrated, but blinked it away before refocusing on the skylight again; he took a bite of the crispy roll, and crumbs fell down his chin.

[2:41:30 PM | Edited 2:47:37 PM] Melissa: Trison’s mind stayed in the little fantasy world he had fashioned for himself for some time; he slept soundly, his breathing even and calm even as the chiss shifted, and he nuzzled up to him again, a soft smile of contentment spreading across his lips.

“Snap-” Trison spoke his name lazily, his mind still lingering in a state between sleep and being awake. He may have been saying the man’s name in response to his dreaming, but the name was spoken out loud; he found brief confusion in his mind, the feeling of touching someone else’s skin tugged at his brain. Was he actually laying in bed with someone again..still? He rubbed his fingertips against the man’s skin and felt them catch slightly in the curly hair on his chest. This couldn’t be a dream, right? It felt all too real.

Part of him wanted to be convinced that it was a dream, not because he didn’t like where he was, but to keep him from being sure and reacting accordingly; he wanted to save himself from his own awkwardness, if only for a moment, but instead he tentatively opened his eyes and focused on the chiss’ blue skin.

His eyes found Snap’s mouth; those black lips that he had wanted to touch just hours before, but now the feeling made him uncomfortable, reminding him that the chiss had moved away. The reason was their host, Trison reminded himself; the man had caught them in an unusual situation, one that Trison was responsible for and his cheeks blushed as he reminded himself of it.

He pulled himself away from the other man, perhaps a little more forcibly than he meant to, but amidst the rush of feelings and fragments of memories, he recalled they actually had a job to do.

“Snap,” He said again, this time his voice deepened slightly with purpose as he turned away, now sitting on the edge of the bed. “We should probably get g-going.” He willed his tone to stay strong, but it faltered somewhat anyway. He slowly stood, weakness in his muscles trying to convince him to return to the bed as he looked around the room and spotted his clothes. The towel wrapped loosely around his waist slipped down his hips and he had to hold it in place to keep it from dropping, as he walked to the opposite side of the room to get dressed.

Trison took the time to put all his things on, from his boots and layers of clothing to his hood, his back to the chiss as he dressed. He finally turned to him again, only his eyes and some strands of black hair visible underneath the dark brown hood and cloak.

“Do you think we can try again?” He asked, his voice barely audible as he raised his eyes to the chiss’ face. “I don’t want to go back to the ship and pretend anymore.” He let himself stand there for only a moment, his emotions slapping him in the face yet again and his breath catching in his throat. “You don’t have to have an answer now...” He added, his voice small, just like he felt at the moment. He wasn’t sure if his ears were working even if there was a response, so he continued.

“I don’t think I can face y-your friend after my outburst, s-so I think it’s best if I just meet you at the B-Bittersweet.” He had forced the words to come out, as he stood trembling and slipped out the door when he was done speaking.              
Before Trison even left the warm establishment, he found himself starting to feeling like he had the night before when he was surrounded by cold. His limbs felt heavy, his eyes stung, his mind was jumbled, his heart was racing; he walked as quickly as his tired legs would allow, which wasn’t very fast at all, not stopping until he passed through the wall of cold outside and found himself safely tucked away beside the cool metal panels of the Bittersweet’s hyperdrive.

Trison hadn’t really noticed if he had walked by Trash or not, his mind was preoccupied with making his legs go where he felt safe. He let his mind shut down for a few moments, his fatigue revisiting with a force he wasn’t sure he had ever felt in his life. “Maybe this was a dream.” He muttered to himself; revisiting the idea, but not really hoping it was –just a part of him wanted to think things would be simpler if that were the case.

[4:27:43 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap hadn't reacted, with the pulling away of Trison, but averted his eyes until he was done dressing; the words he spoke washed against him like waves on a black sand beach, almost as if they were unnoticed. He found himself holding his breath as the door closed, and then looked after the human when he was gone, sitting up suddenly; his head rang with so many questions and words all at once, now that he was alone, and he threw his legs over the side of the bed to steady himself with the floor.

He knew Trison had only offered to try again out of pity, for Snap believed himself to be pathetic and cowardly; a range of emotions, most of all self-loathing, invaded his mind as he swore. "I am an idiot." He put his face in his hands, leaning over his knees in a mournful way, and swore again as tears began to well up in his eyes. He felt so worthless. Not even his own droid liked him; why would a beautiful man like Trison ever even look in his direction?

The aforementioned Trash-Heap had been minding his own business the entire past day, and he reveled in the solace; he had turned on a soft mandolin track in his auditory systems, and the strings of the recorded instrument hummed with exuberance. If he had a face, he would've had a smile plastered on it, as he listened and worked through; checking Bittersweet's programs with a song in his innermost processing systems. The mechanics of the city had done their job, almost too well, and the droid had to go back over some things in order to arrange them with an asymmetrical charm again.

Trash had spun his head around at the returning Trison, slightly confused as his blue light flashed brighter for a moment, but didn't say anything; he knew the chiss would be along shortly. He had supposed they would get into some form of trouble, which is why he had stayed on the ship, he reminded himself, pushing away any questions as to their departure time. His wheels vibrated across the steps to the workshop as he entered it, finding a sort of contentedness about the sound, and noted a missing datapad from Tallulah's rack of tutoring attempts; he thought maybe the human had returned it by not, but it would seem that was not the case.

An hour passed; Snap had wept until his faced ached, his lungs burning from the sheer force of his sorrow. He sat up straight now, regaining his composure, and peeked out the door to see if there was anybody around; quickly pacing down the corridor, he found himself in the bathing area again, and decided to indulge in cleaning himself up. He breathed in the steam, and then coughed, feeling like he was going to throw up; shortly thereafter, he had gotten dressed in his glowingly laundered clothes, and went to address Phenurus.

"I'm sorry for how things turned out." Snap had said.

Phen let a soft smirk crawl across his face; looking down at the floor again. "It's fine. Take care of yourself."

They embraced briefly, and then the chiss walked back out into the cold. Take care of yourself, he repeated the words in his head; disbelief and sorrow filled his eyes again as the icy wind sharply hit him in the face. He ran a hand through his tightly curled black hair, knocking off the few snowflakes that had accumulated on it, and ducked into Bittersweet; he felt like his chest was a hollow shell, an empty metal crate like the ones on board, but the pain of his lungs reminded him that it wasn't.

Snap didn't say anything to Trashy as they passed each other in one of the hallways; he tried to keep his outer appearance casual, even though he only wanted to keep crying. He made his way to the cockpit after only another moment, and revved his spacecraft to get her warmed up and ready to depart; he adored this ship even with all of her quirks, blemishes, and shortcomings. He probably liked her even more because of them, he pondered; would he ever find someone to love him like that?

The engine hummed, and Snap found it to be one of the sweetest sounds he had ever heard; then he found himself thinking about Trison again, who was undoubtedly in the engine bay, as he had been nearly this entire journey. The chiss' mind struggled and faltered, as he lifted himself from his chair, and walked through the ship; his hands were in his pockets in a sheepish manner, and his pink coat tucked around his waist.

"Hey, um-" Snap's voice had become stronger, but was still a little hoarse, as he addressed Trison; he leaned casually on the inside of the door frame, giving the human the space that he thought he needed. "So, I haven't been pretending." He said softly, gazing over at the scorch marks on the wall. "This is my home. I am myself here." The words came out in short bursts as he stumbled over them. "My full self. And... I am naturally a respectful person. I thought you needed quiet, so I gave it to you. I thought you needed room to breathe, and I gave you that, too."

Snap shook his head, clearing his thoughts of what had been said in their bedroom, and folded his arms while turning to Trison; a slight look of determination took over him, and he lifted his piercing red eyes to the human's face. "Anyway-" He sighed gently. "You were right about us focusing on the task at hand. We were hired to do a job, and the people involved are still waiting for us to arrive."

[5:45:37 PM | Edited 5:47:43 PM] Melissa: Trison had been dozing; sitting on the floor of the engine bay, his back against a paneled wall and his knees pulled up to his chest underneath layers of bantha wool. The room was noticeably cool, but he was still so tired that he didn’t really notice until the engine started and surrounded him with a wave of beautiful heat. He relaxed against the wall, shutting out the voices in his mind that pointed out that Snap had finally boarded the Bittersweet.

“Snap,” He mumbled against the cloth of his hood hearing the man’s voice. He debated on whether to hide his eyes in his hands or remove the face covering, but after a moment decided on the latter; pulling off the hood and brushing his fingers through his messy hair, he looked up at the chiss’ honest eyes, but found his gaze preferred to stay on the man's mouth instead. He noticed the slight swelling on Snap’s face and wondered for a moment if he had been crying, but his attention was drawn to the man’s words as he continued to speak.

Trison found that he wanted to run away again, but he stayed were he sat; his words had made the chiss feel like he did something wrong, but that wasn’t the case and he found that the situation made his heart ache. His mind prickled with the reminder that they were on the job; but he pushed it aside and shook his head, not willing to let his own lack of tact be the reason for silence between them.  

“I-” Trison licked his lips, finding that his mouth was parched and his words wanted to stay in his throat. “I was pretending.” He admitted, the words were painful and difficult to say, but he swallowed his pride-or was it fear?

“I don’t read other organics well… I hide who I am behind a front, because i-it’s usually easier than being judged for being different.” He paused, still fighting with himself internally, but his words flowed anyway. “I don’t want quiet; I don’t want it to be next week or next month, when I find myself alone again, to not have gotten to know you. I have enough regrets in my life, kark, I’ve lived three decades and can’t count the moments I couldn’t, or maybe wouldn’t act on, and I’d like to not add this adventure to them.” His lips trembled as he looked down, his dark locks of hair haphazardly falling over his eyes.

“I find you interesting,” He whispered, trying to control the shaking that had taken over his body. “and I-I don’t want to focus j-just on the job, I w-want to focus on you.”

He was trying this one last time to speak how he felt, no matter how badly he struggled with it, he was giving it his all, hoping his feelings and words came out in a way that couldn’t be mistaken again… It was all up to the chiss now.

[7:05:03 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap's shoulders tingled, almost like he was going to throw up again, and he attempted to hide the blush in his ears by turning away. "Interesting?" He repeated Trison's word after a moment of being speechless, though it was really his declaration of wanting to focus on him that made him question. He scratched his facial tattoos absentmindedly, let out a shallow sigh, and stepped over to where the human sat. "Please know-" He paused, leaning down and fluidly getting on his knees; hovering over Trison for a moment and almost whispering. "That I would never judge you." He breathed in the scent of his hair again, closing his eyes and almost touching his face. "Not for a single moment."

Snap then pivoted, turning to sit against the wall next to Trison; a mild slump in his posture as he leaned on him slightly with his shoulder. "I guess-" He sighed deeper this time, then wheezed, a mildly satisfied smirk making its way to his face. "We ought to start over then." He held out a hand as one would do in an introduction, leveling their faces; his smirk grew a little wider. "Hello there, I am Divolas'na'poro." His eyes radiated with a sort of crispness, and his tongue rolled as he said his name. "I am eighteen years old, and I grew up in space-" He paused for only a moment, considering that Trison might not believe his age; he knew the wrinkles in his skin told a different story. "First with my mother, then as a slave, and ever since then I've lived on this ship."

[9:01:53 PM | Edited 9:07:39 PM] Melissa: Trison looked up briefly, his shaking lessening, but not gone, as he watched Snap linger over him. Returning his gaze downward, he wondered how the chiss could be so kind; even after Trison had not only been confusing and embarrassing, but was also the cause of why they almost froze to death. He was further surprised by Snap sitting down beside him and leaning against him, despite his trembling, he pressed back gently and let out a little nervous laugh.

Trison nodded his agreement to the chiss' suggestions and turned his face to him, not making eye contact this time, but hoping that Snap could tell he was interested in listening to him.

Instead of responding with a conventional handshake, he unburied his left hand from the woolen fabric enveloping it; Trison then grasped Snap's hand, and interlocking their fingers brought their hands to rest back on his leg. Intermittently caressing his hand with his thumb, Trison brought his gaze back to the chiss' deep eyes, hoping that holding his hand wasn't too much for the moment.

Trison's brow raised surprisingly at hearing the man's age; he had assumed, mostly based on him having his own ship, that he was older. He continued to listen with obvious interest, a little smile on his lips until Snap mentioned he had been a slave. 

"Slave?" He asked; he didn't mean to repeat the word out loud, but it escaped his lips before he could stop it. His tone wasn't judgmental nor pitying, just unsure.  "I-uh-" He trailed off, bringing his other hand over and resting it on top of their intertwined fingers in a caring manner.

His mind blanked; after being so open and honest, it felt like all his words and thoughts had hidden themselves away for a moment.

[9:34:51 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had expected the human to mirror him, saying his name as well as where he had grown up, but they were instead holding hands; he swore softly, with a hint of frustration. "This is going to be harder than I thought." He whispered to himself; he had been trying to make eye contact, but with Trison looking back, it was just too difficult to concentrate. He turned his head away, letting his eyes drift across the mismatched metal panels of the wall and floor.

"Yes-" Snap mumbled back. "Slave." He let a smirk crawl across his face yet again, and met the humans eyes as he reminisced. "Tallulah saved me ...but I also saved myself." He paused, not sure how to continue this conversation since Trison hadn't given him anything to go off of; he supposed that he ought to be contented, for now, and ramble off about something. "I was six, I believe, when I was finally liberated; it left me with scarred lungs, though, and no manner of bacta has been able to help that." He coughed slightly, as if to illustrate what he meant, and then brushed his free hand across his face. "Not to mention the tattoos."

The engine behind them rumbled, reaching its intended temperature, and started with a great rumbling thud. This caused Snap to smile, for he wanted to be as far away from here as he could be right now; especially if Trison kept looking at him like he had. "Mind if I go plot our course?" He waved to the other side of the ship. "You can come, too, if you like, though it's pretty boring stuff."

[10:31:03 PM] Melissa: Trison listened to Snap; who continued to be open and honest, even after the human continued to prove how awkward he really was. His gaze faltered again; he wanted to kick himself for being tactless, but instead decided he had to force himself to talk again. He wasn’t sure if the chiss still wanted to listen to him, but he thought he had to try.

“Wait,” Trison finally managed speak; his voice broke like a preteen’s would and he pushed himself to continue despite it. “Please excuse my inability to react subtly.” He stood and offered the chiss his hand this time, and whether or not he took it, he followed him to the cockpit.
The cockpit was larger than Trison had expected and he looked around with interest, never having set foot in one before now. As Snap tended to the controls he sat near him, not too close in case he wanted a bit of space, but not so far that he would see him as scared or uninterested.

“Do I tell you about me, is that how it’s supposed to go?” He asked, but the question was more to himself than the chiss; he felt like it had been a very long time since he had spoken to someone in a strictly social manner, and he wasn’t sure what was expected of him.

“My name is Trison Chay,” He started, in the same fashion Snap had. “I’m thirty years old. I was born on a planet called Hapes, though I don’t really remember it, having left with my father when I was eight years old, due to some genetic flaw or something. We lived on Tatooine for some years, my father was a cook and I picked up random jobs doing droid recovery mostly. I left after he died and found a job at a droid factory on Corellia, mostly checking, um, language programming.” He took a breath and continued, not sure when he was supposed to stop. “I was on Corellia for over ten years; I thought I was happy…” He let the word repeat in his mind briefly, before trying to continue. “b-but I discovered that I really wasn’t, so after…” His voice got quiet as he kept talking. “After an accident at the factory, I left, and that was about seven months ago.” He didn’t leave out people or events on purpose, he just couldn’t bring himself to think about them, let alone speak of them out loud. He ran his fingers along the seat he was on as he spoke again, “Divolas'na'poro.” He said softly, thinking of how the arrangement of the chiss’ name did actually reflect his nickname. “Snap.” He thought for a moment, “Um, you can call me Tri, if you’d like.” He offered.

[12:24:55 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap lifted himself from the deck plating, mirroring Trison's intention, and took his hand; brushing it on his darkly tattooed mouth for a fraction of a second before leading him to the cockpit. Glass panes lined the majority of the floor and ceiling, being parted only by walls and the mechanics of the ship, and it had a distinct oval shape; it curled around them, displaying the great snowstorm on the horizon as if mocking it. He felt safe in here, for the layers of material had been well built, though still partially asymmetrical; the mechanic responsible for the grand designs of it hung lightly in his mind for a moment.

Snap had cleared his throat, sitting in the chair at the center of the main control panels, and kicked off his boots on the glass below while Trison talked to him. His voice was calming somehow, as he rambled on a little about his life, and the chiss felt as if he knew him better near the end of it.

"Trison is fine." Snap had chuckled. "Divolas is actually my family name; someone once told me that Chiss have nicknames in a peculiar way, and they use them as given names, so I was dubbed 'Snap.' " He paused for a moment, tapping data into keypads and panels around them, and then laughed again. "You may use my family name, though, if you would prefer; I went by it some years ago, so it doesn't bother me. To be honest, I didn't even know what species I was until she told me."

Snap sat thinking for a moment, and looked over at the human beside him. "I'm sorry that you were unhappy." His red eyes gleamed with empathy. "How are you feeling now?" A faint beep broke his concentration, and he looked over to the panel from which it had came; he reached around Trison to poke a flashing button, and then grabbed his seat to move it closer to his own, dragging the human with it. The legs of the bench made a slightly abrasive sound against the glass, though didn't actually scratch it, and then the room was silent.

Snap breathed, looking into the human's face. "Do you hear that?" There was a soft hum that vibrated their feet. "She speaks; that's the soul of Bittersweet." He claimed, brushing a lock of hair from Trison's forehead, and then twisted himself back to the main controls. He handled them gently, pressing a few buttons to start up the ship's thrusters, and pulled slowly upward to get her oriented; then they were lifted off the ground, and a great distance of air was between them and the city in a matter of seconds.

Bittersweet rocketed upwards, angling toward space, and broke through the atmosphere of the planet with only a little rumbling of stress to her hull; she had been built for this type of task. Snap smirked, letting go of the controls now, and began mapping out their destination; it would only be about a day to Seltos, but he had a feeling that he would enjoy himself.

After several moments gazing out into the blackness of space, Snap began to go to work again. He got up from his seat, and typed a great amount into a different computer console, muttering to the ship as he went; its primitive AI responded with simple beeps or the flashing of lights. "You know-" The chiss had tried to make conversation with Trison again, though didn't pause in his meticulous calculating. "You're much older than me; probably more experienced, too. Some cultures have a certain reverence in regards to their elders; maybe my respectful attitude isn't so misplaced after all." He grinned widely, looking at the human with a teasing sheen to his eyes; he had then pressed the button to begin the power surge into hyperspace. It took a moment, as usual, and he had time to sit back into his chair before reality was ripped apart.

A grand mix of colors in Snap's eyes faded to the greys of hyperspace; he felt a little sicker than he normally would have, but chalked it up to the stress of the previous night. Minutes turned into many hours, most of them away from the cockpit, and soon they were landing safely on the forested and mountainous planet of Seltos. He had made brief contact with the people they were looking for, and parked Bittersweet on a small platform just outside of a town.

Snap gathered some things that he put out before they had crashed, and carried a good amount of supplies around so they'd be easily accessible if he happened to need them later. He paused, breathing heavily as he set another crate next to the airlock, and walked up to where Trison had been positioned. He smiled softly, but something was on his mind; something that had been said before. He tried to avoid it, but it would just pop back up in his mind at inopportune times, and he thought just asking it might help clear his head for the job they had been hired to do.

"Trison-" Snap broke off, hesitating again. "Before, when you said you'd run out into the cold again if I didn't kiss you." That night and following afternoon had been so confusing, yet electric; he swallowed nervously, the serious question at the tip of his tongue. "Are -are you ...suicidal?"
SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 3
I don't... think I need a mature filter on this? They don't even kiss at all; it's just ...a little awkward .3.
Me and Thehalfbloodprince in our sw role-play
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Our chars belong to us
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Chapter 03 | part 1 |
Chapter 04 | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 (you are here) | part 4 |
Uhh, hey cx so, for those of you who were waiting for news on my comic, there's been a snag.

It's a pretty big one, in that one of my main characters ducked out on me and now I have to rewrite everything that I had wrote. Yup. Just keeping you up to date, I suppose; there are going to be significantly more delays now, and I didn't even set a date or anything yet.

Edit: Honestly, the comic may end up being more interesting now .3. I was kind of trying to force him in... though I am quite disheartened that he's gone.
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