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SW RP 03: Blue Green Attitude
[11:39:02 AM] Edgar Algae: A dry wind howled through the nooks and crags that filled the planet, its surface covered in deep canyons that extended through all its circumference, specks of green visible on the rocky exterior.
A green figure overlooked the planet, standing next to a chasm, as he admired the view, his hand holding his head, as he threw a rock, observing how it fell down down to the small creek below. The Nautolan sighed, before standing up, dusting himself as he looked back at the cave where his current companion had stationed the ship where he had been travelling for about a couple months now.
He waved at the Chiss, not too sure if he could see him, before calling out loud. “I’m going to explore for a bit! I’ll be back soon!” The Nautolan then proceeded to place a hand over his eyes, the sun hurting his vision slightly, before beginning to walk on the uneven surface, as he kicked some rocks on the way, silently contemplating his existence s
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Alluring Abyss, part 11: All but Lost
[1:29:18 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had returned to Bittersweet alone for the second time that day; he panted slightly as he caught sight of her through the cluttered shipyard, and wondered for a moment what Trash-Heap would say. 'We better have gotten paid today,' the droid's voice echoed in his mind, 'your messed up emotions won't keep us flying;' he paused for a moment. '-Will not keep us flying,' he corrected himself; he had noticed the first week he was around him, those many years ago, that the astromech never used contractions, and his mental interpretation of him better not either.
Chuckling through his tears, Snap had a volley of emotions rocketing through his mind; he couldn't quite make heads or tails of them, but the memory of Trison's words held a sting that he could not shake. Trash's disembodied voice prodded him again, 'did you not have something to do?' The chiss sniffed while wiping his face, and marched into his spacecraft, trying to hold himself as proudly as he w
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SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 10
[12:22:36 AM] Sunnyshine: Trash-Heap had been minding his own business the entire morning, having cleaned up and refrigerated the two organics' leftovers from the previous night, save the wine; he remembered Tallulah complain about him putting away her booze before, so he generally stayed clear of it altogether. He had been talking with Bittersweet about a few things in her systems, and was going to check on an engine piece that had rattled in a certain way the last time they jumped into hyperspace, but was interrupted by Trison. The droid had buzzed in reluctant compliance at the human, pausing his wheels while gazing after him; not having a face, he couldn't grimace, though he wanted to.
Snap blinked, frowning as he heard Trison's voice though wasn't able to see him; he lifted his head, his red eyes taking a moment to focus as the human left the room's doorway without another word. So much was on his mind right now, be he supposed that it'd be best to think about it later; he
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Mature content
SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 09 :iconsunshineley:sunshineley 0 0
SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 08
[11:22:54 AM] Melissa: Trison watched Snap adjust the pants with a look of wonder on his face; having never been cared for in such a way, he stood almost perfectly still, not entirely sure how he ought to react. The chiss’ touch left butterflies in his stomach again, but he breathed out deeply, trying to push the feeling aside for a moment. “Thank you.” He muttered when his feet were free from the fabric.
He nodded, reminding himself that Trash was the one who had told him about the recordings in the first place, so in his mind that was permission enough. “Uh, you weren’t indentured to her…?” He asked without really thinking, trying to make sense of what the chiss had shared with him thus far about his life. He scratched his scar anxiously again, but stopped, noticing that his arm was a little raw; he moved from Snap’s embrace, grasping his hand and pulling the man with him as he stepped over to the table he had left his bag on ear
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SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 07
[12:14:08 PM] Melissa: Trison slumped to the floor as Snap moved away, barely noticing the change in warmth. His mind continued to drift off, thinking about his mother; he realized how little he had thought of her over the last twenty years, and wondered why she pushed her way back into his memories now.
His brain shifted, losing his previous thoughts as he felt the chiss move against him again; he coughed a little as he was sat up and willed his hands to keep hold of the cup now in his grasp. His arms felt heavy, but he lifted the drink to his lips and drew in a small sip anyway; he coughed again, the flavor of the drink was stronger than he expected. He breathed out and drew in some more liquid reluctantly, as he had never liked tea; his throat was dry, and although the drink felt rough going down, he felt like it helped clear his mind a little.
Setting down the halfway empty cup, Trison leaned against Snap again, closing his eyes. “I don’t-” He swallowed, hi
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SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 06
[4:12:10 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap drew back slightly, making eye contact with Trison, and raised his thick brows in a playful manner; judging by the human's demeanor, he really did like him, and this made his expression beam with a sort of delight. He took his hand after a moment, pressing Trison's fingers against his black lips, and then stepped around Trash as carefully as he was able; this hallway was particularly narrow, and he ended up leaning an elbow on the wall for balance halfway through.
The droid spun his head around to watch them leave; his gaze having a sort of detachment. It was almost as if he didn't care if they were around at all anymore, only that he was able to continue his work; though, that's how he had always felt about the chiss, so it wasn't surprising.
Something poked at Snap's mind after another moment, and he pivoted suddenly with a swear. "-I forgot that we're going someplace." He glanced over at Trison with his earnest eyes, kissing his hand again. "Do
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SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 05
[11:09:23 PM] Sunnyshine: Trash-Heap had started poking the carcass of the large bird Snap had shot down while he was away; he supposed that it might've been better that he was stuck in the forest during that time, as it seemed they had some excitement here. He drummed on his outer hull for a moment, and then retracted his arms in a nonchalant sort of way; after a few moments of quiet, he began to pick up a few supplies that had been discarded on the cement, and made the journey back to Bittersweet. The underbrush had been insufferable and taxing, but he made it safely through to pavement again; he took a bit of pride in his ability, where he supposed lesser droids would have given up long before, and then meticulously cleaned himself. He didn't want Bitts to see him all covered in nature.
Snap chuckled. "Nice to know I'm not the only one who's emotionally invested." He breathed softly, looking over at Trison with an appreciative smirk as they walked. "It is difficult, though."
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Tugging of a Heart by sunshineley Tugging of a Heart :iconsunshineley:sunshineley 6 9
SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 04
[11:45:28 AM | Edited 11:50:50 AM] Melissa: Trison completely forgot about the cold outside, in fact his gaze seemed to pass over the many panes of glass without taking them in at all; his eyes had darted across the cockpit earlier, briefly taking in the buttons and screens before focusing on just him and the chiss. He had let himself drone on about his life for several minutes, trying not to worry about what the man must have thought of him. 
It always returned to that though, despite the chiss' earlier claims that he wouldn't judge him. Trison had always lived his life in such a way that kept him from standing out; mimicking social norms and trying to be just another face in the crowd, afraid of judgement and rejection. He knew the behavior was cultivated in his youth, as he remembered his father putting on a sort of mask, especially around him; and although he loved his son dearly, he taught Trison to keep things to himself, especially the things that made him unique.
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Snappypants by sunshineley Snappypants :iconsunshineley:sunshineley 5 2
SWRP 04: Alluring Abyss, part 03
[12:57:19 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap had passed out, and some time was lost to him; he blinked his eyes open through a set of soft draping towels now, and saw Trison in front of him. A rage deep within his gut bubbled, but he didn't have the strength to feel much of anything right now, so it faded as quickly as it had came; he brushed a hand across his face after another several moments of silence, and found that a good number of towels had lined his arms. "The-" His hoarse voice swore softly. "Happened here?" The chiss had leaned forward, looking down at his hands, and noticed that his skin was still a few too many shades dark; he then took note of his shirtless body, but decided that wasn't his most pressing matter, and his black chest tattoos rippled as he coughed.
"What I wouldn't give for a hit of oxygen right now." Snap had chuckled faintly, a smile resting on his face in an easy expression, and he leaned his head back to rest on the edge of the tub. He then coughed once more;
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I like to draw with pencils, and don't consider myself to have talent in any other medium. I like computer gaming, television shows, movies, YouTube and drawing of course; I like obscure animals, creatures, and insects; I like several sorts of art and music. I have a few OCs: my first one was Sunshine Ley the mutant; my most often used one is Rashina Kiaki the alien; my favorite one is Rae'Quia the Argonian. I prefer good grammar over bad, and will correct yours when copying over, but won't actively critique unless you need me to. I would be glad to help you in any way I can. I like to smile and laugh, but have issues with depression and anxiety so it doesn't always happen.

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Rae'Quia Biography 2015Verse: Somewhere between The Elder Scrolls fanfiction and my original universe.
Date: October 19, 26, 2014; February 7, 2015; March 31, 2015
Full Name: Rae'Quia
Pronunciation: ray KWEE uh
Nickname/Alias: Raeta, Raen
Meaning: Qwe means the sound of rain, and rac means a tall leafy tree; the English version of her name is Raining-Canopy or Swamp-Log.
Origin: Although the use of an apostrophe is somewhat unheard of in her culture in general, along with an æ, it is a tradition passed down from her mother's matriarchal tribe to mark the firstborn daughter.
Pet Name: Rae, Raerae, Raeq
Signature: Medium-sized messy and mismatched print; little to no experience with cursive, or languages other than English.
Gender: Female
Gender Role: Almost neutral, with tendencies toward female.
Orientation: Asexual, with a strong demiromantic tone toward no particular gender.
Real Age: Twenty-nine
Birthday: April first
Birthplace: Gideon, Argonia
Immediate Family: Jeejum-Ai, and Kioa'tu; both deceased.
My Main BloodlineThis is the bloodline of Zoconchren that I follow, as to my main characters, and in no way dictates what you should follow with your own characters.
As the society is matriarchal, one's most prominent heritage is through the females of the ancestry. Excuse me for sounding a little biblical.
Verucassi was borne of Jaibulun, Diaori, and Fyliinat. She lived for seven-hundred and twenty-four teres, and begat four daughters; Lyncassi, Harracassi, Zaracassi, and Kiolancassi.
Vaarunu was a descendant of Zaracassi. She lived for seven-hundred and ninety teres, and begat eight daughters; lastly of whom was named Jasmine.
Jasmine lived for two-hundred and seventy-eight teres, and lived and died during the time of the Great Hillican war. She begat two daughters; the younger of whom was Andromeda.
Andromeda brought about the turning point of the Great Hillican war, lived for six-hundred and eighty-three teres, and begat ten daughters from the same man; the e

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[11:39:02 AM] Edgar Algae: A dry wind howled through the nooks and crags that filled the planet, its surface covered in deep canyons that extended through all its circumference, specks of green visible on the rocky exterior.
A green figure overlooked the planet, standing next to a chasm, as he admired the view, his hand holding his head, as he threw a rock, observing how it fell down down to the small creek below. The Nautolan sighed, before standing up, dusting himself as he looked back at the cave where his current companion had stationed the ship where he had been travelling for about a couple months now.
He waved at the Chiss, not too sure if he could see him, before calling out loud. “I’m going to explore for a bit! I’ll be back soon!” The Nautolan then proceeded to place a hand over his eyes, the sun hurting his vision slightly, before beginning to walk on the uneven surface, as he kicked some rocks on the way, silently contemplating his existence so far.
As he did, he accommodated the long robe that covered his body, before muttering. “I’ll come back… if I don’t dry out… that is…”

[12:51:01 PM] Sunnyshine: Divolas'na'poro grimaced slightly, something akin to a pained smirk, and waved back at his Nautolan friend; this place made him uneasy. Though perhaps not as sandy and dry as Tatooine, this planet was a little more abrasive for the Chiss' icy skin than he would've liked; the sun shone down brightly, causing him to squint forward with an indifferent expression. He worried for a moment if he would get a sunburn, but brushed it off as he climbed back into his spacecraft; it was safer in there, anyways.

She was an interesting vessel, The Bittersweet, having an oddly angular shape that ended in a curved cockpit at the front; she also had fan-like arms, squiggly landing gear, and an abundance of scratched paint across her entire surface. The mechanic had made it vaguely asymmetrical on purpose, each panel a mismatch for its parallel, but its form was roughly the same on both sides so that it could fly properly. Divolas had kept her flying, these years that he had been alone, but at great cost. Trash-Heap the large astromech droid rolled toward him, bleating something about Pix going out alone and that he might dry up.

"Don't you have better things to do?" Divolas replied with slight disdain in his voice; he really did not want to go back out there, the atmosphere was so uncomfortable. He paused, glancing toward Trash with a quizzical expression. "I thought your voicebox was fixed now?" He murmured, and then rapped on the partially damaged hull of the droid; concern now showing in his face. He fiddled with several of the exposed wires, unplugging a few before returning them back to their sockets.

A fizzle was heard, shortly followed by a deep reverberating voice coming back online; it was male, had a slight Imperial accent, and resounded slowly but with great quality of tone. "You should be out there with him." Trashy had taken a liking to many an organic counterpart, and this was no different; he even liked Pix better than Divolas. Then again, that wasn't saying much; he had never liked the Chiss, having known him for about ten years now.

Divolas breathed; perhaps it was worse for Pix here, being from a water planet. At that thought he slammed his knuckles down on Trash in a resolute way; the astromech's hull clanged in a hollow sort of manner. "Alright!" He spun around, grabbing a handgun from his hanging gear on the wall, and ducking back out into the warmth of the sun.

"Yes, go away." Trashy hummed after him, his voice getting a slight hiccup in the middle of a word; he waved a slender mechanical arm after him, as if shooing an animal.

Divolas chuckled softly in a nervous sort of way, and pulled a hood up over his ears; where had that Nautolan gone now, he wondered, mouthing the words to himself. "Hey!" He called out in the direction he thought his friend had went, and then strode off blindly into the dry wind; the door of his ship closing behind him with the rattle of loose parts.

[1:32:33 PM] Sky .: Luna smiled looking up at the trees and then back down at the ground. She was wearing a long sleeve black shirt that had a dragon design on it and covered her hand save her fingers. She had blue braided hair that went just a little past her boob, white pants, black boots that got up to her knees. The boots had two orange strips on the top of them, a light saber holder, a little bit of armor on her right shoulder and her knees, she also had blue eyes. Luna was located in a forest, in the shade. She was staying in the shade to stay cool since it is about 86 degrees outside. Usually that does not bother her but today the sun was just beating down with no wind. Luna looked around the grassy grounds for some parts and or food that she could use. She was trying to make transportation of some sorts with the parts she finds in the forest from the TIE ships she has shot down. She looked back behind her at her dog. The dog had tealish fur, white under chest, purple swirl things and purple eyes. The dog came running over with one of Luna's arrows in his mouth.  Luna smiled and took her arrow out of his mouth, putting it in her arrow holder on her back. She picked up a few parts and some sort of fruit and puts them in her bag. She picked up a stick for her dog and threw it for him to chase it while they walked back to their home.

(edited version) [2:04:35 PM] Sky .: Luna walked into the forest knowing were the TIE ship she had recently shot down landed in there. While walking in she looked up at the trees and felt a drop of water fall on her nose from the recent rain storm that had happened about a hour earlier. She looked back behind her to see where her dog Cosmic was located.  She noticed that her dog was holding one of her arrows that had  fallen out of her bag. After taking the arrow out of Cosmic's mouth she started petting him. When she was done petting Cosmic she had taken off her arrow bag and put in on the ground in front of her. After putting the arrow in the bag she placed it on her back and stood back up. Then she went back to looking on the ground for parts that would work for her transportation vehicle she was building. A while after looking she had pick some fruit off a close by tree and started to walk away back home. She then bent down and picked up a stick off the ground for Cosmic. After she threw it in the air in the direction of the house for Cosmic to chase, she kept walking home while watching Cosmic chase the stick.

[4:12:39 PM] Edgar Algae: Pixochovol Trugregdee stopped, his thoughts becoming interrupted by the Chiss calling him from a distance.  He didn't reacted for a moment, realizing that his exploration could be difficulted by the Chiss' presence, which began to worry him, alongside making him uncomfortable. Pix, however, made his best to not show it, as he waved at his friend, a smile drawn on his face. "Hey! Divolas!" He walked a few steps towards him.

"I assumed you didn't wanted to come outside. I would had asked to come, but I figured out that you preferred to stay with Trash." He spoke, when his friend was closer. "Nice climate, huh? Heat like this makes thoughts fly..."  He paused for a moment, as he thought on something to say, as to appear convincing. "Yet, I figured I could find some water and shadow... uh... before I end up wrinkled like a Dresselian." He chuckled at his own joke, even though he wasn't a good liar, and this made him even more tense, worrying that Divolas could notice.

"Maybe... even get some kind of treat along the way. Don't you miss real food? Instead of that dry protein we eat?" He tried driving his attention away, before looking away, trying to think on some conversation, before he noticed something on the distance, as smoke rose from a nearby patch of forest.

Alerted, and wary, the Nautolan ran towards it, his feet moving gracefully through the rocks, without saying a word.

[4:34:06 PM] Sunnyshine: Divolas'na'poro had shoved his hands into his pockets in a defeated sort of way, catching up to his friend along the cliff-face; he felt a little withered in the heat, but didn't want to poke at Pix's cheerfulness, so instead simply shrugged. "I thought I was a pretty good cook." He mumbled softly; maybe not even loud enough to be heard over the howling wind. His repurposed-ration experiments had gone fairly well, he considered, but some actual fresh food introduced into their diets wouldn't be completely unwelcome.

"If you were looking for supplies, why did we land all the way out here; there was a nice - well, it looked like a junk heap - city a few tics away." He glanced around; there could be animals out here, too, and he wasn't really in the mood to trudge through whatever wilderness his Nautolan companion had planned. "Junk heaps are fun, too; adventure!" He swung his arm in a mock-marching sort of way to indicate enthusiasm, though he had very little in his face.

Divolas shrugged over, slumping, as he watched Pix walk away from him. He sighed sharply, looking back to the ship for just another moment, and then followed suit. It was good that he was getting out of his comfort-zone, right? It was good for him to be out in this gross planet, not his nice chilled spacecraft... right? He lost his footing on the rocks for a second, and then adjusted himself while regaining his balance; where was Pix off to in such a hurry, anyways? He stepped a little quicker to catch up to him, and pulled out a small canteen from his hip-pack; offering the last swig of water to his friend.

[5:17:26 PM] Sky .: Luna was walking through the tall grass leaving a trail of broken grass behind her. Cosmic left a trail in the grass also but it is not straight at all. Cosmic stopped infront of Luna and started to bark a little. Luna smiled and grabbed a treat out of her pocket and gave it to him. "Good boy. Now let's get back home before dark, remember what happened last time?" She smiled and waited for Cosmic to stand up before she walked off toward home.

Luna made it home before the sun set and looked at her house that used to belong to her family. The Sky blue two story house sat there underneath the trees for privacy and protection. Cosmic walked up to the dark orange door and nussled it but could not open it because Luna locked it. Luna walked up to the door with the key and unlocked it before she opened it. Cosmic  shoved by Luna and walked in before Luna could. She sighed and walked in locking the door behind her before she walked to the kitchen. Cosmic was at his food bowl and ate while Luna put the fruit in the chipped white bowl on the dusty counter. She walked away into the living room and walked up to the old fire place were there are pictures of her family. She      Sighed and dusted them off to show the pictures of her family. She looked around and then sat down on the while leather couch. Luna picked up her copy of "Maximum Ride: Schools Out Forever" and started to read while Cosmic curled up next to her to sleep.

[7:44:57 PM] Edgar Algae: Pix didn’t heard Divolas’ last statement, too distracted on formulating a plan for the exploration ahead. He wasn’t sure about telling the Chiss about what he had experienced as the ship traveled near the planet’s orbit. A presentment coming from the Force, telling him about an ancient construct of the Jedi. And, even though he just wanted to leave everything he had been taught behind, he just felt inclined to investigate why the Force was calling him into the planet.
He turned to answer to Divolas, getting caught on an akward situation, as he didn’t had a response for his friend, his smile vanishing for an instant as he thought on something clever to state. “I wanted to inhale some fresh air, instead of that recycled oxygen that they make flow in space stations… and, I imagined I could do some excercise outside… although this climate is making me regret my decision…” He chuckled, as he shrugged. “Besides, I was interested on finding a pond… or other body of water. I miss the sensation, and the freedom it gives me…” He nodded, to sound more convincing. “I doubt you are enjoying this, however.” He stated, looking over at Divolas for a moment.
Noticing Divolas coming towards him, the Nautolan halted, as he waited for Divolas, fearing that his movements could be interpreted as erratic, thus, suspicious. Yet, Divolas didn’t asked him anything, instead offering a canteen of water, which Pix took gratefully, drinking the water that was left, before handling the canteen back to him. “Thank you. My throat feels better now, and that ought to help with retarding me becoming a fodder, if there is anything here, even.” He closed his eyes for a moment, before pointing at the smoke rising. “I believe it would be a good idea to investigate why there is a column rising over there… maybe we could find something interesting, or dreadful.” He shrugged again. “Figure it's the risk, huh?” He looked at him, as he slowed his pace, so that the Chiss could keep up. He appreciated the kindness, yet he wasn’t still sure that he could trust him completely.
When they were closer, the Nautolan could see that it had once been a ship, and after jumping down some rocks, he finally saw one of his nightmares. The outline of a TIE ship between the trees. Rushing towards it, ditching the Chiss behind again, he began to examine the craft, placing his robe over his mouth, to allow him to breathe better. Noticing a faint figure on the cockpit, Pix rushed to help whoever was inside, his fear replaced by a certain bravery and duty of doing good, even if the Empire was a villan for him. As the main viewport was broken, he introduced himself in the cockpit, removing the belts that held him in place, before attempting to push him out, and after some almost desperate tries, managing to get the human out.
Struggling, he moved out of the crash zone, into a clearing of sorts, as he began to examine the pilot, removing his helmet, before, finding out, that he had not survived.

[12:18:19 AM] Sunnyshine: Divolas'na'poro had taken the empty canteen and tucked it back into his pack; he hadn't said anything to the Nautolan's conversation attempts. He waited for the answers to present themselves; pondering on why Pix had wanted to land here, but being patient enough to not outright ask him. A sudden gust of hot air was blown in his face, and he drew back for a moment to regain his composure; there was a smell in the wind, he paused, it seemed green. Perhaps, he thought, they were headed toward one of those small forests that had been on the scanners when they first orbited. Such a place might hold the fresh food, and maybe even a small pond, that Pix was searching for.

Time ticked slowly by; Divolas had poked at some rocks beside their pathway, a little distracted in his thoughts, and stood with a vaguely bewildered gaze as his friend ran down to the edge of some vegetation. He knew that the Empire had a presence here, but to go as far as snubs; he mused with a slight smirk, wondering why it had crashed in the first place. Its hull had been charred to a great extent, but the shape of it was quite apparent; it was certainly a TIE-fighter. It was a little pointless to him, how Pix rushed to check on the pilot, and he slowly descended the rockface; TIEs had been designed with speed and versatility in mind, not having hyperdrives or even a pressurized cockpit, and their pilots deemed expendable. There was no chance the human had survived, but Divolas was a little saddened at Pix finding his thoughts correct.

They had an interesting relationship, the Chiss and Nautolan; strained at times, but occasionally they seemed to flow together, as if a single unit. Divolas shook his head, landing on the dirt ground now; perhaps he had made their connection up, and it was yet another case of infatuation. This had happened before, him being pulled along with some unknown plot, and things not ending well; then what was that look he caught in Pix's eye sometimes? Could it really only be one-sided?

Divolas sighed sharply, and walked over to his friend to put a consoling hand on his shoulder. "There wasn't anything you could've done." He mumbled; the sweetness of the air took the sting out of the sorrow he felt for his friend, and he glanced upwardly. This forest seemed rather large, he frowned, bigger than anticipated; he then shrugged, and pulled away to look through the moderately tall trees with a soft fascination dancing in his eyes. Would they actually find a spring somewhere? That would most certainly cheer Pix up, he thought with a smile beginning to unfold on his mouth; a few birds sung their strange songs in the distance, and he knew there was hope.

[1:28:44 PM] Sky .: Luna got up off the couch and Cosmic followed her lead. She walked to the door out front grabbed her bag from next to it, opened it and left. Comics followed not far behind. Luna closed the door and went out back behind the house, grabbed an axe for wood and an empty water container. Cosmic grabbed a not so yellow tennis ball and brought it around behind the house with them. He dropped the ball in front of Luna's feet and started to bark and way his tail to get her attention. Luna chuckled a little and grabbed the ball off the ground to throw it so she could find some fire wood while her dog was playing with his ball. Luna threw the ball in the air and Cosmic chased the ball to where it fell. She walked toward the woods and started to smell the fresh air. It smelt like it was going to rain again, it rains often there. She had the axe over her shoulder while she walked in the woods leaving a trail of foot prints in the fresh mud. Cosmic followed her leavening fresh paw prints in the mud and dropped his ball while he ran after Luna.

Luna walked to a none inhabited area to chop down some wood for the fireplace. She walked up to the trees and eyed them to see if they were the right size for cutting after doing that, she chopped down some hard wood to keep the fire hot and go for a long time and a softer wood to help start the fire up so she can put the hard wood in. When she was chopping the tree down she noticed a good pile of bark on the ground that she could use to help start the fire also. She picked those up and put the bark into her bag before going back to chop down the trees. After ever all her force from the axe to the tree she finally chopped all the trees she wanted. Luna grabbed each tree one by one and dragged them into a pile before she grabbed her bag off her back and grabbed some seeds out of it. She dug a hole in the ground with her hands and planted the same amount of seeds as the trees she cut it was only about four fairly good size trees that she could drag home. She got up off the ground after planting four seeds and looked at Cosmic who was playing in the mud. "Get up silly we need to bring these trees home to be able to cut them before nightfall." Cosmic perked up his ears and stood up while shaking to get the mud off. Luna sighed, "and it looks like your going to need to wash off before you go in too." Luna sighed and grabbed a tree to grab home. Cosmic carried a stick trying to help out.

[4:10:59 PM] Edgar Algae: Pixochovol sighed, finding comfort in the Chiss' words, the hand on his shoulder reminding him that nothing could be done, after all. "I am not fond of the Empire, yet death is still something that has eluded my understanding for quite some time now."

Still, shaken, however, he took the pilot's helmet, before standing up, observing the Chiss for a brief moment. "I have noticed that you keep to yourself, but I do thank you for bearing with me, friend. And, the support is appreciated too." He smiled slightly at him. Yet his heart pained him, a mix of fear and guilt concerning both the human pilot and the Empire, and his past experiences with it.

He turned away, unsure of wanting the Chiss to notice that he was sad, most because he felt uneasy when people saw him sad, feeling weak when it did happened, before seeing a tree falling, close to where they stood.

"What's that?" He pointed at the area, and looked at Divolas. "Let's see who is doing that." Intent on discovering what had happened to the TIE, and hoping to find more clues about the Jedi on the planet, he began to ran towards it, jumping through the brushes, until reaching the human carrying a tree, hiding behind some vegetation, watching her.

[6:18:09 PM] Sunnyshine: "Hey, no need to feel wilted-" Divolas'na'poro smirked over to his friend; perhaps they were opposites, he wondered for a moment, but that had never deterred him from pursuing a relationship for long. "There," he said clearly, pointing with a slightly victorious gaze. "Take a swim and cool off." A small collection of water was just beyond the treeline; it had perhaps only been from the rain, but he thought it may be deep enough for to swim in.

Divolas was glad that Pix had been correct in thinking there was at the very least a pond in this place, and grinned over at him with his chest puffed out. The Nautolan, it seemed, hadn't even heard him, for he had gone another direction in the trees. The Chiss frowned in a confused expression, and stepped over to the pond; investigating if it were clean enough to drink from.

The wind kissed only the very tops of the trees, making a soft rush of leaves far above Divolas' head; an echoing cough from a large bird flying away was heard. He glanced up at the sky; it really wasn't so bad on this planet anymore, he pondered, as long as he didn't have to be in the sun. Sure, it was still warm, but no longer insufferable; this made his mood perk up quite a bit, and he tugged his hood off in order to cool his ears.

Suddenly, while stepping over a particularly dense patch of scraggly brush, Divolas remembered to be on the lookout for any sort of native wildlife; he did not like animals at all. He supposed he didn't mind eating them, though, as long as someone else did the killing and cleaning; the thought of blood had always sent a particularly bothersome chill up his spine, which was probably why he had preferred to be a smuggler rather than a bounty hunter.

Divolas chuckled at his own fear, having made it to the pond now, and glanced over its surface; it wasn't so much of a pool of water rather than a pit of mud, and he drew back with a crinkled nose in disgust. Well, maybe it was a good thing he hadn't gotten Pix's hopes up, then; he mused while smirking in the direction that his friend had gone, and started working his way back toward it.

[6:32:25 PM | Edited 6:40:23 PM] Sky .: Luna finally got to her last tree and smiled knowing that she finished and walked back to were she had cut down the trees. She looks around a bit but stopped when Cosmic had started to bark at her to go to the water. Luna smiled and patted his head. Cosmic patted his head and had grabbed his ball from the mud on there trip back into the woods. Luna grabbed the ball and lightly threw it so it would not go to far from were the river is. She pulled the bag off her back to get the water bottle and drank the rest before heading off. When she put the bottle bag in the bag and got up she noticed something in the vegetation but just thought she was seeing things so she ignored it and walked to the river.

Cosmic was at the river already drinking from it when Luna had arrived. She looked over at her muddy dog and smiled, "We need to clean you up bud." After filling all the empty water bottle in the nice cool fresh stream. she put them in her bag filled with fresh water. She went farther down stream and called Cosmic to come over. There was a big enough hole for Cosmic to sit in and get wiped off. Cosmic went over and sat in the water which went to his lower stomach and Luna started to wipe the mud off him. After getting all the mud off him Luna sat in the cool water to cool down and enjoy the scenery. It was sunny now the sun is right on them. The water is cool, there no one in site. All she can hear is the wind, the birds singing and a little bit of noise in the woods from the animals. Luna smelt the fresh air and looked the trees around them and enjoyed herself.

[9:16:00 PM | Edited 9:17:51 PM] Edgar Algae: The Nautolan kept himself still, as he observed both the human woman and the furry animal that stood by her side, taking notes as they moved, curiosity filling his mind. She didn't appeared to be an Empire agent, as she wasn't wearing an uniform. A native to the planet, perhaps?

Pix looked back at, the vegetation, instantly feeling guilty about ditching Divolas again, for the second time in the day. Or had it been a third? He really wasn't sure anymore. He knew he had to make it up for him somehow on the near future. Sighing softly, he began following the woman, until she reached the river.

The furry creature was washed by the human, the mud that had gathered on the dog's surface, lovingly and carefully. The Nautolan watched, intrigued, a hand placed over his chin.

Something told him that she was good, if misguided. Maybe, she could guide him to the Jedi Structure on the planet that he had sensed.

Yet, how to approach her? He decided to perhaps try with something simple.

"Hello." The Nautolan spoke, as he walked out from the shrub that covered him, still holding the Imperial pilot helmet on his other hand. "Seems like I'm not the only one that enjoys the water around here, huh?"

[11:46:49 AM] Sky .:  Luna looks over her shoulder to the strange man coming out of the woods. Cosmic started to bark at the strange man while Luna got up. Comic followed Luna's lead and stood up also. Luna looked over the opposite way we're the man was not and debated if she was going to run. She slowly grabbed her bag off the ground that way on the river bank. Cosmic slowly started to walk towards the man and growled. Luna snapped, "Cosmic come!." He looked over at her and wined a little till Luna repeated herself. Cosmic went to her and they both turned to run away. Luna's heart was beating out of chest and blood was pumping really fast that it was making her be able to run faster then normal. Luna grabbed. Cosmic's ball off the ground and ran the opposite way into the woods leaving footprints in the mud as she ran.

While in the woods she saw another person and ran past them farther then needed. While she ran home she was loosing her breath breathing and ran so hard that her side started to hurt.

When they finally made it home the stopped in front of the door and took a couple deep breaths while she looked behind to see if they followed.

[4:41:55 PM] Edgar Algae: Pix placed one of his hands on front of him when he noticed that she had became scared. Perhaps this haven’t been the best introduction. “Sorry, don’t-“ He looked over at the strange, fluffy, yet alien creature, which appeared to be aggresive towards him. Sighing, he imagined that perhaps he could use some kind of Force trick over the animal companion of the woman, but before he was able to, the girl called the dog towards her, before picking him up and ran away.
The Nautolan did not give chase, somewhat bothered by the girls reaction, moving his head from side to side. “Xenophobic, are we? Humans…” He walked to the river, as he cupped some water with his hand, examining it, before taking a sip. When he noticed that it didn’t tasted so bad, he decided to drink some more, wetting his face with it, as he intended on covering his dry skin with the precious liquid. Sighing softly, he stood up, and began to trace her, using the footprints left in the mud to follow her trace.
He sighed, stopping after a while each time to look for the Chiss, yet being unable to find him. This began to worry him slightly, as he knew that Divolas wasn’t fond of this natural ambient. Perhaps he shouldn’t had left him behind.
On the end, he trusted that he would be able to find the way, yet the feeling didn’t left his heart. He did cared for the Chiss. Even if he was serious and didn’t shared his excitement, he found him rather amicable, on the end.
Finally, after some walking, he ended up finding a house at the end of the footprints, alongside a very scared human woman. Sighing, he waved at her. “You know, you could have told something else before leaving. Where are your manners, in any case?” He smirked, more in a playful tone than really trying to scold her, even if he was upset about it. “Do you live here?” He asked, as he looked at her home. “Is a cozy home…” He then looked back at her and the furry creature. “And the furry thing, is yours too?” He smiled. “I am assuming you’ve never seen a Nautolan before, like me. Don’t worry. I am not going to jump over you, you know? I’m sentient and civilized”

[5:46:23 PM | Edited 5:48:56 PM] Sky .: Luna squished herself again her door it's a little rotten and needs to be replaced but it is still stable. Cosmic started going towards the man again, barking and growling. They both knew he was not from here and they don't know who he is or if her is a Jedi/Rebal or on the dark side. Luna looked frightened while standing against the door and get out a huge sigh before responding, she knew if she did not respond she would I never be left alone. "Yes, I live here," she replied in a slightly quite tone. "May I ask why are you here? I don't want to think I'm deign rude but your not from this planet. I have seen your kind before and they can't stand the heat here, you will dry out." Luna sighed before she took off her bag and grabbed a water out of it. She rolled it towards him and closed her bag before she placed it on her back.
Cosmic started to back away and towards Luna while they watched the alien. "That's from the stream that I ran away from," she sighed. "I'm sorry for running away back there, you just scared me and I don't see people much here that's what I like about this place so much." Luna walked past the stranger and to the trees she had brought from the woods. She had left the axe on the cutting log and picked it up. Seeing one of the trees she started to chop off some of the limbs while keeping a close eye on the stranger. Cosmic watched him too, while Luna was chopped the wood.

[11:22:46 PM] Edgar Algae: The Nautolan sighed, but understood where the woman came at. “So, I asume you are all by your own, here? Do you know if someone else lives in the planet?” He asked her, yet the thought came to him about how he perhaps was being too forward. “I won’t hurt you or the furry thing by your side, if that is what you’re wondering. That has never been my intention… my name is Pixochovol Trugregde, and I came here… uh… to… find some food, maybe. And… to relax somewhat, I suppose.” Pix listened to her as she rolled the water towards him, the Nautolan picking the bottle up. He examined for a moment, before nodding. “Do not worry, I have already drank some water. But I appreciate the gesture.” He gave a solemn nod towards her, as he watched her walk towards the trees, sitting on the ground, as he watched her cut them.
“I am just curious. Do you know you are not alone on the planet anymore? Besides me, and my companion, Divolas. a TIE ship crashed near here. And that means that the Empire is here. TIEs never fly alone… and this worries me.” He examined the girl’s form, noticing a rather familiar device on her hip. “Hmm… curious. Have you ever seen something on this planet that you found strange? Another structure in the kilometers around your home?”
He waited for her, deciding to perhaps stretch a little. His worries about Divolas not coming through the sparse vegetation worried him slightly, as he didn’t appeared to come through. After some debating, he decided to continue with his routine, placing the water bottle at one side, as he stood up on his two hands, lifting himself up as far as he could, then going back down. then trying to stand on his right hand, looking at the small forest, as he waited for the Chiss.
He wondered what the artifact on the woman’s side could be. At where he was standing, he could make a vague outline of it, yet the sun didn’t helped his eyes to see what the cilinder was, yet… he felt, a certain attraction to the object. He felt that it was important somehow.
He decided to ponder on it, concentrating, to allow himself to read the chemical concentrations that the girl produced, wanting to know more about her, without actually intruding on her personal space.
Eventually, his worries about his friend became too much to bear, so without any word, he decided to venture out, and look for him, calling his name out-loud, as he trekked back into the dried trees and vegetation.

[1:11:29 AM | Edited 1:11:58 AM] Sunnyshine: Divolas'na'poro had been venturing out on his own; mumbling to himself all the way. "Stupid forest, stupid plants, stupid rain, stupid nature." He grumbled while looking down through the dense brush around him; he had wandered a little farther than he would've liked, having apparently gone in the wrong direction to find Pix. "I don't even know how to navigate through this planet-" He glanced up at the sky, the trees clearing a little around a small stream of water. "Great! Now the sun is setting, too; amazing." The wispy clouds above him had just barely began to catch the lavender and violet hues that twilight brought with it, but everything still shone brightly around. He had been clenching his teeth in frustration; why did he always have to let his heart lead? Why oh why couldn't he have insisted on going to one of the tiny ports on the surface of this barren planet? Maybe they would've gotten robbed, he thought, but it would be better than this stinky pit.

Divolas reached a hand to his hip again, and pulled out a communicator; it beeped to his touch. "Hey, Trashy, can you lo-" He had stumbled for a moment, losing his footing on the smooth stones around the stream, but then straightened with a nonchalant expression. He cleared his throat, shrugged with the slightest hint of a smirk, and went to continue to ask his astromech droid for directions to his ship. He looked down, and realized he had dropped the comm in the water.

Divolas sighed sharply; it was no use to look for it now, he assumed, scanning the area with a quick turn of his head, before shoving his hands deep into his pockets in a defeated way. "I hate this planet." He murmured quietly to himself with a severely disheartened gaze. At least he had found water; after another moment, he pulled one side of a hose from his pack and put it down into the stream to filter some for storage. Honestly, this place wasn't all that bad to him, he was simply in a poor mood; partially due to his tenancy to gain attraction for someone out of his league, especially when they seemed indifferent to him, but mostly it was because he felt as if he weren't accomplishing anything. He was the kind of person who wanted to be doing something all of the time; an activity that gave him the feeling of achievement. Maybe it was a small thing, or a large one that influenced more than himself, but he always wanted to be doing something. This not-knowing why they were here felt like they were stagnating to him; especially since Pix had left him on his own without saying anything.

Divolas was in no mood for a vacation; he needed credits to keep Bittersweet flying, and he would keep her flying no matter what it took. Perhaps she was in good repair right now, but things happen, parts break; his thoughts paused as he heard a faint sound on the wind. Had it been another one of those haunting birds? Or perhaps a predator calling to his friends for supper; a meal he preferred to not be the main course of. His eyes checked what he could see of the horizon with a suddenly nervous gaze, and found nothing. There it was again, that sound; it was almost like the howling of a gundark, or perhaps a mynock being strangled by one. His imagination ran unhindered for only another moment before he saw the small figure of a Nautolan through the trees.

Divolas breathed a sigh; it was his name that was being called, not some bellowing of a bloodthirsty creature after all. Actually, he paused, he never had asked what Pix's preferred diet was. He shook his head and chuckled while stepping in the direction of his friend, careful not to slip on the wet rocks again. "Hey." He waved his hand toward Pix, trying to be as cool as possible; saying with his face, oh, no, he hadn't been worried at all in that time he was lost on a barren wasteland of a planet.

[8:14:03 AM] Sky .: Luna called out as loud as she could, "Don't stay out to long you don't want to be here when it's dark." She sighed and went to to work cutting the limbs off the tree and then started to cut the main part of the tree to put in the fire. After finishing the tree the sit was starting to set so she went to were a medal door was that she was working on and started to work on it some more before it got to dark. Cosmic was on the ground asleep and snoring a little. Luna smiled and stopped working on the door when she heard something in the distance. Quickly she stopped working on the door and woke up Cosmic to get inside. She grabbed the bag off the ground, put it on her bag and had the key in her hand to unlock the door. Luna unlocked the door letting her clean dog Cosmic in and went back out quickly to get enough fire wood for the night. When she got inside she went to the fire place to start it. After she started it Luna went to the kitchen and took out the bark and other things from her bag she had collected that day. She brought the bark to the living room were the fire place is located and put them in the bark bin. Cosmic started to bark for dinner/supper and ran to the kitchen while Luna started to walk there. She grabbed some food out of the broken cabinet with no door and gave it to Cosmic who started to say his tail. She then grabbed some food for herself and a piece of fruit to eat. Luna walked to the table that had three chairs and before she sat down she grabbed a match to light the candles. Then she sat down and eat alone again with just the light of 3 candles and Cosmic next to her.

[12:56:32 PM] Edgar Algae: The Nautolan chuckled when he heard Luna calling for him at the distance. Even though he appreciated her concern, he felt safer at night than at day, given that his vision was better with low-light conditions. Then again, he decided to take heed on her warning. Perhaps dangerous things roamed the planet, after all. He still wasn’t much scared, though, at least not for him getting hurt. He did, however, worried about Divolas. He had been dumb to leave him alone, and without warning.
He kept calling his friend, as he moved through the vegetation, parting apart branches and leaves, as he looked for the Chiss. “Stupid me, woe me.” He thought, as he felt lost, although more in the sense of feeling he had been losing part of his emphaty towards others, as he intended to find the Jedi temple on the planet. Towards Divolas, maybe even to the girl and his pet. The strange furry being still puzzled him, either because of its mannerisms, or its behavior. In any case, he continued on, as he thought about how he had dumped the Chiss.
He knew that he had done it because his attention had been focused on finding this part of him that he had tried to bury since he had lost his mentor. That was still something that pained him, in actuality, an open wound which still hurt him. Was he attempting to find some kind of forgiveness on his actions by finding this construct? Or was he attempting to find solace on this place? Maybe, even some kind of clue that he could use to forgive himself and others? He was not sure. He didn’t even carried his weapon anymore, leaving it on the ship, hidden from the droid and the smuggler’s eyes, due to a fear that he still struggled with.
He finally realized that perhaps the best thing to do was to keep his friends safe, or the living beings. In any case, if he didn’t… the story could repeat again and again. After this realization, he stopped, getting slapped by a branch across the face, barely flinching, however, as guilt began to take over again. Guilt and pain. Where they a couple? That stood together as one? For him at least?
His ears picked the voice of Divolas, and turned around, noticing the blue skined individual waving at him, face straight, steady. As he approached, however, he could feel a slight anger coming from the Chiss, alongside some mixed feelings. Dissapointment? Love? Sadness? Hmm… it was difficult sometimes to read people out of the water.
His face fell slightly, however, as he imagined why he was feeling like that. “I apologize for dumping you, friend. Wasn’t my intention.” Pix examined him for a moment, noticing that slight drops of water were dropping from him. Had he sat on the river… or?
He decided not to ask, smiling slightly at him. “I will make it up for you. I can carry you from here to the house I found. Its inhabited by a lone human, but… I believe she means no harm.” He looked at the sky. “Perhaps… we could stay. I wanted to ask her why the Empire is here… is strange, don’t you think? Maybe… we could find some kind of.. treasure? Something interesting? If its something that can be sold for credits, you can keep it.” He smiled, as he extended a hand to him, hoping that would convince him from going on this adventure, while his true intentions were still hidden. He figured out it was for the best, yet he still made up his mind to take care of Divolas, which was the most important point on his mission, rather than finding this Jedi Temple. He had to learn to trust again. To stop placing the lives of others second, like he had done after his loss. To help them. To be there for them, instead of going away.

[12:38:20 AM] Sunnyshine: "Carry me?" Divolas'na'poro stifled a haughty laugh that sounded particularly fake, as if the idea was completely ridiculous to him and didn't even deserve a real one; after a moment his face fell once more. "I am doing just fine, no thanks to you." He followed with a soft mumble, and then paced in the direction of the Nautolan; avoiding eye-contact with a nonchalant gaze to the forest floor. It was good that he had been found, right? Then why did he feel worse than he had a few minutes ago? Being lost in some forest didn't exactly sound like a good time to him, but then why did he feel this sudden animosity in his heart?

Divolas stood beside Pix, though several feet away; he wanted to keep his distance, having not even looked at the offered hand. "Are you giving me a job?" He asked with a defensively monotone voice. "Crids are fine; all the incentive I need." He thought they had been past this; he had thought after the time they spent together that they were friends, and Pix was getting to know him, but it seemed they were firmly planted in a professional-kind of relationship instead. After a long moment of silence, he looked over at the Nautolan with a slight scowl; he moved his hands outwardly as if to say "well, are we going," before placing them back firmly into his pockets.

The water filter made a horrid slurping sound, and it took a second for Divolas to remember what he had been doing before Pix walked up; he flipped the machine off, and wrapped the piping around his hand before tucking it in his his pack. A few small birds twittered in the evening air; the wind had all but stopped, and the sound of the stream fading in the distance. The quiet was almost deafening. It would have been peaceful, he pondered, if he were in a better mood, but his attitude seemed to be getting worse with each passing moment. He felt the urge to straight out shoot that one bird with the hooting cough, but instead began to flip switches off that ran his emotions; indifference and calm seemed better to him right now than everything else he was feeling, especially around Pix. Because Divolas had a rather expressive face, he didn't want his companion to see everything that was going through his head right now, so instead went flat.

[8:42:12 AM] Sky .: Luna by this time was done eating and got up to put her plate in the sink. Cosmic had finished his food as well and was now just moved the bowl around with his nose. Luna looked at the empty water bowl and after her plate was in the sink. "Need some water buddy?" Cosmic barked to respond to Luna's question. "I guess that's a yes," Luna grabbed the bag off the counter and opened it pouring half the bottle into Cosmic's bowl. Cosmic started to drink the water while Luna fished the other half of the bottle. After finishing the bottle Luna put it back in her bag to get more water from the stream. Then went to the candle on the table and blew it out before she walked to the living room and sat down in front of the fire. She enjoyed the smell the fire made and loved to watch the fire pop once in a while because of the wood. Cosmic finished drinking his water and walked up to the fire place. He lied down next to Luna and started to fall asleep. Luna smiled and started to let him before she started to think about everything that happened today.

"Who were they?" The first thought that came into Luna's head while she sat in front of the fire. "I have never seen them before and that one I met might say he's good but that means nothing. They knew that there were TIE ships here on this planet. But that does not mean they knew I shot them down. Hummmm I have seen natives around here but they stay away from May parts because of the things that Rome around at night." Luna shivers, "Those huge dog like creatures called the Lupi. That will eat anything on spot. No one has ever gotten away from them. I wonder how much bigger they are then a regular wolf. Anyways how come those two came to this planet when more TIE ships started to show up? There's got to be a reason and it's not to be friends but if they wanted to kill me how come that man did not when he caught up to me at my house? I don't know but there's something I'm missing and I'll find out tomorrow if there still here, unless they get eaten by the Lupi.

Luna snapped out of her train of thought and forgot her book on the couch that she could see. "Dang it! I don't want to get up." Luna used the force to levitate the book to her and opened it to read.

[5:42:57 PM] Edgar Algae: Pix’s huge grin became a frown of slight confusion and frustration towards Divolas. He felt as if he had completely ignored what he was trying to do. He meant well. And Divolas had just thrown it away like if it was nothing. He didn’t even look at him in the eyes. His mental state becoming clouded by this anger, spoke. “Gee… you know, I’m sorry for leaving you here, but I’m still trying to help you out by coming back… and you act like this…”
“Bet creds is only what you care about… and me even wanting to carry you through the scorching sun… sheesh.” The Nautolan thought, as he made his way back to the house of the human, checking every once in a while if Divolas was still behind him. He still cared about him, even though he had reacted like that. Had been the idea of carrying him what had bothered him? Maybe he thought that was embarrassing. Maybe.
The slurping sound sent Pix out of concentration, making his brow furrow even more. Yet, as he moved on, the sound of the chirps and tweets from strange, alien birds calmed him down, allowing him to realize that Divolas’ emotions were fluctuating, even if he was keeping a straight, plain face, he appeared to be bothered and hurt by something. Had he said something mean? Selfish?
He honestly did not know. Yet, this began bothering him greatly, at each step, he felt like something was wrong with his friend. And that he, by some reason, had caused this. He decided to swallow his pride, in order to set things straight with Divolas. After all, he didn’t wanted this to be an even more unpleasant trip.
Making his pace slower, to allow himself to catch up with the Chiss, when he was at reach, he glanced at him, and asked. “Is something wrong? Speak your mind, if you wish. I won’t offend you anymore, I promise.” He looked back at the trees, as he parted branches and leaves, to allow both to pass.
As he waited, Luna’s house was visible soon enough, about a hundred meters from where they stood.

[11:53:17 PM] Sunnyshine: Divolas'na'poro wanted to respond to Pix with a string of swears and a well-placed insult of a different language, his anger burning for a split second before being snuffed back out with his guise of indifference; a few bird songs shrieking into the air nearby poked at his calm, but he wouldn't let it show on his face. He wanted to pose the fake question of "act like what," but he knew opening his mouth at this moment would probably be a bad idea; any hopes of them becoming better friends, or perhaps more, fell away from his mind. No, this wasn't going to work out so well. Yet again.

Divolas paced forward, hands deep in his pockets, but head up in a dignified sort of way; silence was respectful to him, in a way, especially when his own temper was running high. He couldn't believe that Pix only thought of him as a mercenary, but he was suited to the role sometimes, and so adhered himself without a second thought; it could be interesting, his eyes lowered to the ground as a touch of sorrow prodded his mask, if there is indeed a treasure to be had here.

A hooting whistle rang out in the trees; the thin clouds caught more colors as the sun began its slow decent to the horizon. Divolas wondered why he didn't feel at home anywhere like this, further ignoring Pix's attempts to start a conversation, and thought perhaps growing up in space hadn't been the best thing for him. He had grown accustomed to the cold metal surfaces of ship decks, the clanking when someone walked across them; the squash of mud and heat of a sun seemed so very alien to him. He paused with a sharp sigh, and smirked softly while looking over to his Nautolan companion; perhaps he didn't quite see him as a friend anymore, but at the very least they were traveling together.

Suddenly another screech rang out, closer this time, and Divolas turned; his hand on his gun in a fraction of a second. A great flutter of wings and feathers was just through the trees ahead; the Chiss ducked a little while shifting through them to see what was happening. It was a bird, red and black with murky green highlights on its long feathers; it was moderately sized, about two mynocks tall from feet to head, and angry at the tangle of rope that bound its legs in an uncomfortable way.

Divolas' face shone a slightly confused expression as he walked its direction; he had seen this type of bird in underground trade before, and they were usually very expensive. It flailed and snapped at him as he reached swiftly to untie it cords, and then calmed immediately when he was finished; it stared at him, its head cocked sideways, and he knelt on the uneven ground to level their eyes. What would Pix think of him for doing this? He didn't care, he told himself; his companion was obviously small minded and arrogant, and his opinion shouldn't matter at all.

[9:27:51 AM | Edited 9:44:00 AM] Sky .: Cosmic had fallen asleep next to Luna and created a warm area on Luna's leg. The fire was burning causing a small shadow along the room. The fire had warmed the rest of Luna up. Luna was starting to dose off and could not fight it anymore. She had dropped her book next to her leg and fallen asleep next to Cosmic.
Large howls came from outside but it did not wake them. They were both used to the howling by now. The sky was getting dark and Luna had a long day ahead of her.
Luna dreamed about her family and what happened to them. She dreamed about how they were killed but the storm troopers and how she hid under her bed. Till..... Luna was only about 10 years old. Cosmic was a puppy. Her parents were on the couch talking. Then the door bell rang. Luna's father went up to the door to Awsner. Her mother noticed who was at the door and ran to Luna's room. "Luna wake up," her mother said softly. Luna woke up to see the look of fear in her mother.
"What's going on mom?"
"Nothing sweetheart, it's ok. Just please hide under your bed and don't make any noise."
"Why mom?"
"Please just do it sweetheart."
Luna got out off bed and hid under her bed were her mother told her to. The storm troopers were now inside looking for any other life. Luna's mother had left her room and was in front of the fireplace. "No, you can't take her."
"Madem we need to take her."
"No." Luna's father started to fight with a storm trooper. But before anything else could happen they shot him. Luna's mother started to scream and yell and cry. She then started to fight them also and was shot. Luna was under her bed hearing this scared and defenseless. Then she started to hear footsteps comming towards her room. Cosmic started to bark. The troops opened the door and......
Luna woke up and took a deep breath. She had been crying while asleep and Cosmic was now awake next to her. "It's ok boy I'm sorry to wake you." She stood up and fell not being able to stand up and that moment and started to cry again.

[8:51:00 PM] Edgar Algae: Pix sighed, as his attempts to strike at a conversation weren’t successful either. And Divola’s chemical signals appeared to stay the same. Now he was pretty sure that there was something wrong with him, yet his indifference didn’t let him see what was happening to him. He decided to let it go, after all, there didn’t appeared to be any reason to keep pondering on the “Why?”
He was now pretty sure that the Chiss wouldn’t speak to him.
Walking a few steps, however, he came to the conclusion that perhaps, this lack of talk was his fault. He thought again, but he was pretty sure that he hadn’t been offensive to him. Then, just was swimming on Divola’s mind? He was pretty sure that he didn’t liked the jungle, yet… Pix’s could feel that there was something else happening to him.
Glancing back at the Chiss, he could see his face looking at the ground. Pix’s serious expression became one of worry, as he realized that perhaps taking Divolas here hadn’t been the best of ideas. Or well, telling him to tag along in any case.
He took a deep breath, as now even the strange sounds that the birds made couldn’t take his mind off the current issue. A screech surprised him, making him jump forward, getting on a defensive position, noticing a strange, alien bird, whom appeared to be trapped. Before he could do anything, however, Divolas moved forward, and liberated it from its cord prison.
This dumbfounded Pixovol for a moment, as he found himself on an odd position, realizing that perhaps, he was too worried about getting hurt, than he perhaps was hurting others? Pix realized that, after all, Divolas had a good heart, something that he had been ommiting on his quest to find the Jedi Temple. Had he trampled his friend to reach his destination, somehow?
Pix moved closer to the Chiss, sighing softly, as he finally had reached a decision. He just had to be truthful with Divolas. And he knew it wouldn’t be easy. And that he exposed himself to great danger, yet, he just had to. “Divolas… I… I have been forsaking… something that might be important… to tell you.” He cleared his throat, as he looked right into his red eyes.
“I… I didn’t asked you to land here, because I wanted a river to jump in… or… anything of the like. I just… I had… I had some kind of… feeling, you know? A feeling that… a part of my past is here. Buried on this planet, somewhere.” He looked at the ground, not too sure how to tackle what he was going to say.
“I… I think… there is… a Jedi Temple here… and… it… is almost calling me, you know? I… I have no idea where is it… so I wanted to track it alongside you… but… I was afraid, I suppose… afraid of… getting you into something that… uh… well… I mean, Jedi should be extinct, don’t they? Well… I was once… one… one in the… learning process I suppose. A padawan. Unsure if you’ve heard that before… I… I was afraid you could be scared… or throw me away because of this. I don’t want the Empire to hurt you, you know? Or anybody else, really, like another bounty hunter, so I thought about keeping you in the dark would be for the best… but… given that I seem to have been… upsetted you… I figured that the best would be to tell you the truth.” He placed his right hand on his left arm, as he gave another look to Divolas.
“Well… there’s that… I suppose. Forgive me.” He turned around, and resumed his walking, Luna’s home being at a close distance. “You are a good man…” He stopped, and looked at him, fearing what could happen next.

[3:46:28 PM] Sunnyshine: As the air began to cool with the slow onset of evening, the birds became louder; their chirps and calls were bright, glorying in the good amount of rain they had been getting recently, but with a slight sorrow of the impending dry season. Divolas'na'poro had looked up at Pixochovol with a vaguely nonchalant expression; he didn't know what "Jedi" meant, and frankly didn't care to right now. Maybe he had overheard a few stories in his travels, of mystical beings that were referred to by that name, but he hadn't paid much attention to them; he didn't believe in such things.

From Divolas' position outside, he could just barely make out the moan of someone crying in the cabin ahead; he glanced toward it now, his deep red eyes gleaming with curiosity. The large bird in front of him had also heard the moan, and reacted with a hiss and the violent snap of its beak in his direction, before lifting its great wings to fly away; wind from the motion of it rustled the shrubbery and leaves around. The Chiss had reflexively fallen back, his legs slipping from under him, and he sat with a disheartened sigh; why is it that he felt like crying, himself, right now? He wasn't a particularly reflective and empathetic person, so it wasn't the sound of someone else that had put him off; he sniffed with all the nonchalance that he could muster, wiping his face with the back of his hand, and lifted himself back off the ground.

Divolas looked to Pix's feet, making sure that he wasn't alone again, and shoved his hands into his pockets once more; sometimes he felt like a child around people, and especially those whom he had tried to make friends with, but he was almost twenty now and had to start acting like it. Without a word, he paced forward; he didn't care too much for the thought of spending the night out here, but he supposed this was the place the Nautolan had been leading them to. He knocked on the wooden door, the setting sun catching the bright tones of his blue skin; maybe, just maybe, he would understand Pix in time, and he wanted to stick around and see what would happen next.

[2:48:11 PM | Edited 2:57:11 PM] Sky .: Luna had woken up hearing someone knock at the door. She sat there for a minute think gin about who it could be. Then jumped up while Cosmic started to bark lying down. Luna looked down at Cosmic and wispered, "Who is here?! I though that he had left. So who would be at the door now?" Luna looked at the door cautiously and walked over slowly. Cosmic got up fast and ran to the door and started barking there while he sat infront of it.

First Luna walked up and and moved her hand slowly to look threw the curtains. She wanted to see who was standing there at her doorway. It was the man from earlier but who was the one who knocked on the door? She examined him and looked at Cosmic who was by the door now barking. Luna kept a eye on him and then finally let the curtains down slowly.

Cosmic had a low growl and looked from the door to Luna to back at the door. Luna sighed and walked to the door to open it. She unlocked all 6 of the locks on the door before she could open it. Luna opened the door just enough to stick her head out. "Yes?" Luna asked while her head was out the door, staring at the newcomer and the man from earlier.

Luna was confused, she thought the man had left the planet by now. No one stays long. While she looked out the door she noticed some eyes in the distance and some growls not including Cosmic's.  "What are you doing here? I thought you left? No one stays long?" A cold wind hit Luna in the face and she sighed while she opened the door all the way. "Come in," she sighed, "it's to cold to be out right now. It is also to dangerous." She looked them the two people in her doorway and looked at her rotten door she needed to take care of.
SW RP 03: Blue Green Attitude
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[1:29:18 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had returned to Bittersweet alone for the second time that day; he panted slightly as he caught sight of her through the cluttered shipyard, and wondered for a moment what Trash-Heap would say. 'We better have gotten paid today,' the droid's voice echoed in his mind, 'your messed up emotions won't keep us flying;' he paused for a moment. '-Will not keep us flying,' he corrected himself; he had noticed the first week he was around him, those many years ago, that the astromech never used contractions, and his mental interpretation of him better not either.

Chuckling through his tears, Snap had a volley of emotions rocketing through his mind; he couldn't quite make heads or tails of them, but the memory of Trison's words held a sting that he could not shake. Trash's disembodied voice prodded him again, 'did you not have something to do?' The chiss sniffed while wiping his face, and marched into his spacecraft, trying to hold himself as proudly as he was able; he gathered a few things from the hold, grateful that the actual droid hadn't addressed him, and departed quickly after contacting someone to deliver some supplies to the ship.

The man decided against waiting until dark, and honed his stealth skills while stalking a duros hired hand; he was making his way through another nearly-deserted docking bay, and dashed behind some crates to avoid exposure. His mind focused sharply, almost as if he had forgotten about the emotional rollercoaster he'd been party to for the past weeks, and quietly stole a piece of equipment that was holding a high-priced shipment. No doubt someone would notice if he stuck around too long; he did, indeed, stick out a bit like a sore thumb in the crowd, having forgotten to change out of the scrubs, but tried to blend in with the great amount of dock workers making deliveries to and fro.

The chiss made it back to Bittersweet just in time to sneak his cargo in with the rest, and boarded with a calm expression. Trash busied himself, making room for each new item that was coming with them, and buzzed softly in contentment; he liked feeling useful.

A few hours passed; they had been refueled and were ready to depart, but Snap was frozen at the helm. Trison's words echoed in his mind, 'just go run back to Phen;' he knew that's exactly what he was doing, and it terrified him.

"Is there a problem, Divolas?" Trash-Heap thrummed, having entered the cockpit a few moments ago, and simply stared at the back of Snap's head.

The chiss jolted, spinning around to look at the droid; a fake smile was plastered on his face, and he felt like he was going to throw up. "Not at all." His hands fumbled across Bittersweet's controls, starting her engine clumsily, and they were in the air within a matter of minutes.

Trash fizzled impatiently; something was wrong with the organic, but he couldn't tell what it was. He, in fact, took a second to applaud himself for noticing that the man was bothered at all. If he had a face, he would've smiled arrogantly, before going to check over the spacecraft's systems like a good little astromech.

Time ticked forward, and Snap hadn't moved much until they were several hours into hyperspace; he leaned back suddenly, sighing as he finally gave in to the tears that had been threatening him all day. He let himself cry for quite some time, his lips growing swollen and pale; the man sobbed into his hands, wishing that Bittersweet could offer some words of comfort, but finding only emptiness.

Snap wasn't sure for how long he wept off and on; a day, perhaps two. He gasped for air, finally growing dry as the last of his tears evaporated, and remembered that he hadn't slept for long either. Completely exhausted, the chiss made his way to the quarters, and then thought better of it; he had avoided that place when Tallulah left, as well, and it seemed only fitting that he quarantine himself to the couch again to grieve. His survival instincts reminded him to eat, and he haphazardly shoved a ration bar in his mouth to satiate them. There wasn't much that could make him leave the couch cushions for the next few days.

He woke up, uncertain if it qualified as morning or not, and gulped down a good amount of water straight from the tap in the wall; the man glanced around panting, and wiped his mouth nonchalantly. An ache in his chest grew even more prominent as his eyes took in the room for the first time in what seemed like forever; they had hesitated at a white piece of cloth on the floor. It was the lacy shirt Trison had bought him; he recalled that moment with full clarity, when he had tossed the shirt down so he could be closer to the human, and he descended back into tearless sobbing in a single moment.

Trash caught sight of Snap as he caressed the piece of clothing while laying on the couch again, and buzzed; he really didn't know what was going on, but he had noticed that Trison was no longer aboard. Maybe that was the reason for all of the man's waterworks lately. "Where is the one called Trison?" He droned, his voice reverberating across his hull.

"He's gone." Snap had responded through his sorrowful panting, surprised that he had heard the droid at all.

Trash-Heap wheeled toward him, casually opening a drawer on his front, and presenting the human's necklace. He paused, making sure Snap had looked up, and then played a recorded message; it had Trison's voice on it.

“Snap, my loving companion, my Panna cake,  I don’t think you understand what you are to me ...I could have tried to rehearse my words; hoping they sound better.” There was a pause and the sound of him clearing his throat.

“I want you to know that you are worth more than you think you are. You are strong, compassionate, intelligent, and so beautiful; I lose my ability to speak plainly when I’m near you because of how you amaze me. I haven’t known you long at this point, but I find myself filled with joy when I wake up every morning, thinking about what the future may bring. If there’s ever a point when I can’t be with you -kark, it hurts just saying that- please, Snap, you deserve to move on. I know you’d say otherwise, but I’m not worth your misery.

“I adore you, Snap, and you deserve to be happy.”

The man's words echoed in the silence for a moment; the chiss' ears rang with them, and he stared with a stunned expression at his droid. "What was that?" He breathed.

"The human recorded it for you in case something happened to him." Trash-Heap had replied with his casual indifference, dangling the necklace in front of Snap's face. "This was left for you, as well."

The chiss took the piece of jewelry gingerly, his mouth hanging open in shock, and then looked down at it; the silver of the locket shone with a captivating gleam. He turned it over, opening it with only a little difficulty; the tiny gem inside somehow looked like a rainbow. He didn't want to lose such a precious item, so he promptly closed it back up again, and wrapped the chain around his fist. "Thank you." He muttered softly; consciousness faded from his eyes for a moment, and he laid down on the couch to sate the pull of sleep.

He dreamed of Trison kissing him, and woke with a start as the fantasy went a little too far; even in his subconscious, the human wasn't capable of that sort of thing. He chuckled softly, mostly just because it was either that or crying again, and took a breath to calm his thoughts to a more manageable level.

[1:30:09 PM] Sunnyshine: Time was a fluid thing while in hyperspace, and Snap wasn't exactly sure about how much of it passed; he thought that it had to have been almost a week, as Bittersweet was preparing to leave the dimension of swirling blue and grey clouds. She rocked violently, as was her usual reaction, and they were on the ground before it had even registered in the chiss' mind that he was driving.

Phenurus met the chiss with mixed emotions, glancing around for a moment as he told his employees to grant his cargo. "Where's your friend; the boy?" He purred, a tiny bit of contentedness in his tone.

Snap had shrugged, feigning nonchalance while keeping his gaze to the frozen ground.

"Trouble?" The human followed, putting an arm around him as he led them inside.

The chiss grimaced, holding back tears as best as he could. "Trison left."

Phen had hummed softly before speaking again; he motioned to some people to get lunch on the table quickly, and paced forward through the corridor. "Quite a shame-" He said. "He seemed like an okay person."

Snap hadn't replied, sitting down to eat something, though not actually finding anything overly appetizing; he chewed on some bread, avoiding the desserts altogether, a blank expression on his face.

"You'll be happy to know that our deal is finished-" The human hesitated to start a new conversation, frowning sympathetically. "The spice ought to be on your Bittersweet by sundown, granted the droid aboard doesn't give my crew any trouble."

Snap had gotten up, suddenly not very hungry as tears prickled his eyes.

"Wait-" Phen followed, grabbing his arm, and then frowning in confusion at the pale blue outfit he was wearing. "Be aware that you're welcome to stay here as long as you need to."

The chiss met his gaze as he began to weep silently, and then remembered the job that he had been hired to do. "You contact is dead, by the way; he was killed by the thieves. I tried to dispatch them, but they were too quick-" His voice broke, and he paused to compose himself. "Everything else should be in order, however, but you may want to send a group of merchs to deal with your thieving problem."

Phenurus grimaced at the news, but then held Snap's face in his hands. "I'm more worried about you." He claimed, pressing his body against the man in an awkward half-hug.

Snap started to sob again, leaning his forehead against Phen's shoulder for a moment. The human had then began to kiss his neck, pulling him in lustfully, and he shoved himself away. "Please- I can't." He pried the pale fingers from his face, and then ducked through the doorway. 'You deserve to move on,' Trison's recorded voice rang in his mind, but he couldn't listen to it; his breathing was labored and ragged by the time he had circled around to an apartment. It was far from the one he had stayed in last time, so he thought that it'd do.

The man spent a good while scratching his face as he avoided Phen, feeling worthless the whole time; his tattoos had become inflamed from all the crying he had been doing, but he didn't care enough to seek medical attention. When he exited the room several days later, his face was somewhat swollen and a little raw in places; he snuck a plate of crispy meats from an unattended food trolley in the hallway, and ducked back into the darkness of his current abode. The curtains had been drawn, and no lamps lit, for the entire time he'd been there, but his eyes were growing accustomed to it. He sprawled across the bed to weep again; a few new sobs rocking his sore chest as he tried to eat.

Tears faded, and they turned into words. I hate you Snap, he told himself, wish you would've never been born; the words almost seemed to want to sound like Trison's voice, but the man knew that they were his own. To remind himself of this, he began to speak aloud. "You messed everything up with your own idiotic ideas." He muttered to himself, only partially awake after sobbing to the point of exhaustion again. "If only you did something better, if only you were more interesting, if only you were more visible and kind and honest." The words hummed in his mind, repeating themselves with only a little variation over the next few days.

"You should've said something, you shouldn't have left." Snap had murmured while sneaking another plate of snacking material; he paused to wonder if he'd end up throwing it up, like the other times he'd eaten, but decided to chance it. The fried material tasted good to him right now, and he hummed in contentedness; the only joy at all he seemed to be able to feel right now.

"You- know you can- sit." A slow deep voice addressed him; it belonged to a large herglic man who had returned back to his food cart.

Snap flinched in shock, and the food toppled to the floor with a series of muffled thuds.

"Now that's- just- a waste." The herglic frowned softly; he leaned over to pick up the fallen food, and his inky black hands grasped each piece slowly. "Are you- the one- they call- Diavros?" He posed, setting the food back on his tray nonchalantly. "My name is- Kip."

The chiss didn't have the energy to correct him at all, and simply nodded; there was a pause where Snap wasn't sure if he ought to continue eating, and Kip's humming breaths made him extra nervous.

"Did a- swamp rat- get you?" The herglic had smirked, his wide mouth turning up only a little; he pointed to the man's face, indicating the scratches.

Snap looked away; in his experience, this species was very kind and observant, but he didn't really want to open up to anybody right now. "Do you ever regret things, Kip?" He muttered softly, not sure if he even wanted to be heard.

The herglic had replied with a story about how he had lost contact with his son; Snap listened patiently. It took an amount of concentration to follow the tale, since the man spoke slowly, but he was glad to have his mind refocus on something other than his own pain. Kip's kind eyes considered the chiss as he, too, described a time that he regretted; it was only something very small, but it made him feel a little less weighty.

[1:30:24 PM] Sunnyshine: Over the course of the next few days, all while muttering to himself, Snap had started going outside a little later than he should've; the cold air hit him like a brick each time, but he just wanted to feel something other than this certain type of emotional pain. He went back to his room shivering, and bundled himself up in blankets, pretending that it was Trison holding him once more; it seemed a little strange to him, that he was so willing to imagine a specter of the human, but not go into the bathing area lest he be assaulted with associated memories. His hair looked quite a bit longer with the buildup of oils, and his skin began to have more blemishes on it; this bothered him quite a bit, but he simply could not find the courage to take a shower, so he stopped looking in the mirror altogether.

There was a day where Snap almost felt a little better, though it was only on the surface. He had sought to eat an actual meal, joining Phenurus at his large table, but the evening turned sour quickly as the human tried to kiss him again. Snap had breathed, longing burning in his chest, but shoved himself away as he had before; he found himself thinking about Trison, wishing that he was the one kissing him, and told Phen as much. The human reacted violently, and Snap let himself be hit to the point of bleeding, before pacing back into his apartment; he felt defeated, as if he was nothing at all.

Snap stripped the three sweaters off of his body, he having been wearing them because he'd lost the ability to retain heat on his own, and curled up on the bed. "It's better to be nothing at all. I hurt everyone everywhere I go." He mumbled to himself, closing his eyes and wishing that he was dead. "It would be easy-" He thought aloud. "Just start walking out into the tundra. Nobody will miss me." The silence deafened him for a time, though he could not sleep; a few of Trison's words prodded his mind, mere moments away from convincing himself that he would rather die than live like this. 'You are worth more than you think you are.'

"You r-really think so?" Snap had replied to his own thoughts, and began to weep; he clumsily reached for a certain silver necklace from the bedside-table, and wrapped the chain around his neck. "I miss you." He whispered, holding Trison's locket in his clenched fist, and then swore. "-I miss you." He absentmindedly scratched his face, and then his shoulder where he had previously been grazed by a blaster bolt; he hadn't sought medical attention for that either, and it was beginning to heal, though would certainly leave a scar. "It's my fault this happened to us-" The chiss looked down at the locket, not wanting to open it again, as if he was keeping his own feelings inside. "I wish you all the happiness in the 'verse. Without me."

The chiss' first panic attack hit him a few days later; he was sharing a meal with Kip, rambling off about how terrible he felt, and dessert came. Fear like he had never felt before engulfed him all at once; he couldn't breathe or hear anything, and his chest felt like there was a vice on it. His brain had stopped altogether; he couldn't respond when he was asked a question, and the herglic struggled with knowing what to do. Minutes passed, though they felt like hours; Snap felt claws of hatred rake across his body, and the gaping maw of horror breathing in his face. His lungs burned with the scars from so many years ago, and the actual physical pain slowly brought him back into reality; he was on the floor, curled into a ball, and Kip was pacing nervously.

After the herglic tried his best to make sure Snap was alright, they parted; the chiss hid all of his emotions up in the locket around his neck, and he held it in his fingers lightly to focus himself, but started to cry again once he got back to his room. He wretched, but made it to the toilet just in time; tears, snot, and vomit fell from his face uncontrollably until there was nothing left. His body shook with terror and exhaustion, though he didn't feel particularly sad about it; he felt as though he deserved it.

How long had it been? Snap's body trembled, having become weak since he left Trison in a hospital, though he still found the strength to stand and walk around. Time had been an unforgiving enemy, and the days blurred together; the chiss had found some way to carry on despite it. He rubbed the locket around his neck with his thumb, having been using it to compartmentalize his thoughts and emotions; he had started to feel like an actual person again, away from his room, though his social skills had taken a hit. He kept all of his tears to himself until he was behind a closed door, certain that it was becoming annoying for the people around him; especially Kip, who had tried to be there for him.

Snap took a breath, running a hand through his shoulder-length greasy hair; the curls still bounced with his touch, though hung over his face with less fluff than when he actually washed it. He was sure that he smelled, too, though nobody was impolite enough to tell him as much, and acne had crept up his neck and to his face. He scratched his eyes with a stub of a fingernail; they, too, had taken a beating. His habit of chewing on them had gotten worse with time, and sometimes they even came away bloody now.

"Hi, Snap." One of the employees of the facility passed by him the hallway, waving cordially for only a moment.

"Hey-" The chiss had replied reflexively, turning away while muttering to himself; he tugged at the sleeve of the sweater he was wearing, continuing to stagger down to Kip's room. He liked the herglic, though only as a friend, and it was partly because he made him feel more secure; he subconsciously hoped that their relationship wouldn't go sour, like all of his other ones.

[9:04:04 PM] Melissa: The next several days were a blur for Trison; the few times he was awake, he sobbed until he couldn’t breathe, or jerked violently against the wrist restraints that were kept on him for his own safety. After every daily bacta immersion he would look around for the chiss, and then act out until the nurse would give him yet another sedative dose; he asked more than once for them to let him die, but they continued to tend to him, adding a mild anti-depressant to his list of daily medications instead.

After spending most of a week in the hospital, Trison was moved to a different room on the second floor; where they tended to the longer term care of injured patients who were stable. His anger and sadness had faded into disinterest; he no longer needed the oxygen mask, but they kept him hooked up to an IV because he refused to eat most meals. He wouldn’t do anything that he deemed unnecessary; he just laid on his bed most of the time, letting his brain bring forward memories of times when he wasn’t so alone.

Partially through his second week of being treated, an older nurse entered his room; he vaguely recognized her, but didn’t know her name. “Where’s your dark-skinned friend?” Nurse Lettie asked; she had picked up an extra shift on this floor and recognized the human.

Trison slowly brought his sleepy gaze to the woman. “Not here and it’s all my fault; I told him to leave because I didn’t want to hurt him anymore.” Many more words than he hadn't planned had slipped out of his mouth and he pressed his lips together sadly; he covered his eyes with his arm in an attempt to hide that he had started crying. The lady moved to him; he shifted and wept against her shoulder, letting her hold him in a motherly way.

“He’s gone and I’m never going to see him again.” The man cried, realizing just how much he wished he could take back the words he had said to the chiss.

“You loved him didn’t you?” Lettie asked, already knowing the answer, but asking anyway.

“I-I don’t know what love is.” He muttered against her shirt, sniffing and closing his eyes. “The feelings were confusing, but I was amazed by all that he did; he was everything to me.” A small smile curled up his lips as he thought of the man and the times they had shared. “I still wouldn’t trade our moments for anything, no matter how lonely I feel now.”

A realization hit Trison in the face, his eyes shown wide with shock before tears rushed from them again. His feelings never really made sense before; he had been different mixtures of happy, sad, scared, and sometimes even a bit angry, when they were together, but he always had looked at Snap with a certain amount of adoration in his mismatched eyes; despite the feel of the moment. …Maybe he knew what love was after all.

Over the next several days, he found some sort of solace in talking to Nurse Lettie about his memories of Snap; he longed to have the man with him, but was still set on the mindset that the chiss was better off without him. Lettie visited Trison every day after her shift on the first floor; she helped him get motivated to start walking again, despite the persistent pain in his inner thigh, and managed to convince him that he could try to move on and be happy.

He followed the medical advice from his doctor to start a mild workout routine, and started taking medications to regulate his moods; after being bombarded by so many emotions in such a short period of time, Trison didn’t know how to go back to the way he was before. He found that he felt empty a lot now, like part of him was missing, but he would try to find a way to distract from it; to keep from crying anymore.

The human had even let Nurse Lettie cut his hair, after she told him she used to always cut her son’s hair; it was cut much shorter than he was used to, but it was a cute, messy style, and his bangs were left just barely long enough so he didn’t feel so exposed.

[9:05:14 PM] Melissa: Trison’s thirty-first birthday came while he was still in the hospital; he only had about four days left of bacta treatments, and had no idea where he was going to go after his leg was fully healed. He was relatively mobile at this point, although he did have a slight limp, which was painful at times; he used a metal cane with a rubber foot and grip to keep his balance, but he felt like it made him look old or frail, which was frustrating.

Lettie had convinced him to go with her to a diner next to the medical facility, so she could treat him to a slice of birthday cake and lunch; he reluctantly agreed, still having trouble with his appetite. He dressed himself in a sweater and leggings outfit that Snap had purchased for him, and paused in front of the bathroom mirror solemnly, realizing how different he looked now.

It was a sunny day, although not especially warm; Trison had forgotten how much he enjoyed the sun on his face, and paused to take it in as soon as he exited the hospital. The walk wasn’t far, the diner was barely five meters from the medical facility, but Trison was cringing and panting before he had made it into the food establishment. “I’m not sure this was a good idea.” He told Lettie, sitting opposite of her in the booth they were escorted to by a droid diner host.

“You’re getting stronger; early last week you could barely walk from your bed to the bathroom without swearing up a storm.” The older lady said with a smirk, she looked down at the menu in her hands and considered what to order.

Trison opened his mouth to say something back, but found his mouth was dry and decided to take a drink from the water glass that was just set before him instead. He tried to enjoy the meal and company, but found that he wished he was back in his room at the hospital the entire time.

Lettie had got up to use the ladies room, leaving him alone with his dessert; a slice of some sort of rich cake that Trison barely managed to take a second bite of, before deciding that he couldn’t stomach any more. He frowned at the treat and leaned back against the booth, waiting to head back to his room.

His mind wandered for a few minutes; the diner wasn’t especially noisy, but it was pretty full of lunch munching patrons and he was trying to tune out the conversations around him. The voices of the people in the booth next to him kept tingling in his brain, but he tried to push them away; they weren’t talking about anything that Trison needed to hear.

“Mixy will be there, my people on the inside have reassured me, but the problem is that he has this blue-skinned bodyguard hanging around now.”

Trison replayed the words that were spoken behind him several times in his mind; wasn’t Phen’s last name Mixy, er, Mix? Which would mean the blue-skinned body guard might be Snap? He focused on the continued conversation, but only one of the people was speaking audibly.

“We’re working on gathering supplies and manpower, but have had some hiccups; a few rodians on our side were killed, in a bay here actually.” The man’s voice was clear and calm despite the information he was relaying.

Trison swallowed, a significant amount of fear was trying to embrace him, but he was still sitting there silently, although he was trembling now; at least one person behind him and the rodian who shot him worked for the same person? This person was also after Phen? The universe was a big place, this sounded almost too coincidental, or maybe that’s just what he wished.

“Yeah our leader is ruthless and brutal, but jobs get done; usually with slightly less casualties on our side.”

“Trison, are you well?” Lettie had asked, returning and sitting in her spot after several minutes.

Shifting to lean toward her, Trison looked at her wide-eyed. “We need to go.” He whispered; he got to his feet quickly, but had to lean heavily on his cane to keep his balance as a wave of pain surged through his thigh. He recovered enough within moments to start out of the diner beside the older women.

Back in his hospital room, Trison relayed all that he had heard in the diner to Lettie. “Are you sure they were speaking of Snap?” She asked with concern in her voice. He proceeded to list all of the reasons it had to be the chiss and had her convinced in a matter of minutes.

Despite his leg not being fully healed, Trison was determined to leave as soon as possible; he felt responsible for putting Snap in harms way, and was going to do everything in his power to get to him and warn him of the possible threat on his life. Nurse Lettie helped get him released from the medical facility in a timely manner and Trison packed his belongings, and hugged her good-bye, before leaving the hospital.

Trison had limited knowledge of this planet, but eventually made his way to the docks, and managed to pay for a ride off planet; the ship was a large cargo freighter with a minimal and mostly human crew, they were heading to the Ropagi system, which was where Phen lived on Seltaya Minor, he was pretty sure.  

He was told the trip was going to take about seven days; they weren’t actually stopping on Seltaya Minor themselves, but agreed to drop Trison off on their way to Ropagi II, for a hefty price. The human had spent pretty much his entire savings to secure the ride and was very thankful that Nurse Lettie had packed some extra food and supplies in his backpack; he felt ready to depart, even though just being in the hangar made him tremble anxiously.

After being given a tour of the common areas and told to stay in those areas at all times, Trison was shown to his small room aboard the older ship; he had paid for rides from planet to planet more than once in his life and knew how it worked. He didn’t have any issue with the idea of staying in his closet sized room for the entirety of the trip, even though it wasn’t required.

The rest of Trison’s birthday was spent aboard the freighter; it left the planet in the early evening and eventually made the jump to hyperspace. The human barely managed to find and lean over a small trashcan in his room as hyper-sickness violently emptied his stomach contents; he wiped his face on his hand and grimaced, his leg was aching from walking so much and he wished he had considered staying for one more bacta treatment, no matter how much he hated being immersed in the tank.

Realizing that he had actually spent quite some time in the sun earlier that day, he thought that he was probably dehydrated; Trison dug into his bag for a bottle of water, and paused as he came across the pair of pajamas that the chiss had loaned him weeks ago. He scooped up the clothing in his arms and rubbed his face against them longingly, noticing that they smelled of Snap’s hair products. The emotions that came with the familiarity of the clothing were almost too much for him; he stripped off the clothes he wore and pulled on the pink sweater and printed draw-string pants as he started bawling.

Collapsing onto his cot, Trison curled up into a ball, his hands grasped the sweater desperately as he shook against the bed. He tossed and turned all night; the restless and uncomfortable night turned into a day of torment as his leg throbbed from the extended use from the day before. In the evening of the second day, Trison dug into his bag and pulled out more than one medical vial; he put the first one in his hypospray and injected it into his hip, the second went into his hip as well, but the third was injected into his thigh.

[9:05:50 PM | Edited 9:12:29 PM] Melissa: Relaxing into his cot, Trison ran his hands through his hair; he paused, noting that his sideburns were starting to grow in, almost as far down as his jaw, which had never happened before. He breathed in deeply and yawned; he had managed to take a quick shower before going off planet and was pleased that the bacta smell, that he had for the last two and a half weeks, had faded significantly.  

Sleep found him quickly the second night, but again the night was troubled; Trison’s mind was plagued with nightmares of Snap being hurt, imprisoned, and even killed. The hours of the morning came slowly and stayed for what felt like several days to the man; he eventually managed to pull himself to his feet and made it into the lounge room, leaning heavily on his cane to make up for the fatigue in his leg.

He did some sit ups and stretched a bit, trying to keep what little flexibility he had regained recently; he laid on his back on the cold metal panels that made up the floor and rested for a while, lacking the strength to return to his own room for the moment.

The next four nights weren’t much better; Trison’s dreams would start with Snap yelling at him, and end in violent and devastating ways. He would wake up feeling ill and sore, and soon had lost the little bit of health and weight he had gained while recovering in the hospital. He tried to eat and keep up his light exercise routine, but his stomach rejected most the food in his bag; except for some crackers Lettie had given him and between the combination of medications he was on. And the fatigue; he was having trouble moving around, even with his cane.

Trison didn’t speak to the crew on the freighter or the few other passengers most of the week he was aboard the freighter; he spent more hours than he would have liked to miserably laying on the cot in his little room, too weak to focus on much of anything. By the time they approached Seltaya Minor on the evening of the seventh day, the human was greatly struggling to keep himself together emotionally.

What if Snap wouldn’t see him? He hated himself and thought that the chiss would too, but he couldn’t stand the idea of him getting hurt. That’s why Trison had gone after the man after all, right? He pushed the thoughts away as he took his daily medications, hoping that he wouldn’t break down while trying to talk to Phen or Snap; what if neither of them would see him, what was he going to do then? He needed to focus and come up with a plan, he told himself; after changing his clothes, he packed his belongings into his backpack, and set his mind on finishing his self-given task.

[9:51:10 PM] Melissa: Trison was dropped off at Phen’s fort under a false name; he had the freighter pilot relay the message that he was dropping off Divolas’na’poro to see Phen Mix. The ship touched down and then left as soon as it could; the human stepped toward the two of Phen’s men who were sent to meet him, and immediately asked to see Phen. “You are not who you say you are, we have been told to escort you to the brig.” One of the men told him.

The men confiscated Trison’s bag and cane and put him in wrist restraints; he didn’t fight or say anything more, he had figured he wouldn’t be welcome, whether he gave his own name or not. The men helped support the limping man as they took him to a small cell with a bench, and left him there, without another word.

He breathed out as he sat down, trying to steady the sea of emotion in his mind; he was thankful his hands were cuffed in front of him, instead of behind, and brought his hands to his face as he started crying again. Trison figured he would have at least a few hours to compose himself, if Phen would even speak with him; he knew that the man and Snap had a relationship in the past and expected that they would be together again, but he hadn’t prepared himself for the overwhelming feelings of guilt and jealousy that rushed forward from being here.

Trison’s mind was blurry; the reasons why he had originally traveled here had been pushed aside by the sudden need to see the chiss. No matter the man’s feelings toward him now, he needed to see him alive and well. Not knowing was dragging his mind into a darkness that he couldn’t bare; he didn’t know what he was going to do after -if- he saw the chiss, and he honestly didn’t care right now.

After about twenty minutes of letting his emotions get the best of him, Trison calmed himself down and leaned against a wall panel wearily. I’m not here for me, he told himself; I most be strong for Snap. He wondered briefly if he looked as terrible as he felt, but had no way to find out here, so just closed his eyes in a resigned way.

[10:33:51 PM] Sunnyshine: There was the sound of shifting feet down the hallway from Trison's cell, and the muttering of voices for a moment. "Done crying, then?" Phenurus' tone was soft, yet somehow fierce as he rounded the corner. "Hadn't you realized that you'd get caught?" The human pulled back his golden hood to get a better idea as to whom had been brought to his prison; his expensive-looking shoes rubbed with a hollow sound against the stone flooring. "I suppose it might be a shock, but using the same name as someone who's already here, it's a bit of a giveaway."

Phen gazed coolly down his nose as he stepped closer to the cell, and then his expression changed to one of subdued confusion. "Tristan?" He posed, and then motioned to a guard that had been standing off to the side; the man opened the door with a clang, and promptly removed Trison's handcuffs. "I thought you had gotten lost to the abyss." His voice purred with an amount of care, though it was only a front. "What are you doing here?"

[10:52:31 PM] Melissa: Trison looked up as Phen approached the cell, not entirely sure what to say to the man; he rubbed his wrists as the restraints were removed and took a deep breath, hoping that he could find his voice. “I-I-” He stuttered and licked his lips, looking down at the floor nervously.

“Is Snap here?” He had asked out loud before he could stop himself; he shook his head, trying to refocus. “I overheard of a plot on your life.” He shifted uncomfortably on the bench, trying to find the words to continue; he realized that he didn’t really have any details, just bits and pieces of a conversation that had faded in his mind over the last week.

“I- I believe you have a traitor in your company.” He offered, his voice sounded desperate and exhausted, but he continued anyway. “Someone is selling information to your enemies and they are stealing your shipments to use against you.”

[11:01:00 PM] Sunnyshine: Phenurus had listened quietly, taking in Trison's demeanor for a moment before waving for him to follow. "I'm sure you could use to get cleaned up." He offered, pausing as he turned on his heels to walk away; he wondered why he had always sought to take care of others, even those he didn't care about, but brushed the thought away for later reflection. "And then you may join me; I was just about to sit down for lunch." He motioned forward, a servant attending them immediately after, and paced through the corridor; the young girl looked shyly at Trison, waiting for him to follow.

[11:13:43 PM] Melissa: Trison’s brow furrowed as Phen seemed to miss his first question, or had he ignored it on purpose? He didn’t know the man personally, but figured if Snap wasn’t here, he would have said so. He watched Phen turn to go and he shifted away from the wall, gingerly placing weight on his injured leg.

“M-My cane was taken, along with my bag.” Trison said quietly; he was embarrassed, but felt the need to explain why he wasn’t following. “I can’t really walk without it.” He sighed impatiently. “Is there any way I can rest for a while and meet you later?” He requested, knowing that resting was actually the last thing on his mind presently.

[11:27:58 PM] Sunnyshine: Phenurus had cussed under his breath, rolling his eyes as he slowly turned back around to address Trison again; annoyance had begun to grow across his face, though he tried to hide it. "That may be best; don't stray too far, boy." He replied, and then walked away; he murmured to someone around the corner, and another servant returned with a bag in his hands.

The man tilted his head forward gently, showing pacifism in his posture, and offered the backpack to Trison; he also held out a cane, though it had been a little scuffed in transit. He motioned to the girl before leaving again, and she bowed gently. "I can show you to a room." Her light voice muttered shyly.

[11:58:33 PM] Melissa: Trison stared after Phen with a frown, until he realized that another man was offering him his backpack and cane; he took his things, swinging his bag onto his back and leaning against the cane as he slowly stood. He breathed out deeply, blacking out briefly from the burning in his thigh, but managed to balance himself and steadily followed the girl in front of him.

By the time she had opened the door of a room for him to rest in, Trison was breathing somewhat heavily. He offered her a nod in thanks, not able to speak at the moment and stepped inside; he really was tired, he told himself as he closed the door and leaned against it, but his mind reminded him that he needed to find Snap. The chiss was the one he came to warn, those were the thoughts he pushed forward to justify seeing him; what if Snap refused to see him, what would he do then?

Resting against the door for several more minutes, Trison had convinced himself that he would leave if the chiss wanted him to; he was just here to make sure he was aware of the danger of staying with Phen, nothing more, no matter how much he longed for things to be as beautifully complicated between them as they had been. He opened the door a crack to make sure that the hallway was empty, then opened it further to slip out and closed it behind him.

Trison had no idea where to go, but he started walking anyway; he was terribly aware that he was unfamiliar with the place and couldn’t even figure out where he had stayed with Snap when they were here together. He turned down another unoccupied hallway with a grimace, he was already breathing heavily again and leaned harder against his cane as he tried to push himself to continue walking; he was determined to search the whole fort if he had to.

[12:14:28 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap had reached to knock on Kip's bedroom door, itching his long curly hair as dandruff fell from it, but hesitated when he caught someone turning down the hallway in the corner of his eye. He froze, anxiety creeping up on him all at once, making him feel a little paralyzed. He turned his face away, closing his red eyes tightly, and wished the person would pass him without saying anything; he didn't have the strength for pleasantries at the moment. The chiss' hand quivered a little, and he lowered it, clenching the hems of all three of his sweaters tightly in his fists; don't see me, don't see me, don't see me.

[12:31:33 AM] Melissa: Trison had started down yet another hallway; he didn’t even remember which way his room was at this point, nor did he really care. He didn’t realize that he wasn’t alone in the hallway at first; his focus was on pushing himself forward, even with each agonizing step.

He paused in the hallway, reconsidering the option to try to find his room and to look again later, when he had more energy; his gaze slowly took in the person before him, but his brain took longer to register that he didn’t have to look for the chiss any more. The blue-skinned man was right there in front of him.

“S-Snap-” He whispered; the name in his own voice sounded weird to him, he didn’t feel like he deserved to say it. Trison moved closer to him as quickly as he could and collapsed to his knees beside him, he dropped his cane and looked up at the chiss with a look of despair on his face.

The human’s gaunt features made him barely recognizable; his eyes were somewhat sunken and despite being lightly tanned from walking outside on his birthday a week ago, even his skin looked unhealthy. His bangs were just long enough to hang over his eyes, but the rest of his hair was very short, and the length of his new sideburns were just thick enough to show against his skin. The leggings and striped sweater he wore looked at least a size too big, even though the clothes had fit when Snap had purchased them for him weeks earlier.

[12:49:53 AM] Sunnyshine: At the sound of his own name, Snap felt like he was going to throw up; he took a second to turn and look at the person who had addressed him. Confusion made him frown only slightly as the human fell, and he leaned forward to pick up the fallen cane; he offered a shy smile as he held it out. The corners of his mouth were red, and around his eyes as well, but the rest of his skin looked sallow and grey; his freckles were almost indistinguishable against the darkness of his face, but his eyes still shone with a sort of vibrancy.

The chiss struggled with what words to say; he considered if he had the strength to help the man back to his feet, but his head swam a little as he straightened his back and he found his answer. "T-the, um, med bay is to the l-left-" He stammered, his low voice barely above a whisper as he motioned down the hallway; he had been biting his fingernails this morning, and a few of them had become a little bloody, so he quickly retracted his hands back to the hems of his shirts. "If you're injured." He turned his face back to the door that he had been gathering courage to enter, and hesitated, muttering almost inaudibly. "Sorry I can't be of more help."

[1:17:12 AM | Edited 1:17:45 AM] Melissa: Trison had lost the ability to speak for a moment as he took the cane in his hand again and set it on the floor beside him; his eyes were taking in the chiss, his swollen face, long unkempt hair, and the unnerving shade of his skin. This was his fault, a voice in his mind reminded him; Snap had been alright before, maybe even content, but now he had completely fallen apart. Did he even recognize him? Or was he acting this way to hurt him back for pushing him away?

Tears begun to fall from the human’s mismatched eyes, but he still kept his gaze on the chiss; he deserved to look at the mess he had made, he really wasn’t sure why he had ever pushed the man away, and it hurt his heart to see him like this. “What have I done, my Panna cake?” He whimpered, reaching for him, but stopping just short of touching him.

“Snap-” He cried, his voice breaking as he continued to speak. “I’m sorry. P-Please, look at me… I’m so sorry I pushed you away.” He wished the man would yell or hit him; he thought he could handle anything but the torment of being ignored.

[1:38:05 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap had blinked, his eyes growing dry with the concentration he was focusing on the door, and then glanced at the weeping man beside him. He let out a shuttering sigh, not knowing if he had the courage to speak with him again, but hesitated at the sound of his nickname. The one Trison had given him. Was he dreaming again? Certainly not, for this person didn't look much like his love, though his clothes were oddly correct. The chiss lowered himself to the floor gingerly, the bruise on his cheek becoming more apparent as he brushed his curly hair from his eyes; he looked into the human's face as he spoke, as if considering something, and itched the collar of the sweater that was against his skin.

Snap took a breath as silence filled the air once more; he gazed quizzically into the human's eyes, and then slowly leaned forward to make their foreheads gently meet. Without a word, he hovered there while closing his eyes; the smell was right, too, and he was sure now that he was dreaming after all. The chiss wanted to take advantage of this moment of solace, even if it was just in his head, and he couldn't help but kiss Trison; he moved tenderly, his heart suddenly racing with the touch, and pressed their lips together as a few tears fell from his eyes.

[2:00:50 AM] Melissa: Trison’s breath caught in his throat as Snap leaned against him; the contact was familiar and comforting and he stifled a sob as he realized that he found the chiss because he selfishly wanted to be with him. His lips kissed the man back without his full permission, a hint of worry kept pulling at the back of his brain but, instead of pulling away, he wrapped his arms gently around him.

“I love you.” He whispered, his lips brushing against the chiss as he spoke so softly. He knew without a doubt that he meant the words in that moment; he loved his flaws and quirks, his body and soul, and he never wanted to be apart from him again. The sudden rush of feelings made his heart pound in his chest and he felt dizzy with the excitement of touching the man again.

He kissed him again and looked into his eyes, the worry in Trison’s mind became clear for a second; he wasn’t sure how coherent the chiss was, did he even know who he was kissing? He rested his face wearily against the man, “I don’t know if you can love me back after what I did, but I’ll take whatever you can give.”

[2:47:15 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap let out a ragged breath, coughing slightly as Trison stopped kissing him to speak, and then pressed their lips together again; he had shifted closer, and let his hands drift to the human's waist. He was thinner, the chiss pondered, as he felt the bones of his hip; he had never been like this in his dreams before, and it made him frown. Regardless, with each passing moment he got a little more fervent, holding Trison tighter and kissing more passionately; he was afraid that he would just slip right through his fingers the moment he opened his eyes. As he had every time.

The specter of the human Snap had dreamed up, he never said 'I love you,' either, and this made the chiss' mind stutter. He fluttered his red eyes open with this realization, pulling away while gasping for air fearfully; he expected the man to simply vanish, and held his breath when he didn't. "W-what are you?" He panted after a moment of stunned confusion; he swore, rubbing his eyes with the back of a hand as they began to tear again. "Some sort of ghost h-here to haunt me-? I- I can't-" He muttered, the tone of his voice growing high-pitched; he could feel panic creeping on him, crawling up his back and giving him a tremor that made its way through his body.

Snap bit his lip in an attempt to keep the dread at bay, though it only caused a little bit of pain on top of it; he lowered his face into his hands, and then remembered the locket around his neck. He brushed a few fingers across its surface without looking up, and rubbed the side of it with his thumb. "It's not real, it's not real, it's not real-" He hummed to himself, barely making a sound. "You'll wake up in a second. Please wake up. Please." His free hand had been clenching the back of his neck, and its torn fingernails dug into his skin as he closed his eyes as tight as they would go.

After a couple minutes, Snap curled his legs in front of him, leaning his head on his knees as he tried to calm his breathing; he felt like a child again, one who had been beaten up by a bully and didn't know how to deal with it. Helpless. Worthless. He absentmindedly scratched the breakout on his neck, and then his facial tattoos in-turn; he lifted his eyes after a moment, to check and see if Trison was still there, and pursed his lips. His cheeks looked very concave with the expression, illustrating that he, too, hadn't been eating much; he had finally found a few words in his twitchy mind, and hissed them through his teeth as he realized that there was an actual person in front of him. "I'm sorry, I can't tell; who are you?"

[10:36:09 AM | Edited 10:38:01 AM] Melissa: The high of being held so passionately faded as soon as Snap pulled away; Trison’s fears rang true and the feelings that followed were worse than he had felt in his nightmares, he couldn’t even put words to the nagging numbness in his soul. He tried to stifle his sobs of despair as the chiss mumbled to himself; he couldn’t focus on the man’s quiet words, no matter how much he wanted to.

It took him a few minutes to regain any sort of control over his body, he wiped the tears from his face and tugged hard at his bangs; the pain of pulling his own hair seemed to bring him back into the moment. Pain was a familiar feeling now and it reminded him that his mind couldn’t handle returning to the state of overwhelming abyss that made him want to no longer live after the chiss had left.

Trison focused his eyes on the chiss as he spoke again, Snap’s words stung a little and he flinched as if he had been hit; he felt like he deserved to be treated even worse than the man ever would, he would stay even if the chiss openly hated him. He chuckled lightly out of nervousness and panted as he shifted closer to the man again and sat down, his leg was throbbing at this point and he knew he couldn’t stay on his knees any longer.

“I’m Trison Chay.” He offered his own name, almost as if he were introducing himself for the first time meeting him. “I’m here Snap, and I never want to be away from you again… Will you let me take care of you?” His words came out in a calm tone that was barely his own; he would be strong for the chiss, he wouldn’t break down again, no matter what he said.

[12:29:29 PM] Sunnyshine: Tears rolled down Snap's face as he chuckled in disbelief; he shook his head, as if denying what he had just heard. "No, no, you're playing a trick-" He muttered, and then broke off. He hadn't told anybody Trison's name; maybe it was Phen taking advantage of his weakened state. He didn't think the man was capable of such a thing, but it seemed more likely than Trison actually being here. He leaned forward cautiously, a sudden focus in his red eyes as he stared into the human's face. "How-" He considered for a moment that he was wearing a flesh mask. He brushed a few fingers across the skin of Trison's jaw, and it felt real; it seemed like the correct bone structure, too, which is something he hadn't expected. He drew his hand back, looking into the human's bi-colored eyes for as long as he was able before his own were clouded again with tears.

"Is it really you?" Snap whispered almost inaudibly, an amount of terror in his voice. "How is this possible?" His eyes dropped to the floor as he slowly shook his head again; the moment wasn't quite real to him still, but the feeling of reality was creeping up. "I thought you never wanted to see me again and you're here saying you never want to be apart?" He said quickly, and then took a sharp breath in, his lungs threatening to start hyperventilating; he paused a moment to try and stop the panic in his mind from spreading too rapidly, closing his eyes again. The sound of someone passing in a nearby hallway was suddenly apparent to the chiss, and he flinched fearfully; not farther away from Trison, however, but closer to him.

Snap breathed raggedly, as calmly as he was able to, and found himself smelling Trison's scent again; it had the slightest hint of the stench of bacta, and he frowned while looking back into the human's face. That was an unnecessary detail, if someone was actually trying to deceive him, one that even he hadn't thought of. "Can it be-?" He sighed, lifting his hand to gently caress Trison's face; his expression softened, and his eyes grew sad as they darted around to catch the man's features in his mind. "Are you really here?"

A moment of silence ensued, and Snap leaned forward to kiss Trison again; his fingers curled against the sweater he had bought the man, those weeks ago, wanting to hold him as close as possible. The chiss' other hand wrapped itself around his head, tangling his fingernails in his short hair, and he felt his strength begin to wane; he froze, panting hard as his arms dropped limply. His heart felt like it was about to jump right out of his mouth. He struggled internally; rubbing his chapped lips together as if he was trying to say something, though no more words made their way into his mind.

"Diavros- is that you-?" The door beside the two men had suddenly opened; it was large enough for the herglic on the other side to peek his head through without having to duck down too far. Kip's sleek and inky black skin shined in the light; he blinked his large eyes with a touch of confusion, taking in the scene that he had just found at his doorstep. "Getting into- trouble- again?" He let out a sigh that hummed hollowly through the blowhole on his forehead; frowning, he leaned his large body through the doorway, and casually picked Snap up from the floor. "Nice to see- you're making new- friends." The cetacean hummed with a soft chuckle, almost amused as he ducked back into his room; he had nodded at Trison for only a moment. "Sorry for the- trouble- he has- fits- sometimes."

[1:29:45 PM] Melissa: “I was scared and stupid, I-I tried to go after you as soon as you left, but I c-couldn’t get out of the bed…” Trison told the chiss; his voice was still mostly calm, despite the flashes of memories of that day bringing forward more tears. He closed his eyes, trying to not let the feelings of anger and hate toward himself overwhelm him; I need to be strong, he reminded himself.

Trison tried to answer Snap; I’m here now and forever, is what he wanted to say, but his words caught in his throat. He gasped as the chiss kissed him again; he hadn’t expected the man to continue touching him so tenderly so soon, and couldn’t manage to catch his breath because of the feelings that came with it. He was exhausted and confused and his breaths continued to be short and fast, even after the chiss pulled away again.

Snap seemed to have mixed feelings about seeing the human, even he could sense that; Trison wondered how long it would be until the chiss told him to go, that he hated him, and that he wasn’t welcome here. He shuddered with the thought, but realized that he had grown to despise himself; despite the medications he was on to help keep his emotions in check,  he truly expected Snap to hate him too. He wasn’t sure what he had expected, but he didn’t deserve to be around the man, let alone be allowed to take care of him.  

It took several seconds for the human to realize there was someone else speaking; he had to pull himself from where he had retreated, deep inside his mind. He looked up at the being in the doorway, blinking several times as he tried to understand what he had said.

“P-Please-” His voice faltered as he spoke, with more than a note of desperation as the man so easily picked the chiss up. “I have come all this way to find Snap, please, please, please don’t take him from me...” He reached for his cane and attempted to stand, but instead stumbled and barely caught himself against the door-frame. “Please don’t take the man I love from me!” Trison looked up at the large man, his eyes watering and his legs threatening to give out, but he had a look of determination on his face as his heart pounded in his chest.

[2:30:26 PM] Sunnyshine: The large herglic man set Snap down on a chair inside of his room, and then turned back around to address the human who was speaking to him; he hovered in the doorway. "The- man you love?" The sound of his voice was a low thrum, and his words formed slowly, though one could tell there was a great deal of reason behind his eyes.

"Kip-" Snap had used his ragged breath to talk; he rubbed his face, willing himself to find a little bit of strength, and gazed forward as if he wanted to get back up. "Don't l-let him leave-" The chiss stammered, his hands fumbling over the table that was beside him; desperation was the only thing on his face. "I- I can't-"

"Don't move- Diavros." Kip pointed down at the floor stubbornly, making the chiss freeze, and then looked at Trison as if he was considering him. "Perhaps we ought- to- have a conversation." His voice was calm, and he waved the human forward as he ducked into his room. He sat on the edge of the bed, which had been scooted to the center of the floor, casually blinking between the new person and Snap.

Kip took a humming breath, motioning for Trison to sit on the spare chair, and then started speaking again; the table held a few plates on it, all having starchy and fried food on them, though neither the herglic nor Snap moved to eat anything. "It- seems to me that- there- has been some confusion." His tone was steady, contrasting the chiss' labored breathing. "Having someone- collapse in- the hall next to you does- not mean you- are in love." He let out a resigned sigh, not quite understanding what the human had said. "A 'Snap?' No- I'm afraid not. Diavros here- has been getting stronger lately- but still has- a great deal of fear- when it comes to social- interaction- it can be strange to think about- but just because he allows you- to call him that, doesn't mean- it's- his name."

Snap had lifted his head, smirking slightly at Kip, though the man didn't notice; he then gazed into Trison's face longingly. He didn't ever want to be apart from him again, but the aching in his heart made him wonder why; no words made their way to his lips, and he sat in silence, though he wanted to say everything. Tell the human what had happened, how he loved him too, and that he could never allow himself to be taken away; the last part wasn't quite true, but it sounded good in his head.

[3:03:22 PM] Melissa: The continued confusion of the situation had rendered the human mute for a time; his mind grasped at the thoughts that formed, but he couldn’t do more than let out a low moan as he struggled to find his balance. It took him much longer than he would have liked to slowly walk into the room and settle into the chair, he breathed deeply for more than a few minutes before the man’s words started to make sense to his brain.

Was the large man a friend of Snap’s, or had he already found someone new? A smile briefly curled up on his lips as he smugly realized that the chiss didn’t appear to have moved on with Phen; the way he had kissed him minutes ago suggested that he hadn’t moved on to this man either. He leaned his face against the back of his hand for a moment; he was trying to keep striving for any sort of calm, but a strange mix of fear and excitement pulsed through his veins, making him tremble harder.

Trison let out a string of laughter, although the smile had fallen from his face as his eyes focused again on Snap’s friend; he was struggling to keep his anxiety in check, but was still attempting to find any intelligent words to say. “His name is Divolas’na’poro, but he went by Snap when I met him on…” His words faded as he tried to remember the name of the planet; his memory had gotten worse over the last several weeks and he closed his mouth in embarrassment. He shook his head, pushing himself to continue, “I-I believe he’s like this because of me; I was an idiot and told him to leave me.”

His own words echoed in his mind and he felt ill again, but he kept his eyes trained on the man and had set his jaw; he halfway hoped that this stranger would yell at him or throw him out, he didn’t feel like he deserved to be in the same room as the chiss, but wouldn’t leave of his own accord.
Alluring Abyss, part 11: All but Lost
Figured I'd give a little bit of a new setup to this one .3. it sure has been a rollercoaster.
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sunshineley (Sunnyshine) with Divolas'na'poro, Trash-Heap, Phenurus Mix, and some NPCs
Thehalfbloodprince (Melissa) with Trison Chay, and some NPCs
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[12:22:36 AM] Sunnyshine: Trash-Heap had been minding his own business the entire morning, having cleaned up and refrigerated the two organics' leftovers from the previous night, save the wine; he remembered Tallulah complain about him putting away her booze before, so he generally stayed clear of it altogether. He had been talking with Bittersweet about a few things in her systems, and was going to check on an engine piece that had rattled in a certain way the last time they jumped into hyperspace, but was interrupted by Trison. The droid had buzzed in reluctant compliance at the human, pausing his wheels while gazing after him; not having a face, he couldn't grimace, though he wanted to.

Snap blinked, frowning as he heard Trison's voice though wasn't able to see him; he lifted his head, his red eyes taking a moment to focus as the human left the room's doorway without another word. So much was on his mind right now, be he supposed that it'd be best to think about it later; he huffed while trying to force himself into a sitting position, and then swung his legs over the side of the bed lazily. The chiss suddenly realized that he was damp with sweat, having been covered in a blanket all night, and ducked into the lavatory to wash at least his face; he stared blankly into the mirror as water dripped down his chest, still not quite awake all of the way.

Snap let out a sigh, trying to organize his scattered thoughts as he pulled on a random shirt from the closet; it had horizontal neon stripes through it, but he didn't care at the moment. He staggered slightly, and then paced into the lounge. "Good morning, Sweets." The chiss muttered as he kissed Trison on the top of the head before sitting next to him; grimacing softly, he took note of the product still in his hair, and then promptly remembered that he hadn't washed his own either. "Don't you know how to use soap?" He rubbed his eyes, letting out a chuckle, and then paused when he thought his words sounded a little harsh; his conscious mind was still struggling to catch up, and felt the need to clarify. "It's not good to leave mousse in all the time."

[4:57:28 PM] Melissa: Trison opened his eyes to see the Snap, “Oh, I-I don’t use soap, I don’t have any.” He yawned and tugged at his hair again. “I tried to wash it out with water.” He shifted a bit uncomfortably and scratched at his arm, trying to push down the self-conscious feeling that was poking at him.

He tried to adjust the sweater of Snap’s that he wore, so his shoulder wasn’t exposed, but it slipped down almost as soon as he let go. It was a funny that how he looked would bother him all of the sudden, he thought; but he reminded himself that just because he was usually comfortable around the chiss, didn’t mean that his issues were just going to vanish. He sighed, trying to refocus to why he had asked the droid and chiss to meet him here.

“Anyway, I made something for Trash and I wanted you to see.” The human said as he scooted the small blanket covered bundle toward the astromech. Trison pulled the blanket off of the little orange droid and pushed a button which made it whir to life and move on its little wheels toward Trash. “I used some things I found in the-the workshop, I hope that’s okay.” He was grinning proudly at his creation, as it moved in a circle in front of the astromech.

“That job we did reminded me how much I enjoy working on droids. What do you think, Snaps?” He asked; he tilted his head, looking at the chiss with adoration in his eyes.

[1:58:26 AM] Sunnyshine: The metal floor panels were cold against the bare soles of Snap's feet; he had leaned forward playfully to see what Trison had to show them, but was taken aback as his red eyes focused on the small droid. He got up slowly, stepping over to it, and flinched as it moved; a confused sneer was on his face, and he wasn't quite sure what to think. He stood intensely beside the human; his neck prickled nervously, not sure if he ought to put an arm around him or not, and simply stared down at his creation. "T- Trash-?" He muttered softly. "Why are there two of you?"

"There are not two of me, you idiot." Trash-Heap's low voice reverberated with a good amount of force; it even echoed a little across his large hull plates, the tone completely lacking in amusement.

Snap had glanced at Trashy, and then down to the small orange droid; darting his eyes back and forth a few times, a laugh started to rumble up from his chest. He held a hand to his mouth as he attempted to stifle his fit of chuckling, and angled away from both of them as his face turned red; he swore between ragged breaths. "You sure know -how to keep this place -lively." He stammered, facing Trison as his shoulders wobbled with laughter.

Trash-Heap hadn't taken his ocular stalk off the astromech in front of him; it hadn't shown any signs of intelligence, but he still felt the need to watch it. "Glad you are enjoying yourself at my expense, Divolas." He muttered with distaste, his thought processes whirring loudly. After only another moment of silence, Trash had pulled out his plasma torch and cleaved the droid in half; it burst with the sudden flames, sputtering into a disjointed pile of metal and plastic within a matter of seconds.

Snap had reflexively wrapped an arm around Trison, shielding him with his body in a protective manner; the laughter had gone out of him all at once, and he frowned in shock. "What the-" He cussed, his voice fairly loud with exasperation. "-are you thinking, Trash? Trison worked hard on that, and you just-"

"I am thinking-" Trash-Heaps voice was more emotional than it had been in quite some time, though not in a good way. "That I do not want to remember that day." He had lifted one of his wheels to rest on the decimated astromech before him, as if to illustrate that it had been conquered. "You may not remember her all of the time, Divolas, but I can see her as clearly in my memory banks as I see you both right now."

"Trash-" Snap turned solemnly toward him, though his arm was still around Trison, gently grasping his sweater.

"And I most certainly do not need the reminder of when she almost died protecting me, or when she almost died protecting you. It is astonishing to me that you can so callously treat her memory, almost as if she did not exist at all-"

"Trashy!" The chiss' voice rang louder this time, and the droid halted his speech. "Tallulah kept that casing as a reminder; she didn't want to ever forget what she was living for. She didn't ever want to forget who she loved, or what she did to keep that love." He began to tremble with emotion, but his resolve was firm as he stared at the dark astromech. "It brings a lot of stuff up for me, too; like how she lost her leg because I was stupid-" He broke off, shaking his head. "But bad stuff doesn't mean you should forget or avoid the good stuff. She wanted to remember; why shouldn't we?"

A silence hung over the both of them, the small orange droid smoldering between them, and then Trash turned to leave without another word. Snap swore, letting his hand fall from Trison's side, his eyes drifting downward as he muttered softly. "-he cut right through the floor, too; guess I'm not the only idiot here."

[10:34:19 AM] Melissa: Trison had been watching Snap’s reaction, not really sure what he did to confuse him; he was having trouble wrapping his mind around the chiss’ words and had somehow tuned out the droid at first. He offered Snap a little smile, but worry shown on his face; he wondered what he had done wrong, but couldn’t find the words to ask.

As things escalated suddenly, Trison just stood there watching as Trash destroyed what he had spent the night putting together; it was if he were watching a theatrical production from an audience, and he hadn’t even jumped away from the flames, his reflexes being slowed from his lack of sleep and confusion. His eyes returned to Snap as the chiss stood protectively against him; he wondered why the man seemed to be on his side, even though he had obviously done something wrong.

He didn’t understand why the astro-mech was angry all of the sudden; was the droid an organic or an artificial, in that moment Trison wasn’t really sure. Why did so many things seem to go over his head? He considered himself marginally intelligent, but yet again he missed something; it was obviously something important too. …something to do with Tallulah.

“Kark, I really don’t know anything, do I?” He muttered, sinking into the couch as Snap let go of him. “I’m the idiot…” He brought his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, trying to take up less space. “I’ll fix the damage to the ship, I’m sorry. I just need to rest for a bit.”

Trison’s normal desperate reactions to emotional situations were noticeably lessened, which mostly had to do with fatigue; he giggled softly and closed his eyes, he quietly hoped that the last several minutes were just an odd dream, but he knew he wasn’t so lucky.

Did Trash hate him? The droid claimed indifference, but to Trison his behavior suggested otherwise, and then he seemed to have almost organic feelings when it came to his maker; that’s what it was about wasn’t it? Sometimes Trison felt like he lived in her shadow, that he wasn’t really welcome here, especially by her droid. He knew he wasn’t trying to replace Tallulah; he wished to honor her memory with them, but maybe he had become too comfortable on her ship too fast, and too often present in her husband’s arms.

Wiping a few stray tears from his eyes, a few minutes later, Trison glanced at the damage to the floor; he shifted against the couch, trying to get comfortable. “I really do make a mess of things.” He whispered to no one in particular, as he scratched his arm.

[9:56:38 PM] Sunnyshine: "Well-" Snap hadn't said much as Trison spoke to him softly; he sat next to him after a moment. "I guess that means we all have to be idiots together." A shy little smile shone on his face as he looked through his eyelashes at the human, and then he wiggled on the couch to get more comfortable; he absentmindedly scratched his chest, remembering why he never wore the shirt he was. "Speaking of, did you want to go with me and meet my client guy today? I don't remember, did I give you any details about the job Phen lined up? Apparently he's been having some problem with thieves, and I'm supposed to stop it somehow, or at least figure out who they are."

Snap paused, having found himself rambling a little bit, and met Trison's eyes to make sure he was still interested; he brought his hand to the human's face, wiping away the tears gently with a few of his fingers. "Don't take it personally-" He hesitated, his voice going to a quiet hum. "Trash doesn't get angry that often, but you did just repurpose one of his corpses." He chuckled slightly, a smirk on his face. "He was in that body the first time we met, him and I, so I guess a lot of memories are attached to it. That was a pretty bad day; none of us came out unscathed... So I don't really blame him for freaking out." The chiss moved his arms around Trison, scooting up next to him and pulling him onto his lap; he held the human's head to his chest protectively, and let his fingers caress his face. "You don't have to worry so much; there are more than a few panels of Bitts that have taken a worse beating than this, probably even from temper tantrums like that, so there's no mess here that we can't handle."

Snap breathed in Trison's scent, and found the smell of his hair product again; his facial tattoos crinkled as he smirked. "We should probably get this stuff out of your hair before we go, though." He pulled his face away to address the human, holding his waist tightly. "And, believe me, I'm been a bigger mess than some little hurt feelings and a dent in the floor."

[10:46:28 PM] Melissa: Trison opened his eyes and looked at the chiss. “I wanna go, but can I sleep a little first, I’m tired.” He muttered, stifling a yawn and letting his arms go limp at his sides. He gazed at Snap, trying to take in the information; but his eyes were becoming more unfocused as his mind was trying to remind him of how little rest he had gotten last night.

He didn’t really respond as Snap continued speaking; despite his interest in the job he spoke of, the chiss’ voice seemed to soothe him and he lost a few minutes as he dozed off. Trison’s eyes fluttered open as he felt his face being touched and a small smile curled on his lips. “Why are you so good to me?” He whispered, gently nuzzling against Snap’s chest with his cheek.

“I thought nudity was a problem for you-” Trison spoke quietly, pausing for a moment to stifle another yawn. “So wouldn’t showering together be a problem too?” He let his eyes close again, his body desperately trying to give in to his fatigue.

[11:22:02 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had chuckled, kissing Trison's cheek gently before setting it back against his shirt. "I didn't mean together." He muttered, an obvious blush making its way from his ears and across his face. The room went silent as all words fell away; the chiss held him tightly to keep his body temperature up, reverting back to his uses as a blanket without complaint, and watched the consciousness fade from his posture.

"Sleep." Snap whispered with barely a breath, though his expression shifted to uncomfortable when Trison snored softly for a moment. He usually felt rather awkward around sleeping people, and this instance was no different, but he wanted to hold the human nonetheless; their shared warmth was a little too much for him, as well, but he bore it with a firm gaze. There wasn't much he wouldn't do for Trison, it seemed to him, and he didn't allow himself to move more than a few inches for a solid hour.

Snap took a breath, stretching his neck, and then kissed the soft skin of Trison's exposed shoulder. "Sorry-" He sighed regretfully. "I gotta move." He gently shifted, wrapping his arms firmly around the human in order to remove him from his lap, and glanced around for an actual blanket to attend to him. The old couch moaned slightly with the shifting of weight, but gladly accepted Trison's form into its cushions; the chiss had left momentarily to retrieve a blanket, and tucked the human in it before breathing in mild content.

Snap had then sheepishly gone back to his morning routine; he did a little running to get his heart rate up, and then took a cool shower to clear his thoughts. His mind had a bit of trouble, but ended up refocusing to the task ahead of him; Trison was a major distraction, and he wondered why he even wanted to come. Perhaps he should've told the human of the dangers involved in dealing with thieves, but supposed that they wouldn't run into any; this was only an information-gathering stage, after all, and no problems would arise as long as his contact was straightforward with him.

Snap had returned to the couch after a little while, uncertain of how much time had actually passed, and ran a hand through his damp hair; he didn't want to wake Trison, so instead sat a few inches from him, and found something else to ponder. Trash had rolled nonchalantly through, and cleaned up the small droid from earlier, doing his best to clear away the molten metal; the chiss had hushed him more than a few times before he departed, and then opened up a panel from the wall behind him to eat a ration bar as quietly as he could.

[12:09:54 AM] Melissa: Trison slept deeply, not seeming to notice anything that happened around him in the lounge; after a few hours he woke with a start, sitting up suddenly and rapidly blinking his eyes as he took in the familiar panels of the Bittersweet. He looked over to see Snap at the other end of the couch and smiled at him, realizing that whatever had awakened him so suddenly had probably been in his dream; he stretched and yawned.

“Good morning, my sweet Snaps.” He sighed contently, watching the chiss for a moment; he was still tired, but he felt a bit more energized once he remembered they had a job waiting for them. “Kark, did I make us late? Let me get ready, I won’t be but two minutes.” He stood and grabbed his backpack; then kissing Snap quickly on the cheek, he rushed toward the privy, dropping his bag on their bed as he passed by it.

Washing his face quickly and trying to get his hair to lay down by wetting it, Trison quickly dried himself off and stripped on his way back to the sleeping quarters. He giggled at himself, figuring that he probably looked ridiculous trying to remove his clothing while moving; not to mention his messy wet hair which was sticking to his cheeks. He pulled on his brown tunic, leggings, and poncho; completely forgetting that he and Snap had gone clothes shopping the day before. He set Snap’s pants and sweater beside his bag on the bed; after grabbing a few supplies from said bag, he headed back toward the lounge.

He sat down next to Snap with a shy smile and pulled his boots on; pausing to look at the two glowrods in his hands, he shrugged and tucked them into his belt, under the poncho. “You ready?” He asked the chiss with a little giggle.

Trison felt ready to face whatever came his way, with Snap beside him; he didn’t actually remember what the job entailed, but was trying to stay focused nonetheless. He tried to match the chiss’ pace as they walked out of the ship and to their meeting place, but found that his legs didn’t want to quite keep up, still being somewhat fatigued, but tried to speed up anyway.

[12:53:34 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap had dozed a little, having finished his food and started in on calculating some of Bittersweet's data; he liked to make certain of what they were carrying each day, even though it didn't change much between jobs. He flinched immediately back into full consciousness when Trison had jolted, and looked over worriedly; his mouth hung open as if to say something, but his expression relaxed when the human did instead. "Good morning." He muttered in response, a smile quietly joining the blush on his face as he was kissed.

Trash-Heap rolled through the room nonchalantly, not looking at either organic as he went; he had a project to attend to, and they were not invited.

Snap watched the droid coolly; slightly curious as to what he was doing, but not enough to actually ask. Trison had returned quickly, and the chiss got up as he sat beside him; wanting to gather a few things as a precaution. He pulled out his charric blaster from the hold, and latched it to his hip with some belts, smirking at the human as he did; he wanted to spout some line about him rathering Trison's arms be around his waist, but held his tongue.

Snap paced forward with Trison at his side, contented that they were together, even if neither of them really knew what that meant. The crowd was sparse this afternoon, but the chiss didn't mind so much as they walked; he led them into a moderately distant part of the trade area, pausing to catch his breath for a moment. He glanced around, making sure he knew where he was going, and then smiled as he gently indicated a direction to the human. "It isn't too much further; my contact should be just through there." He stepped into the deserted docks, glancing around as his hands tucked themselves into his pants pockets; a frown slowly edged across his face. There was nobody here; had they come too late in the day?

[9:55:37 PM] Melissa: Several tall piles of crates had blocked off a significant portion of the hangar from their view as they entered; Trison stopped walking as soon as he entered the area behind Snap, and he shifted uncomfortably while scratching his arm nervously. He really didn’t want to be here all of the sudden and couldn’t find the reason at first, but stopped and pointed at a pair of boots which were just obvious around a set of crates. “Snaps-” He whispered barely audibly, trying to get the chiss’ attention. “Do you have that spare blaster on you?”

In the shadow of the pile of wooden crates laid the corpse of a male twi’lek; his blaster laid on the ground beside him and his lifeless eyes were still open in a look of shock. He had several holes blown into his chest and had obviously been shot recently as his blood was just starting to coagulate around him on the cement floor.

An unpleasant odor could be smelled from where they stood and it wasn’t the body before them; Trison frowned and stayed close to Snap, not sure what exactly he was smelling but it reminded him of something that came from a bantha’s behind. He wanted to ask the chiss questions that he likely didn’t know, but instead he stayed as quiet as he could.

Just out of sight were three green-skinned rodians; one was standing watch, a blaster in his grasp, while the other two were having some difficulty carrying a crate to their ship. The rodian who was walking backwards up the ship ramp lost hold and dropped the front of the crate with a loud thud.

%Shut the-% The one watching swore, as he continued angrily whispering at them in rodese. %-up, you idiots!% He was fiddling nervously as his big black eyes darted around the hangar again. The two others carefully continued into the ship and were gone for a few minutes.

The rodian holding a gun waited outside the ship for his companions to return; he appeared to be jumpy and irritated, as he looked from the ship to around the room and back to the ship again. %Hurry up, you morons.% He muttered in his native language.

[12:19:26 AM] Sunnyshine: The soles of Snap's boots squeaked faintly against the metal deck; he was growing more and more nervous in the silence, but Trison pointing out a dead body really put him on edge. He hissed a gasp through his teeth, unhitching his weapon and holding it in both of his hands as he placed himself in front of the human; he pointed down at the floor with a finger, his red eyes meeting his gaze. "Get out of here, Sweets." He whispered harshly before glancing over at the expired twi'lek man, and then quietly stepping past him; the moan of a distant engine reverberated briefly through the walls, making him even more anxious.

It was a shame, Snap thought, that another one of Phen's good workers had been expended, but he absolutely didn't want Trison to be another one of them. He heard the echo of a crate hitting the floor, and flinched against the boxes to his back; he pressed himself into the slightest amount of cover that he had found, and peeked around to see the man who was most likely the reason for them sharing space with a corpse.

The alien had mumbled something Snap didn't understand, and he just stood there watching for a moment; his eyes took in what he could see of the docking bay, thinking about how he could use their surroundings to his advantage. His mind stuttered and swore, pausing on the thought of Trison; had he paid attention to where they were, and would he get back to their ship safely? The chiss reflexively shook his head to clear his mind, and a crate behind him clanked from the movement; this would not go well, he was aware of that, but wanted to protect Trison for as long as he was able.

Knowing that his location was probably compromised, Snap glanced back around a box to make certain of the rodian's position; he darted forward to find more reliable cover, firing a couple of shots from his charric blaster at the alien as he sprinted behind a metal barrier. He took a breath, his neck prickling with adrenaline as his brain asked why he hadn't even spoken to the man before taking such aggressive action. The chiss spun around to shoot at his target again; a few bolts of energy hit the wing of their ship, sending a spray of sparks to the floor, before he ducked back behind his cover.

[1:16:14 AM | Edited 1:20:29 AM] Melissa: Trison considered listening to Snap and heading back to Bittersweet, but he couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the chiss; he quickly scooped up the blaster from beside the dead man and paused to make sure it was operational, hiding against the stack of crates as he did. He was going to stay as Snap’s back up, whether or not he wanted him to; as uncomfortable as holding the weapon was for the human, he was determined to push through for the man that he cared for.

The rodian man moved quickly away from the shots fired at him and fired his own weapon in the direction that they came from; he ducked behind a short stack of crates, yelling toward the ship as he did. %Roaka, Gween, get out here, we’ve been discovered.% He shifted out from behind his cover and shot again towards where the chiss had fired from.

Trison crouched near Snap, “I think there are just three of them; he called for two by name.” He whispered, staying low and out of sight, he held the blaster with both hands in front of himself, trying to keep his hands steady. “Yes, I do know how to use this, and no, I won’t leave you.” He smiled at his own words and hoped that his moment of bravery would stay with him in the next minutes.

The rodian called Gween had started to proceed out of the ship, but ducked back inside quickly, letting out a string of swears as he did. The other man, Roaka crouched in the doorway and jumped down, using the ship as partial cover, he shot a few times towards the door the chiss and human had originally come through.

[1:52:26 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap had jolted at the sound of Trison's voice beside him; how had he not noticed that the human was right there? He blinked his eyes clear of confusion, frowning while opening his mouth to contest him being put in harm's way, but instead sighed sharply as he listened. He took the human's shirt collar in his fist, and pulled him in for a passionate kiss; a bit of anger played on the corners of his eyes, but it didn't alter his demeanor much for the minute, as he softened with the touch of his lips. "Stay down." He breathed, pushing away to refocus on the fight at hand; his fingers curled around his weapon awkwardly, wanting to just hold Trison as a range of mixed emotions paraded across his mind.

Thinking for only a moment about saying something to his enemies, Snap decided it was better to just take another shot at them; the charric blaster hummed in his grip as he spun from his cover again, and it obediently released another few blasts of energy before he ducked back down. The chiss panted lightly, his thoughts struggling to remain coherent as he gazed into Trison's face; it seemed to him that he might have to choose one day, between his jobs and his love, and he wasn't quite sure how to feel about it.

[2:32:54 AM | Edited 2:50:22 AM] Melissa: Trison’s emotions had swirled in confusion as Snap had pulled him in for a kiss; he was going to listen to the chiss, even with his heart rushing and his body wanting in on the action, or some sort of action. He nodded and stayed low, leaning against a crate for a bit of added support; how could the chiss kiss him like that and then focus back on the situation at hand? He jumped a bit as Snap took another shot and ended up moving along the side of another crate, his back to the chiss; he thought he had heard something from that direction.

The blast from Snap’s weapon decimated the rodian’s head who had spoken more than once over the last several minutes, he fell to the ground dead; the one still on the ship had only appeared in the doorway long enough to fire a few times, but quickly closed the hatch when he saw his dead companion.

Roaka the rodian had been moving against the ship, staying low and out of view as he approached the entrance of the loading bay. %Drop your weapon.% He had muttered from where he stood as the human stepped into view.

Trison shifted to aim the weapon in his hands and quickly fired a series of blasts, killing the man in a matter of seconds; he didn’t realize at first that the rodian had also fired his weapon, one of his shots had found his target, although perhaps lower than he had intended. The humans staggered back from the force of being shot and fell, landing hard on his back.

"Snap-" He cried out, desperately grabbing at the intense pain searing through his right inner thigh. He looked at the blood on his hands, having already soaked through his leggings and gasped; his heart was racing and it was getting difficult to breathe. His limbs soon started to tingle and he found his head was just too heavy to keep off the ground; he laid his head down as his body started to succumb to the state of shock that was lingering over him.

Time seemed to slow down in a strange sort of way to Trison, every sound and feeling seemed to be delayed as his mind grasped for something other than fear to focus on. "I-I'm-" He stuttered softly, his vision and mind feeling cloudy. "Not ready, I-I want to stay with y-you."

If the word like, or even love were in his vocabulary, Trison would have said something that sounded a little more meaningful, but knowing what he wanted was a big step for him; in fact, in that moment it meant everything to him. He had never felt that way about anyone before; he wanted to be with Snap and he was scared that their time was ending before he ever got to say how he really felt.

His thoughts circled around from the first time he had met the blue-skinned man, to the second in the library, next the time he rescued him from the cold, and then the many times they kissed on the Bittersweet; the memories lingered for what felt like a long time and his lips curled up in a small reminiscing grin. He knew he had lived more in the last few weeks than he had the whole of his life, and he realized that he wouldn’t trade even a second of it for anything; he wished it could last longer, but he truly thought he was dying and was pleased that he had left his mother's necklace with Trash, just in case something like this happened.

"D-do you t-think there's anything after this life?" Trison whispered almost wordlessly as he reached out for the man, longing to touch him, if only for the last time. "I want to remember you." His eyes were glowing softly and he blinked a few tears from them; his breath was catching in his throat and he was starting to lose consciousness, despite longing to have a few more minutes with Snap.

[3:52:49 AM] Sunnyshine: "I said stay down, Swe-" Snap's voice was stubborn at first, but quickly shifted into panic as he turned toward Trison just in time to see him get shot; he yelled out something incomprehensible, firing his gun at the fallen rodian to make certain he was dead. He paced over to the human, his shoe catching slightly on the metal paneled floor making him stumble, and knelt beside him as tears threatened to fall. "Trison-" He whispered, his voice breaking as the full extent of the situation hit him in the face. "I'm sorry."

Not wasting any more time, Snap swiftly removed his white shirt and wrapped the length of it around Trison's wound before tying it tightly; he held it there as he continued to bleed, not noticing that he himself had been grazed by the shots of their opponents. A string of vulgarities fell from his brain, being only somewhat filtered before leaving his mouth, as he stared down at the human in shock. "Stay with me, then; don't-" His resolve fell at the subject of an afterlife, and tears had begun to pour from his eyes as he whispered. "I will always remember you."

It was like with Tallulah all over again, Snap's mind prodded him as he shut his eyes tightly; he would have to watch someone he loved die. He felt like a worthless child. After a moment of deafening silence, it dawned on him that there would be a few medical facilities in the city; he, in fact, recalled one that they passed to get here, and his brain restarted with a jolt.

Snap didn't care about the shipment anymore, or his jobs at all, or Phen for that matter; Trison was his priority now. "This might hurt, but stay with me." He kissed the human on the forehead softly before wrapping his arms around him; he lifted them both off the floor, fumbling a little before finding his balance, and then bolted out of the hangar bay. Trison's blood quickly soaked through the chiss' shirt as he was held flush against his chest; he shook his head, trying to remember where he had seen the hospital, and didn't even notice that he was half-naked in public.

After a few more moments of confusion and crying, Snap had found the medical facility, and gotten Trison checked in; the doctors had swooped in, displaying their skills as they took the human from his grasp. The chiss stood blankly for a time, his arms and entire front caked with blood; his brain had stopped, and wouldn't even register when the nurses spoke with confidence to him. They said that it would be alright, but the red against his dark blue skin was eerie and decimating for his emotions; the colors aptly illustrated a few times in his life that he'd rather not remember, but they rumbled into the forefront of his mind anyway.

Injured and bleeding, young Snap had known he did something wrong when someone raised a hand to him; violence directed at himself was almost commonplace by the time he was freed from slavery, and he had always retained a confusing relationship with it. He believed he deserved whatever he got, but he knew that Trison didn't. The chiss leaned his eyes on the back of his hand as they continued to cry, his legs refusing to move as his shoulders trembled with sorrow and fear; why had this happened? It was him who needed to be shot at, not the man he loved; the blame crept up his back as he shivered, threatening to engulf him completely.

[12:56:59 PM] Melissa: An older female nurse approached Snap, recognizing that he appeared to be in a state of shock. “You brought in the human with the blaster wound, right?” She had asked touching him lightly on the arm. She was a petite human, maybe 5’2", and had her grey hair tied up in a bun; she wore simple sky blue scrubs and had a kind look to her face.  

“I’m nurse Lettie. Let’s get you cleaned up.” She tried to gently guide him into a hospital room, but quickly realized that he wasn’t receptive to her words and touch. “Let me know if you need anything.” She offered him a pair of scrubs and motioned to the room. “You can wait in there, get some rest maybe? Your friend is in surgery; they’ll put him in the bacta tank after that, so you won’t be able to see him for about six hours; they’ll bring him in there after.”

Trison had been rushed into an operation room; he was still bleeding uncontrollably, due to the slightest damage caused from the blaster to the main artery in his leg. The surgery itself went without much complication, but they had almost lost him to a severe reaction to the medication they had given him for pain, afterwards in the bacta room.

After successfully resuscitating him they put him into the bacta tank, but the sedatives from the surgery were wearing off and Trison started flailing around as he came to, surrounded in liquid. Panic overruled any conscious thought process, as he pulled at the oxygen mask on his face. He couldn’t stand being immersed in any liquid, even when he took baths he used very little water; waking up to it was just too much for his mind to handle right now.

Giving Trison another dose of sedatives, the doctor tending to him monitored him more closely, to be sure the medication wouldn’t wear off again; the human was removed from the tank after about four hours and after being dried and changed into a long, open back shirt of sorts, he was transported to the hospital room where Snap had been pointed to hours ago.

Still unconscious, Trison was moved to the hospital bed; where he was hooked up to a monitor to keep track of his heart rate, several IV tubes to give him blood and other fluids, and an oxygen mask to help keep his breathing steady. Nurse Lettie had entered and placed a blanket over the human’s pale body as he was tended to; the doctor cleared his throat and looked at Snap, seeming to notice him for the first time.

“There were a few brief complications, but I believe he'll make a full recovery.” The doctor said, confidence in his voice as he spoke; he waited for the other nurse to finish tending to the human before leaving with him. “If you need anything, just press the button there.” Nurse Lettie said, pointing to a red button on the side of Trison’s hospital bed, she hesitated before slipping out of the room as well. She was concerned about the mental state of the blue-skinned man, but knew it wasn’t really her place to say anything.

Trison stayed unconscious for a while; his mind was lost in the darkness of forced sleep as it tried to process the events and emotions of today. He opened his eyes suddenly and tried to sit up, but the pain in his leg was so severe, it caused him to black out; coming to again moments later, he was breathing heavily and clawed at the breathing mask on his face.

“Snap!” He cried out, his voice high and desperate, despite being muffled; he couldn’t remember if the chiss had been injured or not and worry was trying to take over, he needed to find him, no matter how much pain he was in. He muttered in his native language and let out a few swears as he managed to remove the mask; his hands started pulling desperately at the iv lines and cords. He was confused and felt trapped as he failed to remove the iv; he rubbed his still damp hair against his eyes, weeping so hard that he started hyperventilating.

[2:42:07 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had stood as if he was a pillar of stone for close to an hour; he had stopped shaking, and simply stared at the set of clothes he had been given. The blood on his skin and pants had dried and was beginning to itch, and his expression changed slowly as his brain restarted. Where is Trison, was the first thing on his mind, and tears started to well up again as he glanced over the area; everyone around him seemed relatively calm, and he frowned deeply before looking down at himself. Had Trison died? No, they would've made him aware if that were the case, right? He blinked, remembering now what the nurse had told him.

Snap attempted to take a step toward the restroom, his thoughts stammering something about washing himself off, but stumbled as his boot met the floor in an awkward way. He quickly steadied himself, glancing around to make sure nobody had seem him falter, and paced slowly forward. His eyes gazed back at him in the mirror of the washroom, though he couldn't quite meet them; guilt was overtaking his expression as he scrubbed himself sore, his skin turning red like his own eyes. He sobbed for a moment into the sink, a burning pain in his chest, but tried to muffle himself with his own hands over his mouth; he wanted to stop breathing entirely.

Taking a while to clean himself up, and then change into the scrubs he had been given, Snap staggered lazily into the hospital room that had been previously indicated to him; he sat on the floor just inside the door, leaning on the wall to his back, and held his head in his hands while he tried to stop crying. His breath was ragged and shallow, but he focused on it for quite some time in an attempt to calm himself; he didn't want anybody to see him like this, least of all Trison. If he had lived at all. The chiss didn't notice at first when people entered the room and hooked the man up to all the machines; he had been staring down at the floor tiling with a blank expression.

The doctor's words hung lightly in Snap's mind, as if they were just out of reach; strength had all but gone out of him, and he felt his mind descending into a pit of blackness. The silence that followed seemed the engulf him for several more moments; the chiss' ears rang loudly as if to spite it. He itched his shoulder absentmindedly, and he realized that it had been burned by a blaster bolt; his brain suddenly hummed with low activity as he heard Trison shift a little.

Snap thought that it was perhaps just his imagination; he looked up from his hands, his eyes squinting with worry. Everything was a little blurry; he sighed, a tiny self-deprecating smirk in the corner of his mouth, and then refocused again as the human began to stir violently. He struggled to his feet, some blood still remaining on his boots, and leaned heavily on the very edge of the bed; letting out a breath, he wasn't sure if it was right to touch the injured man or not. It was his fault that Trison got shot, after all.

Balancing himself gingerly, he let out a sharp sigh to tuck away all of his scattered emotions; he had to gather all of his strength for the sake of this man. "Trison-?" His voice broke more than he intended, and he frowned at the sound of it as he reached to hold the human's hands. He swore softly, thanking a deity that he didn't actually believe in, and had the sudden urge to kiss him. Trying to hesitate, his willpower quickly waned, and before he knew it his lips were against Trison's; he breathed into his face, the sticky smell of bacta invading his sinuses, and let out a shuttering sigh as he pulled away. His fingertips trailed across the man's arms gently as he closed his eyes tighter; he had thought that perhaps he would never feel the man's skin against his ever again, and his brain was having trouble computing the touch as he whispered. "Are you here? I'm sorry."

[3:40:24 PM | Edited 3:41:54 PM] Melissa: Trison had barely reacted when Snap had grabbed his hands, but he went still with the familiar touch of the chiss’ lips against his; he tried to focus his mismatched eyes on the man’s face, but all he could make out was the dark color of his skin. “A-Are y-you?” He stuttered quietly, not really sure if he was lost in a nightmare or if this was real; he tried to catch his breath, but between his emotional and physical state, the tears kept desperately falling from his eyes and his breathing came in sharp gasps.

A nurse hurried inside the room, having been alerted from a screen in the hallway that something was awry; she put the sensors back on Trison’s skin and moved the oxygen mask back over his mouth and nose. “I’m going to have to put restraints on him if he removes these again.” She told Snap, making sure the human’s IV was still in place; she pulled out a hypospray from a drawer and pressed against the skin of his neck before leaving.

Trison relaxed quite suddenly, his eyes barely open as he continued trying to focus on the chiss; he had stopped crying, although it didn’t really feel like it was his choice to do so. His fingers tapped against the bed, he was trying to reach for Snap, but found he lacked the strength. “S-Stay-” He said, his voice barely audible through the mask; his eyes closed as the sedative took over, he felt forced away from the chiss, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Over the evening and into the night, nurses had been in out of the room a few times to check on Trison or to administer fresh doses of medications; even though he was mostly unaware of the hospital room, the human’s mind kept trying to find Snap, to focus on the one person in his life that he cared about.

The night was troubled and restless for Trison, but he didn’t actually move very much; his body was absolutely exhausted and although the sedative didn’t keep him from feeling the pain, it forced him into a sleep like state. He woke up in the late morning; his eyes fluttering open as he whimpered and trembled against the bed.

He pulled the oxygen mask to the side of his face and licked his lips, trying to find a touch of moisture in his dry mouth. “No more sleep, please.” He muttered to anyone who could hear, with desperation in his voice. He scratched at the scar on his arm and tried to shift himself to get comfortable, but cried out in agony as his brain was reminded of the wound on his thigh.

[4:29:43 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap hadn't said anything as the nurse tended to Trison; his mouth hung open slightly, not knowing what to say. He watched the consciousness drain from the man's face, and inhaled sharply; his body reacted in such a way as if to catch him from falling, though he was only descending back into sleep. "Always." He whispered, holding the human's hand to his lips as they quivered with grief. A stray tear fell from the chiss' tightly closed eyes, and he blinked as if to make it leave quicker; he had to be strong, he reminded himself, he needed to show Trison that he was strong.

A few hours passed, and Snap's legs gave out; he collapsed on the floor, though still held tightly onto the human's hand with his own. He felt like a sort of jelly creature, his neck not even having the power to lift his head, but didn't fight the feeling as his red eyes grew fuzzy again. The chiss wasn't sure if he had actually slept, or simply drifted, as the night ticked onward; his hand had fallen from Trison's when he shifted a little, and just laid on the cold floor in front of him. He felt like a child again; not knowing what to do or how to act, even when a few nurses had come in to check on the human.

Snap ended up leaning against a machine that was hooked up to Trison, careful not to press any buttons as he had, and set his forehead on a knee while hugging his shin. The other leg he had sent out straight, but it began to tingle from being pressed against the hard floor; he felt frozen in place for a time, not even knowing what was going through his mind.

His brain struggling to initiate thought again as he heard the mumbled words of Trison, Snap blinked his eyes for the first time in what seemed like forever; he found the strength to lift his head, hesitating to respond, as he hadn't quite heard what he said. The chiss quickly got to his feet as the man began to scream, and held his arms down on the mattress, worried that he might end up injuring himself further. "Please-" He replaced the oxygen mask, as he had seen the nurse do, and leaned his forehead against Trison's in an attempt to calm him; their eyelashes nearly touched, and his red gaze was steadier than he expected. His deep voice thrummed in his chest with an amount of repose, a sound he wasn't sure how he made. "I'm right here."

[5:33:55 PM] Melissa: Trison went still as the chiss held him. “Snaps-” He whispered, focusing on the man’s intense red eyes with some difficulty. “I-I’m s-sorry.” He whimpered and tried to focus on his breathing for a few seconds; why had things gone so wrong yet again? Before he had met the chiss, his life wasn’t exciting nor dangerous; he knew that in his line of work, things occasionally went wrong, but he had never been in as many life or death situations as he had in the last few weeks.  

He was scared, which was appropriate, because he had been shot; worry pushed itself forward into his thoughts, Snap didn’t look well either, was he injured also? His eyes looked over Snap’s dark skin and the pale blue scrubs he wore; he let out a little laugh, although he really didn’t know how amused he was, it was more out of surprise. “Y-You’re-wearing-blue.” Trison panted in between each word, having difficulty speaking loud enough to be heard.

“W-Were-you-hurt too?” His tone was filled with uneasiness; he knew somehow that it was his fault if the chiss had been shot, Snap always did seem to get hurt around him.

After noon, an unfamiliar nurse, probably on a different shift, came into the room briefly and left a tray of lunch items; Trison had been dozing again, having been given another dose of sedatives to help keep him relaxed, and didn't even respond to the smell of the food.

A couple hours later, Nurse Lettie, from the day before, entered the room and looked from the human to the chiss. “The doctor is going to be taking Trison to the bacta room here in a few minutes; maybe you should get some sleep? We have some cots in a room off the nurse’s lounge.” She kindly suggested to Snap. “We also have a shower if you’d like to use it? I can get you another pair of scrubs.” She busied herself, checking Trison over as she waited for the dark-skinned man to reply.

[6:29:00 PM] Sunnyshine: "It's not your fault-" Snap broke off, running his fingers through Trison's hair. "I'm alright; just a couple scratches, nothing big." He breathed, kissing him on the forehead as his calm cracked a little with the human's labored tone. "If anything it was my fault-" He muttered, mostly to himself. "I'm the one who brought you into these dangerous situations; I'm the one to blame." His words then faded a touch below a whisper. "Please, don't worry; all you need now is rest. The doctors have it well in hand; bacta is an amazing thing."

Snap had stood beside the bed again for as long as he was able, but his legs grew shaky with fatigue; he rubbed his face into Trison's chest softly, grasping at the little flicker of hope he had in his heart. Things would be alright, he breathed; he found himself wanting to believe in a deity, in an afterlife, though he didn't know where to even start. It didn't even register in his brain that someone had walked in, and the scent of food was the last thing on his mind; he had to be here for Trison, even if he was slowly crumbling.

Snap's knees began to give out again, and he huffed back to the floor; a great deal of desperation shone on his face, but he took a cleansing breath while kissing the back of Trison's overhanging hand. After a time, his eyes somehow found the energy to focus on the nurse that addressed him; he said nothing in response, his thoughts not even trying to form words, and just wanted her to leave. After a few moments, it seemed to him that she was waiting for a reply, and he blinked while rubbing has face with a few fingers. "No." He mumbled simply, and then glanced over at the aforementioned doctor who had come to take Trison away.

Snap lacked the energy to do much of anything, so he just watched, scooting lazily out of the way and against the wall near the doorway. He shifted his sore legs, returning to his previous position, his head against a knee, and wondered briefly when he would ever get some proper sleep again. The chiss wasn't sure how long passed; minutes, hours? When Trison returned, he lifted his head; his eyes were blurry once more, and his nose was assaulted by the smell of bacta. He flinched, blinking, but coherent words escaped him again as he scrambled to find something to say. "S- how- w-" He muttered softly, but didn't really expect a reply.

[6:53:47 PM] Melissa: Trison was making some odd humming sounds as the nurse and doctor moved him back to his hospital bed, he had some cloth restraints on his wrists and they attached them to the bed rails with them; he jerked against the restraints as they hooked him back up to the machines to monitor him.

“I hate water, you-” He swore several times in an exasperated whisper. “-useless medical professionals! Stop trying to drown me!” Trison tried to shift away from the nurse as she gave him some medicine, but started relaxing almost as soon as she pulled the hypospray away from his skin. “I-I don’t want to s-sleep either.” He said, his tone getting softer. “P-Please, don’t make me.” His body went limp against the bed, but his eyes were still fighting to stay open; he tried to find Snap with his gaze.

“S-Snaps, c-can we go home yet?” Trison asked, still trying to fight against the effect of the sedative. “I need m-my bag, will you get it for me?” He stayed awake as long as he could, which in reality was just a few minutes, before he slipped back into unconsciousness.

[8:08:47 PM] Sunnyshine: Panic hit Snap for a moment, hearing Trison's harsh tone before the nurse left; his expression relaxing as his mind understood the words, he staggered to his feet once more. His hands trembled as he reached out to the human, brushing his wet hair away from his face with a gentleness; it made him a little happy when the man referred to Bittersweet as 'home,' and his face showed a fraction of contentedness through the worry. "You still need attention-" He broke off, having found his voice for the moment, and a soft smirk played at the corners of his mouth as he listened. "I will get it." He breathed, kissing the man on the forehead, and then the hand, before turning around.

Snap's mind swam; he had gotten up too fast, and felt himself blacking out a little. He leaned on the wall, and then glanced back to Trison, smiling as much as he could in an effort to show that he was alright. People passed by the open doorway, going about their own business; the soles of their shoes squeaked against the floor, keys or jewelry jingled in an oddly serene way, and this somehow made the chiss want to throw up. He found the strength to persevere, and walked boldly out into the world again; it was as if him and the human had been making their own protective bubble in there, like they had on his ship, and it was more than a little nerve wracking to step out of it without him by his side. Would Trison be okay?

A few questions buzzed through Snap's mind like insects; annoying him, and picking his resolve apart with each thumping step he took. His head throbbed from dehydration and exhaustion; though he wasn't sure how long it took, he somehow made his way back to Bittersweet. Taking a breath in the shelter of his spacecraft, the chiss began to pant as he made his way up the entry stairs; he glanced around the lounge momentarily, and couldn't see Trison's bag. He blinked as his eyes began to get a little fuzzy again, and tried to will himself to keep moving forward; his feet faltered, and he fell to the floor.

Consciousness faded from Snap, and he was thrown into a nightmare; it shifted and morphed, as if it were alive, and gaped after him with rage.

"Out drinking again?" A familiar robotic voice thrummed with indifference. "You know I do not openly dispute your habits, but it would be favorable if you did not loiter in the middle of the walkway anymore."

The chiss blinked through his lethargy, glad to be free of his dreaming, and rolled his body to the side; a wall met him, and he closed his eyes to calm himself as Trash's cumbersome hull wheeled past him. How long had he been out? Snap's gaze struggled to focus after a moment, and he found the strength to lift himself off of the floor; staggering a little bit, and leaning on the wall panels for balance, he paced forward to the couch. The chiss sat down with a moan, and then stuffed a ration bar in his face, his mind catching up with a little more clarity than before.

A memory played in Snap's head, as if it were a recording on a screen, and he recalled Trison taking his bag when he had left to shower; the chiss struggled to remember how long ago that was, but brushed it off when he found more uncertainty. Taking a few extra breaths, he got up from the couch and glanced around; maybe the bag was in the engine room? Nope, wasn't there; his internal monologue started, his brain getting a little more coherent with each step, and realized that it was most likely in the bedroom.

The chiss found himself smirking proudly as he caught sight of Trison's backpack, and snatched up the set of clothes beside it, tucking them inside it as well; he closed the pack to secure the items, and walked back out into the outside world. Snap had gained a bit of energy from his nap, and the following food, but felt a little sheepish that he had fallen asleep at all. Getting lost in the medical facility for only a few moments, he paced into Trison's room, and victoriously waved the bag around with a soft smirk. "Sorry I took so long." He hummed shyly, not sure if the human was awake or not, and sat the backpack down on the floor next to his bed; he kissed the man's hand reflexively. "How are you doing?"

[8:45:00 PM] Melissa: Trison woke up angry the next morning; despite the medications, he didn’t feel rested nor relaxed, and the pain was overwhelming, even with the accelerated healing from the four hours in the bacta tank each day. He didn’t want to feel anything, emotionally nor physically; he didn’t want to be prodded anymore, he just wanted to leave this place.

His memories over the last few days were fuzzy, and he looked around for the chiss; realizing suddenly that he didn’t come back last night, he hoped he was okay, but part of him was glad to be alone.

In truth he couldn’t stand the look on Snap’s face when he looked at him now; was it because he pitied him? Was that why he stayed the first two days? Things felt like they had changed between them; the way the chiss held him when he cried, like he was a child, one who couldn’t take care of himself.

He couldn’t, could he? Trison was almost thirty-one years old and, for the first time since he was young, he was letting someone else take care of him; he honestly couldn’t stand the idea of things staying like this, and what happened if he couldn’t even walk properly after this?  

In the center of all the feelings and thoughts swirling in his head like a whirlwind, he knew that it hurt his heart, as much as it scared him, that the chiss had been staying with him; he knew that the man needed to do more than this, he had a routine and needed it for his own well-being, he had to take care of himself, and he hadn’t been because of Trison.

Trison started crying softly, knowing that he had to push the man away for his own good, because he valued him above his own happiness. He had some serious doubts before about staying with Snap, but managed to distract from them; now he was sure they wouldn’t work, not anymore, not like this, and he was too scared that he’d continue hurting the chiss.      

“Divolas-” He said, moving the oxygen mask from his face as he felt the chiss’ lips press against the skin on the back of his hand; he was trying to hold back another wave of tears, and pulled away as he started to rub his hair against his eyes with his palms. “You can’t stay here.” His voice was stronger than it had been since he had been injured; it had a hint of determination in it. He had made his decision, and would not back down. “I need you to leave.”

Trison shifted slightly and dropped his hands, willing that he had the strength to look the chiss in the eyes when he needed to. “I have spent most of my life alone because I want to be; I got caught up with you like I would an obsession, but, when I look back on these weeks we’ve known each other, I don’t know why we keep trying to make us work.” He paused to swallow; he felt like he was going to be sick, but managed to push the feeling down for the moment.

“I don’t know how to be what you need, and I don’t want to hurt you worse than I already have.” He told the man, his voice low and firm. He understood that they both needed to move on, no matter how difficult it was to face what he considered to be the truth.

[9:09:19 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap's smile had faded a little as Trison addressed him, though there was still an amount of playfulness in his eyes; the human's words took a few moments to hit him, but he listened as he continued talking. His face grew more solemn with each passing minute, and he struggled to keep eye contact; he blinked, a few tears of exhaustion threatening to fall. "L-leave?" He whispered with barely a breath, but paused again as Trison spoke.

Letting his eyes drift downward, Snap tried to keep his breath even as he tugged at his shirt's hem. "It's okay if you need some alone time; I can come back if-" He had muttered, but then broke off as Trison's words began to sink in. All he heard was that it was his fault. Again. He had ruined everything. He sighed sharply, an amount of resolve in his red eyes all of the sudden; he frowned, looking into the human's face as he felt like a stubborn child. "I don't care. I don't want to leave."

[9:34:39 PM | Edited 9:35:48 PM] Melissa: “Please, don’t make this harder than it already is…” Trison said, closing his eyes; frustration tugged at his brain and the anger he had felt moments earlier was trying to push itself forward. He set his jaw and forced himself to meet the chiss’ gaze again. “We had some fun times, but it’s time to move on. You deserve to find happiness, and I can’t be the obstacle in your way.” He sighed, the strained look on his face shifting to sadness.

“Look, it’s my fault that we won’t work; I’m not capable of being more than just interested, and you deserve love in your life. Trying to make this work wouldn’t be fair for either of us.” The human’s voice broke; he was having trouble convincing himself with his words; he wondered if the doubt meant something, but he pushed it away.

“You’re wonderful, but I don’t deserve you. And if you care for me at all, you’ll respect my wishes.” He let his tired body go limp against the bed and closed his eyes.

A bit of anger resurfaced; even though it was at himself, he decided to try to use it to show the chiss that he meant what he had been saying. He clenched his fists, his voice dropping slightly as he spoke, “I-I can’t have you here anymore …just go, run back to Phen.” He is actually capable of giving you everything I cannot, Trison thought, tears rolling down his cheeks.

[10:01:34 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had tried to speak a few times as Trison continued talking; he didn't understand what had happened. Was this really just about getting shot, or something else altogether? Had he never actually wanted to be with him, and being gunned down broke the illusion? The chiss' chest ached as he struggled to breathe; a few tears falling from his eyes while he gazed at the man he loved. "I don't c-care if-" He muttered, wiping away a tear with the back of his hand. "You c-can't love me, I-" His train of thought sputtered, and his face fell at the mention of Phenurus.

Snap's mouth hung open for a moment as he wept; he red eyes squinting through the tears to try and see if Trison was telling the truth. He bit his lip, frowning deeper with self-hatred. "F-fine." He hissed, shoving himself away from the side of the bed while rubbing his face; he really felt like a child now. He paused momentarily at the door-frame, touching it with a few of his fingers, and then glanced back to the human; could this really be it? Was this the last time he would ever see him? He swallowed, terrified to go back out into the world alone, but willed himself to walk forward until the hospital was in the distance behind him.

[11:09:26 PM] Melissa: “I’m sorry.” Trison whispered after several seconds of silence; his heart told him to get up and run after the chiss. He had a moment of stupidity and tried to listen to it, by sitting up and swinging his legs to the side of the bed all at once, but ended up crying from the severe pain moving had caused instead; he had forgotten briefly that he was in a medical facility because of a blaster wound, that had nearly killed him.

He laid against the bed sobbing for several minutes, eventually a nurse entered and tended to him. “No, no, please” He cried, trying to pull away fearfully, as she administered a fresh does of sedatives. “Tell him not to go! I don’t want him to leave; tell him I’m an idiot, it wasn’t me talking!”

Trison’s eyes started to go blurry as the nurse turned him on his back and placed the oxygen mask back over his face; she restrained his wrists again and frowned as he trembled and jerked weakly against them. “Please don’t leave me alone.” He whispered; the nurse left, but the human hadn’t even noticed her go, he was speaking to someone else, the man who was probably out of the hospital and on his way home now.
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[10:13:01 AM] Melissa: Trison nodded to Snap’s request, to stay with him; his eyes teared a little as a new wave of emotion passed over him. I’ll stay forever, is what he wanted to say, but the words caught in his throat and he hiccuped instead. He watched the chiss kiss him ever so lightly, wondering how he could touch him like that after being hit by him. I don’t deserve you, the thoughts came strongly in his mind; you’re too loving, too patient, too kind, you deserve so much more than what I am.

He was drawn back into the present by Snap’s words; he blushed a little and giggled with a shrug, but then tried to busy himself with trying on some of the clothes. He wasn’t really paying attention to any of the suits, his mind was reminding him how much he didn’t deserve to be here, he shouldn’t be here; he was useless and flawed, and he knew he was going to break Snap’s heart eventually, but he was selfish because he wanted to stay.

Trison tried to smile when Snap had held him around the waist on their way out of the shop, but his eyes gave him away; he couldn’t pull himself out of the feelings of worthlessness. He nodded to the chiss’ question again, he would do anything for the man, even if he wanted to curl up into a ball and cry right now. He tucked his arm around the man’s side as they walked, trying to hold back the want to fully embrace him right then.

Back at the ship, Trison ducked into the engine room as Snap left him to primp; he thought perhaps a nap was in order, hoping it would help him recover from the emotional exhaustion that had snuck up on him. He was able to sleep for a couple hours, but woke up feeling overwhelmingly lonely and sat shaking and sobbing in his hands. 

His mind was all muddled; he could barely find a coherent thought in his mind, let alone the will to push past the tears again. He let himself fall apart again, but managed to calm down after a while; he wiped the tears from his face and decided to head into the lounge to get ready for their shared meal. Trison pulled on the sweater that Snap had purchased for him with a little longing smile; he wrapped his arms around his own chest thinking of how much the chiss seemed to care for him. With a steadying sight he sat down and tried to style his hair like it had been earlier; even though it made him feel exposed, he liked how Snap seemed to look at him more with his hair out of his face.

Between the remains of hair product and tears that still dampened his hair, Trison had managed to get it partially out of his face; knowing it lacked any real style, he flopped on the couch with another sigh. “Can’t even do my own hair, I really am useless.” He muttered to himself; the words of the chiss came quickly into his mind, making him smile again. He still didn’t understand fully how the man could even tolerate him, with all his flaws and problems; he shook the thoughts from his mind as the chiss came into the room.

Standing and hesitantly approaching Snap, Trison couldn’t help staring; he nervously clasped his hands together, holding back the want to hold and kiss him. “Y-You look stunning.” He muttered, his cheeks turning pink. He was suddenly very aware of how disheveled his hair was and he bit his lip; he cleared his throat and reached out for Snap’s hand. “D-Do you think you could help me with my hair again?” He asked softly, running his fingers through it.

When they were both ready to go, with their new clothes on and their hair in place, Trison slipped his arm around Snap, his fingers wrapped around his side. “You’re amazing.” He whispered, kissing the chiss tenderly on the neck. He looked away for a moment, trying to refocus his mind on the idea of dinner and pulled Snap with him, heading out of the ship.

Trison was having trouble taking in his surroundings; he kept glancing at the man beside him and smiling at how his deep blue skin showed through the light colored lace so beautifully. He managed to pull his gaze away from the chiss long enough to see some well dressed people walk out of what appeared to be an upscale restaurant. He paused, glancing inside as the door was opened, trying to see how the place was lit. It seemed to have enough light for him to see, at least well enough to eat; the lighting wasn’t as dim as a cantina, although it definitely wasn’t as bright as the shops they browsed through earlier. “What about here?” He asked, motioning towards the place with his chin.

[8:48:03 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had looked up to see Trison wearing his new sweater, and he smiled softly. "Your hair is great." He said simply, glancing away again as a blush made its way across his face. "But if you really need me to." He had stiffly paced back into the lavatory, taking a few controlled breaths before doing the human's hair up like it had been earlier. The sharp curves of Trison's cheekbones were so pronounced without his bangs covering them, that the chiss found himself touching them with the soft pads of a few of his fingers; the need to kiss him was strong, but he pushed through in order to focus on the dinner ahead.

"You sure you can afford it?" Snap's thoughts were lagging behind a bit, having been mulling over the day's activity with a low hum in the back of his mind; they were standing in front of a restaurant now, and he blinked as if he didn't really know they got there. It looked fancy, he noted, and knew that they had spent a good deal of money on just clothes today. "I don't want to be a burden on you." His hands fiddled with the hem of his shirt again self-consciously, as he avoided eye contact with a sheepish expression.

[9:34:58 PM] Melissa: Trison turned back to Snap and tilted his head slightly as he smiled at him; he took Snap’s hands in his and kissed them tenderly. “You deserve to be treated to a good meal.” He said, his eyes shining with glee. “I have a little saved up, so don’t worry. Please-” He paused to kiss his hands again. “Order whatever you want, and don’t forget the dessert.” He lowered their hands and just stood there for a couple seconds, looking at the chiss with a sort of longing.

He let go of Snap’s hands and offered his arm, starting inside the restaurant; he paused once inside the doors, and took a deep, steadying breath. “Table for two please.” He said to the hostess with a grin.

“Do you have a reservation?” Came the response from the well-dressed woman.

“No.” Trison replied, his grin fading.

The hostess sighed, “We’re booked for months out-” She explained. “If you’d like to make a future reservation.” Her eyes stayed on the reservation book in front of her as she spoke, and she frowned after a moment.

“I’m sorry, I guess we’ll have to find somewhere else to eat.” Trison mumbled, still arm in arm with the chiss, as he guided them back towards the exit.

“Wait, sirs!” The hostess called out; Trison looked back at her, his brow furrowed. “It appears we have a table for two; I don’t understand how it wasn’t booked, but it is available.”

Turning around again to look at the hostess, who now had two menus in her hands, Trison nodded and they followed her to an empty table towards the back of the restaurant; they could see that the place had a performing stage, but the music that the band played wasn’t too loud where they were situated. The hostess handed them menus once they were seated and said something about the server before leaving, but Trison was busy focusing his eyes on the chiss and missed what she had said.

[10:14:00 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap breathed, his hands tingling with Trison's touch, and a blush remained on his ears as they entered the restaurant; it didn't really matter to him at the moment, whether they stayed or not, just that he was with the man beside him. It was like his heart wanted to burst out of his chest, the feelings of longing and love not subsiding as they sat at a table; his mind began to wander, thinking about reasonable excuses to be closer to him. He glanced up suddenly, looking over at the band with a certain wily gleam in his eye, and then smirked at Trison who had sat across from him.

A few minutes of silence followed, and then their sever came around; its voice processor hummed with a certain charm, and it asked if any meal decision had been made. Snap had looked to Trison's face, and saw that he was having a bit of trouble; thinking that maybe he was simply indecisive, the chiss had responded to the droid nonchalantly so as to not heighten his anxiety any further. He ordered something savory for himself, and then something sweet and starchy for Trison, pausing after the server left to make sure his decision was okay with the human.

Snap smiled bashfully. "I don't usually order for people like that-" His soft voice mumbled, hoping that Trison would still be able to hear him. "But you looked a little confused." He hesitated, blinking as someone passed by their table a little closer than he would've liked. "Sometimes it's best to just redirect the attention, right? You're probably just here for the dessert anyway." He leaned back as glasses were put on their table; he had also ordered tangy drinks for the both of them, as well as water, and he took a sip of the former with a contented sigh.

Snap realized that he didn't have much to say at the moment, so he instead gazed into Trison's eyes; they were lovely in the relatively low lighting, and caught a few scattered beams of light as if they were stained glass. He glanced down, thinking that his own eyes weren't really that beautiful, and smirked sheepishly; he cleared his throat as the band began to play a slow song, and shifted to get up. "Will you dance with me?" He offered a hand to Trison, happy that he had found an excuse to hold him close.

[11:19:02 PM] Melissa: Trison met Snap’s eyes for a few brief seconds, but giggled softly and looked down at the menu in his hands; he could see well enough in the restaurant to make out the chiss’ features, but sighed as he realized he couldn’t actually read the menu. He bit his lip nervously; he couldn’t remember if he had ever told the chiss about his poor low light vision, and struggled to find the words to bring it up.

His attention was brought to the server as it spoke, but he had no idea what to order; he looked blankly at the droid for a few seconds, willing words to flow, but none did. He blushed a little as Snap ordered for him, but nodded to show that what was ordered was okay with him. Trison smiled shyly at Snap as he spoke to him, after the server had left; he nodded again, this time at the man's kind and understanding words, and took a sip from his own drink.

Sighing and letting some of the anxiety go, Trison looked at Snap again; he let his eyes meet the chiss’ gaze and stayed in that moment as long as he could. His mind wandered; he was a bit frustrated with himself and his inability to talk when he needed to, but he was thankful that the chiss seemed to be able to read him pretty well. He cleared his throat and leaned his forehead against his hand briefly, being careful not to mess up his hair, and cursing himself silently for taking his eyes off the chiss.

Trison was a little surprised by the request of dancing, but he pulled his hand from his face and nodded. “Yes.” He whispered sheepishly, taking Snap’s hand and standing up.

As they moved to the dance floor, nearer to the stage, Trison leaned close to Snap. “You’ll have to lead.” He muttered, squeezing the man’s hand firmly. “I can’t see as well as I would like in here.” He paused, holding back the need to rub his hair against his face; he was vulnerable and anxious, and yet he felt the feelings fade as he focused on the the chiss’ blue skin showing through his lacy top. “T-Thank you for ordering for me, I couldn’t make out the menu items.” He stuttered slightly, not able to take his eyes off the man again.

[11:58:11 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had hummed a soft chuckle as they made their way to the dancing area; the band was low and had a nice sound, but there were few people who were dancing. He guided Trison's hands up to his shoulders after being told that he would have to lead, and then tucked his own at the human's waist; a contented smile ruled his face as they swayed. He opened his mouth to say something, but then hesitated as Trison spoke about not being able to see; he pursed his lips quizzically.

"Do you have vision problems? I know a guy who offers implants on the cheap, if that's something you're into." He spoke softly, so only they could hear. "Personally, I would go for those things people call 'spectacles;' they have a certain charm, don't you think?" He hummed in amusement, glancing down at their feet for only a moment, before meeting Trison's eyes again. "Sometimes I have trouble reading close, so I may end up needing them not just for fashion."

A few moments passed, and Snap let out a sigh, holding Trison against his chest with a degree of calm; He let his hands drift up the human's back, and leaned his chin on his shoulder; their shared warmth was somehow intoxicating, though not to an uncomfortable extent. The music trailed on, and he wondered if it would last forever. The chiss' mind began to prod him, but he shoved the thoughts away; it did again, and his smirked sheepishly while leveling his and Trison's eyes so that he could speak comfortably.

"I'm sorry to bring things from earlier up-" Snap chuckled, a blush running across his face. "But what did you mean by 'swelling?' " He paused for only a moment, making sure that he was still talking in a hushed tone; he didn't want Trison to feel more embarrassed than he already was. "When you asked if I had human anatomy, I thought you knew what that meant; have you never reacted like that because of someone before?" He lowered his eyes, a little ashamed, and muttered. "I know I've 'swelled' for you more than a few times."

[10:16:51 AM] Melissa: “I think you’d look good in spectacles.” Trison spoke softly, his tone was even and calm; there was something about Snap that brought a calm about him, and yet excited him at the same time, it was confusing but amazing. “I can see fine when there’s enough light; my father called it night blindness, he had it too…” Another one of my many flaws, he thought; he rested his forehead against Snap’s for a moment, with a small sigh.

Looking into Snap’s deep crimson eyes, Trison wondered why the man wanted him here; he caused more problems for him, he knew that, so why did he want to hold him and touch him so much? He didn’t know exactly why he felt the same way about the chiss; what he did know was that he didn’t want to be apart from him. He wrapped his arms around Snap for a moment with a contented sigh, knowing that this moment wouldn’t last and dreading when it ended.

Trison smiled when Snap met his gaze again, he shifted his hands back to the chiss’ shoulders and wondered what was on his mind. His breath caught in his throat as Snap spoke about earlier in the dressing room; he shifted his hands to the man’s back again, so he could whisper in his ear, trying to push down the rising anxiety.

“Hold me.” He breathed, pressing his chest flush with the chiss' and trembling against him; he wanted to tell Snap, but knew he needed to work through some of his nervousness first. He focused on calming his breathing; his heart was pounding in his ears and he felt like he was going to be sick, but he focused instead on the chiss’ warmth and his breathing evened out. He swallowed hard, willing his voice to work as he leaned against Snap’s neck.

“I sometimes um, swell in the mornings, but otherwise, no.” He could feel a deep blush spread across his cheeks as he pushed himself to continue. “I know what it means, but I’ve never uh, felt aroused before? It’s very uncomfortable when it happens in the morning, sometimes painful, but earlier-” His voice faded and he closed his eyes, willing his words to continue to flow. “It-it felt different.” He felt like he was going to black out, with the rush of feelings that came over him at the thought of it, but he pushed through, still leaning against Snap for support.

“I’m sorry for hitting you earlier; these feelings are new to me and scare me sometimes.” He whispered; he realized he was holding the chiss tightly still, which probably didn’t feel very good to him, especially if he had caused any bruising earlier. He wanted to relax, but his mind was still reeling with questions and feelings; he tried to find something else to focus on.

Trison giggled a little, his brain returning to what Snap had said last. “I guess you’re uh, attracted to me, huh?” He whispered teasingly, his hold on the chiss relaxing a little; he didn’t understand how he was comfortable asking such a question, let alone the feelings that came with it, but he shrugged and grinned at the man. “I-I think I’m attracted to you-” He swallowed, knowing that his words sounded vague and possibly hurtful. “I mean, I know I like touching you and I adore you, but my body seems to like you too.” He closed his mouth in frustration, pouting a little at his own lack of finesse; he hated how he couldn’t always put how he felt into words.

[6:03:59 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had breathed into Trison's hair; why did it always smell so good? He himself always felt the need for his to be clean in order to smell and feel nice, but he had hogged the bathroom when they'd gotten back to Bittersweet, so the human couldn't have taken a shower. He smiled while listening to Trison's words, a faint blush showing through the lace on his chest; the information he had divulged was so personal and delicate, the chiss understood that he must be uncomfortable, so he didn't say anything back. He held him closer, wrapping his arms around his back with one hand at his shoulder-blade; a smile drifted across his face, and he hummed softly in the bottom of his throat.

Snap was surprised by Trison's last few words, but then the music stopped and he had to force his brain to return back to dinner; he possessively tugged the human along with him, kissing his lips very gently, and then pulled out the chair for him before sitting across from him at their table. He leaned his elbows on the tablecloth in front of them, setting his chin on the backs of his hands so that he could look at Trison's face; he paused, holding up a finger for a moment, and then dug into his pants pocket. "There is nothing you can ever say-" He muttered before pulling out a single-earhook type night vision lens; tossing it on the table as if in offering, he smirked, and then went back to his longing position. "That will make me think less of you."

It was then that their server had returned with their food; Trison's plate glistened richly, and Snap's sizzled with a satisfying tone that he couldn't quite put his finger on. The chiss smirked at his dinner companion for another minute, and then reached for his utensils; slicing a piece off his steak, he tried to savor the moment by breathing in, and then took a bite. The flavor was excellent, and the texture soft; he hummed a laugh, a little surprised that it was so good. He hadn't eaten something of such high quality in a very long time; he beamed over at Trison, trying to thank him for the meal without using his words, and then cut another bite for himself.

"Hey-!" A voice from behind called out. "Snap, I thought that was you." A woman slapped the chiss on the back as he was lifting his flatware to eat; he jumped rather forcefully, and dropped the food. "How're the skies?" The human female chimed; she was slender, fair skinned, and brunette, having bright brown eyes and a welcoming smile. Her date was a man of mixed corellian decent, who had tucked his hands away behind himself as if to further illustrate his shy stance.

Snap had turned, a confused frown on his face, and met the woman's eyes. "Sissi- um, Crissi; h-hello." He stammered a little, wiping his mouth with a napkin before turning on his chair to address her; his eyes flashed apologetically at Trison as he grimaced.

The woman patted him on the shoulder again, and then she dropped her hand; her smile looked particularly forced. "It's nice to see you again; who's your friend?"

[8:05:18 PM] Melissa: Trison let Snap guide him back to their table, his heart rushed at the light kiss; he had been worried that he had caused a rift between them with his behavior earlier, but for now his worries faded. He blushed a little when Snap had pulled out his chair, “Thank you.” He whispered, sitting down.

He smiled fondly at Snap as he spoke, but was surprised when he offered the nightvision lens; Trison picked it up off the table with a sheepish smile and hooked it over his ear. Blinking for a moment, he tried to adjust to being able to see better out of just one eye; he focused on the chiss again, words on his lips, but was instead distracted with the placing of food on the table.

Breathing in the delightful scent coming off his plate, Trison cut and took a small bite with a satisfied sigh. His meal comprised of a pair of thin, pan grilled bread flats filled with a well seasoned, sweet and starchy -sweet potato like- mixture; on the side was a sugar encrusted stir-fried vegetable mixture, most of which he had never had before, but he enjoyed every bite he took. Meeting Snap’s eyes for a few seconds, he simply smiled and nodded; then closed his eyes as he took another delicious bite.  

Trison wasn’t paying attention to anything but his food for a few minutes, he had tuned out the softly spoken conversations around them; to him, it felt like they were the only two here and he preferred it that way. Their quiet was interrupted by a woman's voice; it took him a moment to realize that she was speaking to Snap.

He looked up to see a woman at Snap’s shoulder, he furrowed his brow and frowned; she seemed to know the chiss, or was she mistaken? Before he was able to say anything about the rude interruption of their meal, Snap had turned and replied to her in a friendly manner; Snap knew her and was maybe a little uncomfortable being seen with Trison, or that’s what he thought.

“I’m Trison Chay, Snap’s date.” He said as he put his fork down with a bit of a forced smile; he was trying not to show the bit of jealousy that poked at him from the back of his mind. He looked down, realizing what he had said and blushing a little; he hoped that the chiss wouldn’t get upset with him, he wasn’t sure if he could handle anymore crying today. Shifting uncomfortably, he lifted his glass and took a drink; he decided to distract himself with his tangy drink, but breathed in a bit accidentally and started coughing.

Trying to stifle the coughing with his hand against his lips, he blinked and breathed out; after a few seconds, having calmed himself down, he smiled at the woman as he sat his glass down. “How do you know each other?” He asked, his tone a little too polite; mostly because in all honestly he dreaded the answer.

[9:06:30 PM] Sunnyshine: "Date, huh? Zott, Snappy, I didn't know you swung both ways." The woman called Crissi pawed playfully at the chiss, though he was obviously unamused; she paused, a smile still remaining on her face, almost expectantly.

Snap had immediately refocused to Trison as he coughed; he didn't want to draw too much attention to him, so didn't say anything, but his eyes asked if he was alright.

"Crissia Rempat." The woman introduced herself; her jewelry rattled on her wrists as she swayed. "Oh, Snap here was one of my crinkboys back in my spacer stage; a lonely young piffer like myself has got to have a few of those as backup." She swung her hand, hitting the man beside her as if to illustrate. "Isn't that right, my little weed?"

Snap had gazed at the floor as she spoke, almost as if she was reprimanding him; he glanced over at Trison, shame in his red eyes.

"So how did you two meet? Give me some details. By the Holy Stars-" Crissia had continued without pausing, as if she didn't notice the change in tone she was causing. "I don't know what I would've done without him; I-" She broke off; a hostess had come over to tell them that her table was ready, and she waved. "Let's catch up later? I gotta get some happy juice in me quick." The woman then pulled her date along, sitting down at a table on the other side of the restaurant, though her loud voice still carried a little over the crowd.

Snap swore, a hollow expression ruling his face as he turned back to his meal. "I'm sorry." His dry voice cracked as he whispered to Trison. After a moment, he ran a few fingers through his hair self-consciously, and then remembered that it had been done up; he cussed again, holding his hands down on his lap, lacking the courage to make eye contact with the man across from him.

[9:46:09 PM] Melissa: “Both ways?” Trison had muttered, not understanding what she implied; he pulled at the back of his hair a little, his eyes darting from the woman to Snap nervously. He forced another smile as he nodded in reply to her name. “Pleasure.” He said, although his tone had a note of disgust to it.

He didn’t even look at the man beside her, he turned his gaze back to his beautiful plate of food; he always pushed himself to try to be polite, but it was especially hard this time and he didn’t understand why. He had this want to tear into the woman for touching Snap but knew that he’d regret yelling at her, even if his date looked incredibly uncomfortable right now.

Crinkboys… The word stuck in Trison’s brain, but he wasn’t sure at first what it meant; a realization that it was a lewdly sexual slang term hit him suddenly, and he felt like he was going to be sick. He tried to find the words to answer her question, but his head felt heavy and his words would not come out. Picking up his water glass this time, he carefully took a sip, trying to hide that he was shaking.

Trison breathed out deeply when she had gone; he cut another bite of his food and ate it slowly, the nauseous feeling in his stomach retreating for the moment. “Snap-” He whispered, trying to meet Snap’s anxious gaze. “Don’t be sorry.” He pondered for a moment, then got up from his chair; rearranging the table somewhat and pulling his chair over, he sat beside the chiss and grasped his hand.

“Do you want to head back to the ship?” He asked after a few minutes of silence; he reached over and tenderly touched Snap’s cheek with his free hand. “We could get dessert to go.” Trison wanted to be near the chiss, despite the new thoughts and feelings that were swirling around his mind; he leaned closer with a soft sigh. “I’m here; whatever you want to do, we’ll do.”

[10:21:20 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had flinched reflexively when Trison put his hand on his face, and then looked up to meet his gaze; the man's red eyes were full of fear, even to the brink of crying. He gaped for a moment, unable to speak; it was almost as if horror itself was choking him, clambering up his chest with its long sharp talons. He swallowed, hunger seeping into his mixed emotions as if to taunt him, and then gasped for breath as a tear ran down his cheek. "W-why are you s-so nice?" His lips quivered as he whispered, and he realized that he felt like a child again; powerless and empty. There were a few people in his past that made him feel like this, and sometimes he was glad to have no real friends at all because of it. But then why was Trison still beside him, now knowing just a hint of what he had been party to before they met?

Snap swore softly, rubbing his hands on his face as shame twisted around him like a blanket; it was almost warm, and all too familiar. "You're t-too nice-" He breathed. "Yell at me; throw something." He looked Trison in the face again, a sunken expression ruling his own as he continued to whisper. "Hit me. I deserve it. Please."

[12:03:58 AM] Melissa: Trison wiped the tears from the chiss’ cheek, “I care about you, Snap.” He offered the explanation with a note of desperation; he wished he could find better words to tell him how he felt, but the situation demanded that he pull up some of his emotional walls to protect himself.

He looked at Snap with worry in his eyes; the man had rendered him speechless with his verbal self-hate, but he squeezed his hand firmly, trying to push down the rising anxiety. Trison pulled the chiss to him, ignoring the discomfort of the chair against his side. “No, no, no, please don’t speak like that.” He whispered, trembling and holding the man. “You are so much more than how you were treated in the past, please don’t count yourself worthless; you are everything to me.” He blinked the fresh tears from his eyes and held the man as long as he would let him.

Eventually the server came back around asking if they wanted dessert; Trison pulled out his credits and offered them for the droid to take. “We would like the remainder of our food wrapped to go, and your finest cake and a bottle of wine to go as well, please.” The human spoke without moving away from Snap.

The droid retrieved their plates and shortly returned with everything that Trison had requested in a bag; he took the bag and stood, then turned and helped Snap to his feet. He wrapped his arm around the chiss’ waist and together they walked out of the restaurant. Trison didn’t say a word as they walked to the ship; his thoughts and emotions were confused due to everything that had happened today, and it was easier to just stay quiet and try to process them.

Once back on the Bittersweet, Trison lead Snap to his normal spot on the couch, then busied himself for a few minutes; he retrieved some blankets, then turned to a storage panel and pulled out some cups and plastic eating utensils he had noticed some days ago.

Slipping his boots off, he sat next to Snap and pulled their food from the bag; he handed Snap his container of food, being able to tell what was what because of the clear lids. He set his own food on the couch and, picking up the bottle of wine, pulled out the cork, which took some effort; he filled both cups about halfway full and handed Snap one. He set down the wine bottle and lifted his own cup to his lips, considering if he had the strength to say anything yet.

Trison cleared his throat after taking in a few swallows of the sweet yet pungent drink, “I-I’m sorry, the food is probably cold.” He whispered, taking off the nightvision lens and looking at Snap with half a smile; he scooted a little closer to the chiss, and let his free hand brush against his thigh.

He slowly ate the rest of his dinner and then drained his cup; following a string of laughter, he turned to Snap again, his ears and cheeks were red from the warmth of the alcohol. He opened his mouth to say something, but hiccuped instead and pressed his lips together in embarrassment.

“I wanted to yell at her-” Trison mumbled after a few minutes more, his cheeks turning an even deeper red and his voice more boyish than usual. “I-I didn’t like that she touched you. I like touching you, I think that’s okay...” He tilted his head towards the chiss, confusion on his face. “But I don’t want to hurt you, please don’t ask me to again.

“I don’t know w-why s-some people think it’s okay to hurt those they claim to care for; I know I’ve hurt you when I wasn’t in my right mind and it tears me apart.” He rambled on, having lost the ability to stop talking at the moment. “I know we both have our own messy pasts, but I look at you and all I think is how much I look forward to spending the next minutes or months, with you.

“It doesn’t even really matter what we’re doing, as long as I have you beside me.” He sighed, feeling like he had said what he wanted; although, there were worries and jealousy in the back of his mind trying to poke holes into how he felt about the man beside him.

He’ll leave you. You’re not enough. He cares about gender and you don’t. He’s experienced and you can’t even handle anything more than necking. He’ll get bored. He’ll get angry. You’ll let your jealous nature get in the way of his happiness. You’ll hurt him and he won’t forgive you, and you’ll deserve it. The thoughts were harsh and trying to overcome him. Trison breathed deeply and closed his eyes, trying to put the feelings away; he didn’t have any more tears to cry today, and instead just sat there shaking.

[1:44:10 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap had almost melted into Trison's arms as he held him; he let himself cry for a few moments, trying not to be overly loud, though a couple good sobs rumbled from his chest. He rubbed his hair into the human's shoulder, catching his breath as the droid came over with their food; he gazed into Trison's face longingly. Why was he so nice? They had ups and downs, misunderstandings and very good moments; the chiss couldn't help but think about how nonchalant and passive they had been toward each other, the first week they were together on Bittersweet. What had changed? Was Trison only doing this because he felt tied to him somehow? Like he was some little lost puppy with a spacecraft? Easy transportation; a job that turned more personal? It wouldn't be the first time someone had done that, he grimaced, pulling away as the human got up, and then promptly followed suit.

Snap wiped his eyes with the back of a hand as the two of them walked through the street; his mind lagged a bit, thinking about how he had felt when they first arrived only a little while before, but reflexively kept in-step with Trison regardless. Bittersweet's embrace wasn't exactly a soft one, but to the chiss it was home; he staggered a little as he was helped to the couch, and let out a sigh. He watched the human do a few things and start eating, but he ended up setting down the offered beverage as his brain began to work again.

Snap breathed softly, staring blankly at the wall opposite them, and slowly lowered his head into his hands; a great range of emotions danced through his mind all at once, and he struggled to box them up one by one. After a few moments of silence, save the slightly unnerving sounds of one who was eating, the chiss sat back up, and took off his shirt to look at the lace; he opened his mouth thoughtfully, as if to say something as he gazed down at it, but shut it again as Trison began to speak. He glanced up at him, wadding his blouse in his hands as he watched the man's face gradually turn more red.

A smile eventually made its way across Snap's face, and he looked sheepishly downward for a moment; Trison's words touched him. He felt his honesty, his gentleness and care; did he love him, too? After the last words had been spoken, the chiss shifted slightly to angle himself toward Trison; he let his hand drift to the human's face softly, and breathed into his neck as he closed his eyes. There it was again, that moment where everything was so close to perfect; that moment he would be chasing all of his life if he had to. Snap gingerly kissed his lips, moving with a tenderness, and then shifted an arm around his waist to hold him as close as possible.

Snap hesitated, pulling away suddenly with a quiet swear; he took a breath, smirking self-consciously, and running a hand through his curly hair while looking down. "I- I feel the same way." His voice hummed deep in his throat. "I'm sorry I am such a mess today." His face fell, and he repositioned back to where he was previous. "Everything's in a jumble, and I feel like I'm scrambling to find the pieces." He paused, blinking slightly as a few tears threatened to fall again. "Crissi was pretty good to me, if it's any consolation at all; I was in a bad place after Tallulah-" His voice broke, but he tried to continue. "After she died." After all these years, he finally said the words; there was an ache in his chest from admitting that Tela was dead, but he felt somehow lighter regardless. "I did a lot of idiotic stuff; went with a lot of stupid people." He chuckled halfheartedly. "I guess you could say I'm lucky to be alive at all."

Snap wasn't really sure if Trison wanted to know any of this, but seeing Crissia reminded him of how little he had talked about his life. "I know you must think less of me already-" He muttered, looking down at the floor. "So I might as well tell you; I had ...relationships with a lot of people. Even a few third-genders thrown in there somewhere; I don't care much about that sort of thing. Anyway, I found that I could remove myself emotionally, and just focus on the physical; I thought it was a good outlet, but... well, it just turned out to be a bad idea in the end." He hesitated, taking a breath. "Not that I remember much from those days." He shook his head as shame wrapped around him again. "Phen helped me out of the pit I had dug for myself; he pulled me from the brink of self-destruction. That's why I still associate myself with him." The chiss glanced sideways at Trison, a solemn smile in his eyes.

"Maybe he hurt me, on purpose or not; maybe I bruise easy, but... I suppose-" Snap left his mouth hang open for a moment, turning his head to face the man beside him. "He's just another part of my past now." His lips found a way to smile again, the adoration in his heart willing them to show happiness. "Because you're with me." He shook his head slightly. "And I think that's all I need. All that you are; every quirk and flaw. It's enough." He blinked, looking down again and muttering as the smile fell away. "I really don't know how you can say that I'm everything, when you're already so much."

[6:00:02 PM] Melissa: Trison smiled through the harshness of his own feelings and tucked his arm around Snap’s waist; he listened to the chiss as he spoke about his past, his mismatched eyes taking in every tear and struggle, he wished he could do more than just hold the man. He frowned when he had shifted away, but pressed his lips together to try to hide his disappointment; he really wanted to be held right now, but knew that Snap needed some space. He noted that Snap had mentioned his wife and that she wasn’t just gone; was he moving on? Did he want to be with the human? Trison had to steady his breathing, in order to be able to continue listening and not get lost in his own thoughts.

As Snap continued talking, Trison realized that as much as he wanted to know about the man, none of the things in his past effected how he felt about the chiss; he continued to listen intently, his hands limp at his sides and his head tilted slightly towards him. He swallowed as a lump of feelings seemed to form in his throat and he wished he could say something, do something, anything besides just watch as the chiss justified how he had been treated by certain people in his past.

Trison still couldn’t find any words that would fit the moment; he stared at the chiss for a few seconds before scooting closer to him again, he tilted face towards him gently, the back of his fingers against his facial tattoos. “I’m nothing without you.” He muttered, feeling the warmth of a blush return to his cheeks as he softly touched the man’s lips with his own.

Maybe it was the wine, he thought, but he really just wanted to wrap his arms around Snap and focus on nothing else. He hesitated, leaning his forehead against the chiss’ instead; he was unsure if the man still needed some space or not, but he knew he didn’t want to pull away right now. Trison gazed into Snap’s crimson eyes, they were so deep and welcoming that he knew he could lose himself in them; he wondered for a moment if his own eyes showed his longing for the man, and a small smile curled onto his lips.

[12:22:13 AM] Sunnyshine: The rattling of a certain passing droid was heard, though Snap hadn't reacted as Trison touched him so gently. The chiss breathed in their shared aroma; it was mostly of his own hair product this time, and he smiled softly with a laugh that was only a single breath. The next few seconds blurred in his mind; he had tossed his lacy shirt to the floor, and grabbed the human's waist with a sudden fervor, pressing their lips together with his eyes tightly shut. He sighed a moan, kissing Trison passionately; holding their bodies firmly together, he wanted nothing to ever come between them again.

Snap hesitated as his fingers met Trison's skin under his sweater, catching himself from going any further, and panted sharply. He opened his mouth as if to say something, staring into the human's eyes as his heartbeat thudded rapidly in his chest. "I wish I could be everything for you." He whispered after a moment, pecking Trison's cheek gently, and then the side of his neck. "I want to be everything for you."

[1:46:02 AM] Melissa: Trison’s heart rushed, and he was suddenly very warm with the mix of touching and emotions that came from Snap’s words; he pulled off his sweater and pressed his chest flush with the chiss’. Wrapping his arms around the man’s back, he kissed him hard and eagerly; his breathing became quick and his body reacted with a certain swelling, like it had earlier. He tried to push down his rising anxiety as he breathed against Snap’s neck; he wanted to be here, even though every fiber of his being told him to run away.

“I want to be everything for you as well.” He whispered, his mind lost in a new world of lust that took him by surprise. Trison pulled Snap on top of him as he laid back onto the couch and proceeded to kiss his neck feverishly; his heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest, but he had pinned himself under the chiss, so he couldn’t pull away. He was fighting against his fears, letting his body act without his mind taking over; it was frightening, but felt amazing, in a way that the human didn’t expect.

“C-Can you be patient with me?” He breathed; slipping his hand between them and rubbing the chiss in a certain way, over his pants. “I want to explore our bodies with you, but it’s going to take me more time than I care to admit.” He moaned and then panted, as his free hand grabbed at Snap’s back.

[11:49:19 AM] Sunnyshine: The words hung lightly in Snap's brain for a moment as he was kissed; his whole body tingled with his racing heart, and his breathing came out sharply. He tried to say something back, though no words made their way to his lips; they were far too busy at the moment, tracing the curves of Trison's collarbone. He let out a sigh, humming a little in the back of his throat as he was touched, but his mind began to prod him a little sharper. His hands slipped along the soft skin of the human's back, holding him close, and a few fingers tucked under the waist of his pants. It would just be easy to let whatever this was happen; it would feel amazing to be with someone again, but his thoughts restarted with a stern tone.

Snap shifted, catching Trison's hand that had gone a little too far south. He breathed for a moment as his head swam with many different emotions; a soft dew of sweat had been building up on his forehead, and his rumpled curly hair clung to it. "Th-this hurts-" He stammered, meaning emotionally. "I c-can't-" He swallowed, fighting his bodily urges as best as he could; the chiss' red eyes fluttered open, in hopes that they would meet Trison's. "I have so many th-things in my head right n-now." He admitted, whispering gently, his mind reorienting with unexpected precision; the memory of a few of his past lovers had invaded his thoughts, and he had to demand that this human wasn't among those ranks. He was not just another meaningless relationship.

Snap's lips kissed Trison's very lightly; he hoped that he'd understand, but he struggled with how to explain just in case. "Y-you're drunk-" He breathed softly, his mouth barely forming the words. "And I don't want to use you." He shook his head. "Or be used by you." The chiss paused, his hands slowly making their way up Trison's back and sides. "The many times I've gone too far with other people... I've forgotten-" He sighed, biting his lip; wishing that he could just let himself continue touching him. "And I need to remember with you, because you're different: people aren't objects, and emotions hurt." His words were still soft, though deliberate. "We need to be careful; we need to make sure we're both ready."

[12:32:23 PM] Melissa: Trison looked down, avoiding Snap’s gaze; his stomach ached with what felt like rejection and guilt, he was in the moment and the chiss didn’t seem to feel the same way, or had he read the situation wrong again? His thoughts swirled with self-hate and embarrassment; he wanted to cry, run away, do anything but stay here, but he was suddenly exhausted. The energy and feelings from seconds earlier seemed to have been drained from his body all at once; his hands flopped to his sides and he blinked a few stray tears from his eyes. “I-I’m sorry.” He whispered, leaning back and closing his eyes.

I’m not enough, I can’t do anything right, he thought; despite the man’s words, Trison found that he felt small and stupid. He couldn’t stand the mix of emotions, the extreme highs and lows that seemed to form today; he wished desperately for a less confusing time, when he knew what he wanted and things were simple.

He wished he weren’t an organic; he thought that he’d be able to make decisions based on calculated data and realize that they won’t work together… They didn’t work, did they? They wanted different things; he sometimes felt like they were worlds apart, and didn’t know how to close the gap. One moment he knew that he wanted to be with the chiss, and the next he wished he could go home, but where was home? He felt lost and alone, despite being there with Snap; so many feelings nagged at him and he tried to push them back to the recesses of his mind, with little success. He just laid there and softly cried, his words had retreated and he didn’t know what else he could do.

[1:02:19 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had let out a sigh, watching Trison's demeanor shift to weary and sorrowful; he dropped his head, letting his curly hair lean on the human's chest, and fought with himself. He cussed softly, with a touch more aggression than he anticipated, hissing the words through his teeth. "I'm such an idiot." His hands balled into fists, though he was only angry at himself for making Trison feel terrible. "I'm sorry I ruined our moment again." His tone shifted to melancholic, and he still wouldn't look up. "It's just that... you're different-" He let his eyes drift open, their gaze sitting on the human's chest, and then he lifted his head to find his face again. "You're special to me."

Snap's lips moved to be against Trison's skin again; he wanted to hesitate, but the emotions were just too intoxicating. He kissed the human's breast a few times, and then trailed further down, subconsciously wanting to see how his small amount of chest hair would feel on his lips. He smiled softly at the hollow of Trison's ribcage, and let his hands press against the backs of his thighs. "I want to be everything you need-" He whispered, not wanting to make eye contact right now. "But you have to be patient with me, too."

[1:29:17 PM] Melissa: Trison chuckled, partially returning to his normal nervous self; he was trembling, but his eyes fluttered open to gaze at Snap as he spoke. “You don’t have to be so kind to me, I don’t deserve it.” He whispered airily after a few seconds, wiping the tears from his face; he swallowed as Snap kissed him so tenderly and tried to focus on keeping his breathing even.

The glimpse of clarity in his mind was fuzzy again, but the emotions that were rushing forward were intoxicating and wonderfully distracting; his hand found the chiss’ hair and his fingers became gently entangled, as his other hand stroked his neck. “I can be patient; I thought it was what you wanted.” He muttered, his voice a higher pitch than usual; he frowned at the sound of it, but shrugged it off as he continued. “You are amazing and I just want to please you.”

He giggled at the feel of Snap’s lips against his torso and smiled at the feeling of his hands against his thighs; the chiss brought a new awareness with his intensity, and Trison was trying to decipher what the different touches meant to him. “Your kisses there …I think that tickles-” He gasped and then grinned. “But I-I like it.” His heart was racing again and the blood was pounding in his extremities; his head felt light and he was struggling to catch his breath again, but he wouldn't trade this moment for anything.

[12:39:26 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap's dull and ragged fingernails curled against Trison's pants, and he chuckled a little bit before kissing his waist. "Does that tickle, too?" He whispered, knowing that he was almost mirroring a moment from the other day; he trailed his lips slowly up the human's side, breathing softly and kissing as he went. "Please-" He hummed low in his throat as his face came up to meet Trison's again. "Don't feel like you ever have to do something-" He pressed their lips together tenderly. "Just because you think I want you to." The chiss' fingers had drifted upward as well, brushing against the human's pale skin with a gentleness. His own skin trembled with the great effort he was exercising in order to restrain himself; his mental and physical selves wanted different things, and they fought behind a mask of calm, though the former was winning.

Snap smirked, looking into Trison's eyes as he shifted more to the side; he didn't want to crush him, but couldn't pull away completely. "I don't want to 'play,' with you; it isn't a game for me." He hesitated, glancing downward as if he were ashamed, and smiled shyly. "This is the first time I've felt like this about someone since- well, since Tela." He took a breath, trying to sweep away his thoughts. "And that means I want to do it right; no rushing into things we're not ready for."

A few moments passed in silence; Snap had kissed Trison for a while, his hands quivering against his bare skin, but then simply breathed into his shoulder. He wanted to stay here, but his body had reminded him that he was hungry and exhausted. "Do you-" His voice rasped slightly as he looked into the human's face again. "It's been a long day; do you mind if I eat something?" He sighed defeatedly. "And then we can go to bed?"

Snap had paused, leaning gently on Trison's chest before lifting himself back to a sitting position; he reached for his meal, regret in his face, but the need for food was stronger than the need of physical contact right now. He breathed, remembering how delicious his steak had been, and slowly made his way through about half of it before setting his utensils down again; he sipped some of the wine, noticing that it wasn't as strong as he had anticipated. Then, would that mean Trison wasn't drunk after all? But he was still touching him only because he thought that's what he wanted, right? The chiss stretched his back, arching it while pressing the palms of his hands into the couch below him; he sighed, filing away the thoughts and memories of the day for later reflection, because the next thing on his agenda was sleep.

Kissing Trison on the forehead softly, Snap told him to meet him in the bunk, and then quickly ducked into the lavatory to change into his pajama pants. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, noticing that his hair was rather lopsided and messy, but only smirked; he was in love again, and it shone on his face as he washed it free of sweat. His red eyes gleamed as he walked back into the quarters, a certain spring in his step despite feeling completely rung out, and flopped on the bed they had been using the previous nights. He spread his arms out, and closed his eyes; his voice hummed with a low contented tone. "Your blanket is ready for you."

[7:43:14 PM] Melissa: Trison moaned softly as Snap continued to kiss him; he couldn’t answer the question the chiss had asked, as he was too preoccupied with his touch. He tried to focus his mind on the man’s words as he spoke and nodded, probably more times than necessary; he breathed out and leaned his forehead against Snap’s shoulder, he was too worked up physically to talk right now and hoped the man understood.

He kissed Snap back, though perhaps with not as much passion as he had a bit earlier; he was trying to calm down the mix of excitement and anxiety that was still pulling at him. His breathing finally evened out when the chiss had laid against him; he smiled when the man had asked about food. “Please, eat.” He whispered, surprised that he could finally form words again. “I-I think I’m going to go get cleaned up."

Trison got up after a couple minutes of silence, finally finding the will to do what he had said and headed to the lavatory; he stumbled a little as he walked down the hall, finding that he was physically as well as emotionally fatigued from everything that happened today. It was supposed to be very different than it had turned out, Trison though; he closed the door, stripped off his clothing, and stepped into the shower. He turned on the lukewarm water and sighed; he really didn’t like showers, especially when the water was cool, but after meeting that person from Snap’s past he felt sort of gross and was hoping cleaning himself would help.

As he washed with just water and scrubbed himself with his hands, a thousand words swirled around in his brain; Tela, Snap had mentioned her again, but in a different way. The chiss was getting attached to him in an emotional way, a way that Trison didn’t really know if he understood; he had a bunch of confusing feelings in his mind, but ones from earlier kept trying to push their way forward, it was simply that they didn’t work together. The touching was amazing and he knew he found Snap interesting besides; he honestly absolutely adored the man, but what was going to happen when the newness wore off? Were they just going to stay together because it was easy? It really wasn’t though, it was soul crushing at times and that’s what scared the human. He was trying to find what made himself happy, and he didn’t want to end up in another situation where he was too scared to leave; even though Snap would never treat him poorly on purpose, he didn’t know if this sort of life was what he wanted.

He had stood under the soft spray of water longer than he had planned, but he was lost in his thoughts for a few minutes; he settled on making a decision about what he wanted to do when he wasn’t so tired. When he turned off the water, he ran his fingers through his hair and frowned; the styling product in his hair wasn’t fully washed out with just water. He shrugged and dried off, not knowing what else to do with his messy hair; hanging up the towel and peeking out of the bathroom to make sure he was still alone, he didn’t want to embarrass Snap again with his nudity, he walked into the sleeping quarters to get dressed.

Putting on the drawstring pants and pink sweater that belonged to Snap, he slowly returned to the lounge; he had been gone for only ten or fifteen minutes, but he figured it was enough time for the chiss to eat without any distractions. He grabbed his bag from the table and sat back down on the couch, making sure to not bump the chiss; he pulled out the cream for his arm, and, pushing his sleeve up, rubbed some on his scars.

Trison offered Snap a tired little smile as the chiss kissed him on the forehead; once he was alone in the lounge, he poured himself another half a cup of wine and slowly drank it. He was cold from his shower and hoped that it would help warm him up, but it did very little more than made his eyes significantly more blurry. With a sigh, he set the partially full wine bottle, their dishes, and the bag with cake in it on the table, along with his backpack; he slowly made his way to their sleeping quarters, using the wall to keep his balance and not trip.

Hearing Snap’s words from where he was standing, leaning against the doorway, Trison let out a string of laughter; he walked into the room and flung himself on the bed, making sure not land on the chiss. “You’re sure a beautiful blanket.” He said, shivering and inching towards the man. “Hold me please? I’m cold.”

He snuggled against the chiss, “You’re blue-tiful.” Trison giggled, his words somewhat slurred. “Do you know that I hate water-” He looked into Snap’s eyes with a sudden seriousness. “And, and I’m really good at giving nicknames?” He grinned really big and stifled a yawn. “Do you want to hear some?” He pressed his lips together as if he were waiting for an answer.

“Hmmm, like Cutie pants, Snuggle factory, Mr. amazing, Cuddle-cake, Giggles…” He started giggling again. “No, I guess that’s be one for me. Gr- oops, I mean Glowrod, cause you light my way…” He took a few seconds to calm down his laughing and then continued. “Or Sunshine, hmmm… Yummy bunch, Sugar lips, Captain Cute, Snapper.” He softly caressed Snap’s face. “You a-zure adorable, my sleepy, sleepy Blue.”

[9:13:42 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had begun to doze off a little bit as Trison hit the bed beside him; his red eyes fluttered open, and he tried to listen. He lazily reached his arms out to meet the human, pulling them together slowly as the words being spoken hung loosely in his mind. "Snuggle-Pants is nice." He let out a breath, hoping to fight off sleep for more than just another moment, not knowing that Trison's words were getting jumbled up in his head. "You know-" He had suddenly held up a finger, as if he was going to say something profound, but his voice faded for a second before he could continue. "My mother was blue, so it's not out of the ordinary that I'm-" He yawned, his eyes growing heavy. "I don't really know if my dad was chiss or not, she didn't talk about him much, but he was probably blue too."

Snap had paused, his mind going blank, but refocused his eyes on Trison. "Snapper?" His hands had been gradually making their way up the human's sweater as he tugged him even closer. "That sounds like some sort of- bird?" This chiss had pressed his lips against the skin of his neck and began nibbling, then kissed it gently. "If you're looking for something else to call me-" His voice hummed lowly. "Snaps is good-" He held a hand up to Trison's shirt, pinching it softly between his fingers. "Like on a suit." He had then yawned again, leaning on the human slightly with his chest, one of his arms still wrapped around the bare skin of Trison's waist. "Or maybe Sweets-? Though I don't know if you like me more than cake." His voice trailed off, descending below a whisper as he faded.

Having only a few more moments of consciousness left in him, Snap wrapped them both in a blanket before muttering something incomprehensible; he itched his facial tattoos reflexively, and then fell asleep. The following few hours passed quickly, or so it seemed to the chiss, and he moaned while waking up; rubbing his face with his hands, he had turned onto his back and let out a sigh. No words ran through his mind, just images and feelings of the previous day; they crowded up to meet him all at once, as if they had been waiting to ambush him. Had he really talked to Crissi, or was that just a dream- a nightmare? Had him and Trison really almost- he fluttered his eyes open, though his vision was still quite blurry, and looked over to find the human; he was worried that they had gone too far, that too much had been said, and that their relationship would never be the same.

[11:12:41 PM] Melissa: “I like you better than sweets, my Panna cake.” Trison spoke to Snap as he fell asleep; he had been listening to him quietly, pushing down the questions that prodded him each time the man spoke. He laid there awake for over an hour, the chiss up against him, warmth finally returning to his own flesh; his mind kept trying to return to the line of thinking from when he was in the shower, but he wasn’t ready to focus on that yet.

He knew he needed a distraction, so he kissed Snap gently on the cheek and slipped out of his hold; grabbing a blanket from the floor, he wandered down the hall, considering what he was going to focus on. Not really sure what he wanted to do, his feet had taken him into the workshop; he blinked his eyes several times, willing his vision to be less blurry and stepped around the curtain in the back. He smiled as he picked up the shell of the small orange colored droid he had found a few days prior; muttering to himself in his first language, Trison started looking through a pile of discarded parts and pieces that looked promising.

Gathering several parts in his arms, Trison walked out of the workshop and sat on the floor of the lounge, he then started to figure out how to accomplish the task he had decided on. The night passed by slowly, and although he had dozed a few times, the human worked on his project all night.

By morning he was satisfied with his work and sat looking over it for several minutes; although tired and achy from sitting on the floor most the night, he got to his feet and sighed contentedly. Trison quickly threw the blanket he had been using over said project as Trash entered the room; he grinned at and patted Trash-Heap with fondness in his eyes.

“Hey Trash, will you stay here for a moment? I have something for you, but I want Snap to see too.” Trison told the astro-droid; he didn’t wait for an answer, instead he walked quickly down the hall. He was excited to share his work; it took several hours, but he managed to build something he was proud of, even if he had burnt a couple of his fingertips in the process.

Watching the chiss from just outside the doorway of the sleeping area for a few minutes, Trison had hesitated, he didn’t want to wake him; he smiled as he saw Snap’s eyes open and giggled softly. “Hey, hey, Snaps-” He whispered, leaning against the doorway. “Can, can you come to th-the, um, the couch please?” He requested, lingering a moment to watch him. He was fidgety and kept petting and pulling at his hair, trying to get it to lay down, which wasn’t really working because of the leftover product on it.  

Trison left the doorway and returned to the lounge; he picked up his tools and deposited them into his bag, which he had returned to the table, next to the wine he should never had drank last night. He laughed again for no apparent reason and then yawned into his hand as he sat on the couch to wait for Snap; he was trembling from excitement and fatigue, and almost started dozing as he sunk into the couch cushions.
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[11:22:54 AM] Melissa: Trison watched Snap adjust the pants with a look of wonder on his face; having never been cared for in such a way, he stood almost perfectly still, not entirely sure how he ought to react. The chiss’ touch left butterflies in his stomach again, but he breathed out deeply, trying to push the feeling aside for a moment. “Thank you.” He muttered when his feet were free from the fabric.

He nodded, reminding himself that Trash was the one who had told him about the recordings in the first place, so in his mind that was permission enough. “Uh, you weren’t indentured to her…?” He asked without really thinking, trying to make sense of what the chiss had shared with him thus far about his life. He scratched his scar anxiously again, but stopped, noticing that his arm was a little raw; he moved from Snap’s embrace, grasping his hand and pulling the man with him as he stepped over to the table he had left his bag on earlier.

Digging through his things with his free hand, Trison pulled out the ointment he had applied to Snap’s wound previously and, opening it, rubbed a significant amount into the skin of his arm. He really hadn’t been taking care of himself, his currently burning skin was yet another reminder of it; he breathed through the discomfort, lightly leaning his shoulder against the chiss’. “May I?” He asked, implying Snap’s wound; with permission, he slowly rubbed the cream over the burn, his face a little sad. 

“You don’t happen to have a shirt to go with these?” He motioned to the pants he wore after putting the tube back in his bag. “Just in case I get cold later?” Trison didn’t really want to wear anything more right now, but figured covering his arm would distract him from the soreness, as well as keep him from getting cold. 

Trison hadn’t really replied to Snap’s earlier comment of the Bittersweet now being his home; he had tucked the words in the back of his head to think about later, because he didn’t really know how to feel about it right now. Things were shifting between them so fast; the sharing of their pasts, the emotions –although mostly positive now, they were still overwhelming- then there was all the touching; Trison was surprised that he was inclined towards so much physical contact, but there was something about the chiss that made it hard for him to keep his hands off of him. Sharing a living space seemed to have pushed them together so quickly; he frowned as a moment of doubt pushed itself forward. Did the chiss really care about him, or would he have been so forward if they hadn’t been surrounded by the added loneliness of space? 

Forcing the invading concerns away to deal with later, on his own, Trison focused his mind and found that he was staring at the curls on the man’s chest; he cleared his throat, trying to figure out how to show that he was interested in more than just how his skin felt. “So, can I join you in your routine?” He whispered, trying to disguise the bit of anxiousness in his tone. “I want to spend a day in the life of my panna cake.” He grinned at the chiss, the worried feeling in his heart was immediately replaced by adrenaline as he pulled him toward his chest; he was pleased that he knew and could speak what he wanted, but hadn’t actually realized that he had called Snap by the term of endearment that his subconscious had decided upon.

[8:50:11 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had stepped with Trison, nodding slightly when he offered to tend to his stomach wound, and a wide smirk rose on his mouth. "Sorry, no; I don't like to buy things that perfectly 'match.' Except suits." He breathed, spinning around to dive back into his wardrobe; he returned swiftly, pulling out a solid bright pink sweatshirt that he thought would go well with the blacks and whites of his pants. "This will do, though." The neck was widely scooped, and the sleeves had a long curve before the wrist-bands; the fabric itself was relatively thick, but very soft.

Snap's heart raced again as he was tugged against Trison once more, and he couldn't help but place a kiss gently on his mouth as he tossed away the shirt; his hands were busy for a moment, brushing the small of the human's back and a dimple of his shoulder. He forced himself to take a breath, and then mumbled a vulgarity as he blushed, noticing that he had become just a little too excited; he trailed his lips across Trison's shoulder, pausing at his collarbone, and then kissed his throat as he sighed. "You're very distracting-" He breathed the words airily, not lifting his head right away. "But I can manage."

With that, Snap turned, taking Trison's hand in his own before kissing it; he paced through the corridor near them, and into the holding bay to begin his workout routine. His thoughts mulled over what the human had asked a moment earlier, about him being 'indentured' to Tallulah; he didn't know what the word meant, maybe something to do with teeth? "I- uh, guess Tela was- well, she was older than me, but I don't know about, we were married, but she kept her hygiene routine private; she was pretty embarrassed by it, I suppose. I loved her, you know, so I didn't ask. I'm sorry in advance, though, if you find any white fur around."

Snap smirked slightly, reaching up to a shelf near his gym equipment, and pulling out a pair of square golden earrings; he looked at them in his hand fondly, and then held them out to Trison. "I used to wear these as my promise ring." He mumbled, a touch of grief on his smile. "I tried to throw them out when she died, but Trash kept them for me- he has this little drawer-" He chuckled, breaking off, and then put the jewelry back on his shelf. "Anyway." He wiped his eyes with the back of a hand, and reached over to a dumbbell; his red gaze was a little unfocused for a while as he worked out, but he seemed contented with staring at Trison intermittently.

The next day went by relatively smoothly; Snap had learned to give Trison a little bit of space, but contented to be beside him most of the time. It seemed that they both had some boundary issues, though in different ways, and the chiss tried his best to adapt; sleeping in the same bed was a little bit of a difficulty at first, especially since the human seemed to use him as a heater, but the contact that they had was enough to fill any emotional needs he accumulated.

"Ship code one two two seven dash eight kay; transport for Phenurus Criedes Mix; clearance zero three seven aych ex ninety-one zero." Snap's voice spoke clearly, enunciating into the ship-to-ship communications device as he prepared to land on the planet below. Having fallen out of hyperspace a few moments ago, he smirked over at Trison at his side, and then turned back to his console in order to concentrate. a garbled voice responded to him, and he reacted by gently lowering the ship's pitch.

"I'm glad Phen called ahead-" Snap mumbled, caressing the controls of Bittersweet as she moved. "I think this place is under Imperial control." He swore softly while keeping a lighthearted tone. "-I hate politics." He didn't have to deal with government much in his life, and it mostly just confused him; he wished that everybody could just be forthcoming with each other, not that he minded watching the secret little emotions skitter across peoples' faces. He paused to do just that with Trison, but found himself coveting him instead; he was happy that they had become so close in such a short span of time.

A volley of rain hit Bittersweet's windows with a sudden rapping sound, and Snap flew her calmly through and over the city; he seemed at peace, considering the landing bay that had been indicated by the voice on the comm, and rested his spacecraft gently in it. He quickly flipped a few switches as Bittersweet's engine sounds slowed, and turned to face Trison with a mildly triumphant expression. "I believe-" His wry smile grew a little wider. "You said something about taking me to dinner?"

Snap stood up, pulling Trison with him, and pressed their bodies together; he had gotten better with controlling himself, but this would be the first time that they would really be together in public, and it appealed to him in a certain way that he couldn't put his finger on. His hands drifted to the human's face, and he paused with his lips parting. "I'd better go get dressed." He grinned, spinning around, and then hesitated with a look back to Trison. "Wait, we were going to go clothes shopping, right?" He glanced briefly over his own attire, pulling his shirt's hem outward, and wondering what he might be able to find for himself; a quiet smugness edged across his face. "We just got paid from that job; it's time to splurge."

[11:42:10 PM | Edited 11:57:28 PM] Melissa: Trison's eyes had taken in the sweater briefly, but he honestly cared very little what it looked like; his mind made note of where it was set down for later, and he wondered if the chiss’ sweet smell lingered on it. His heart rushed as Snap kissed his lips; he couldn’t get enough of the attention, being alone wasn’t a way of life for him now, and he wondered if he’d be able to find a balance between wanting to be around the man and the jobs they took on.

Knowing that he was only able to focus on one thing at a time, Trison tried to will himself to pull away, but with the touch of Snap’s fingers, his mental strength wavered; he held his body firmly up to the chiss as his breathing faltered and grasped the curve of his back, partially in the hopes to steady himself.

“I-can-give-you-space-if-you need.” He had whispered, but his words were barely audible between his quick breaths; he wondered if he had the emotional stamina to stay close to the chiss like this for the day, but breathed out; a little bit of disappointment in his eyes as Snap pulled away.  

Trison was quite confused as Snap seemed to spout out a few random things about his wife, but he didn’t question them; in all honesty, he really wanted to learn about everything and anything that made the man who he was. He recalled that he had told the chiss he was interested in him more than once, but now he actually knew what his words had meant; at this point he was more than interested, but didn’t know what else to call it.

Watching Snap fondly as he showed him the pieces of jewelry, Trison held back the desire to kiss him again and instead rested his hand on the chiss’ arm. “Thank you for being willing to share with me.” He whispered with a small smile. “Yeah, little drawer-” He agreed, then cleared his throat. “Pretty common for an astrodroid to have.” He pressed his lips together, trying to hold back the grin as he recalled what he had tucked into said drawer.  

As Snap got into his workout routine, Trison looked from the weights –which looked too heavy for him- to the pull-up bar, to what appeared to be some sort of makeshift moving belt for walking on. He wandered over to the pull-up bar first and reached up for it, his fingertips brushed against it, but he couldn’t wrap them around the bar; he did a little awkward jump up and managed to barely grab hold of the bar, but not really having any significant upper body strength, he let go after a few failed tries to pull himself up.

He giggled and looked over at the chiss, “You know I think I’ll just watch you, if that’s alright?” He sat against the wall, opposite of Snap and watched him. Eventually his mind began to wander, but he didn’t mind the direction it went; his thoughts returned to when he was in the chiss’ embrace, the feel of his lips on Trison’s neck and their chests being pressed together made him wonder what he was to him. More than a friend, less than his wife; where did the human fit in the chiss’ life? He settled on companion, because he didn’t know what else he was to him, besides someone to pass the time with. He sighed; today had been a strange day of lows and highs, but now he knew it was going to be okay.  

Trying to offer Snap some space if he needed it, Trison had gone to the sleeping quarters when he started to get sleepy; they had spent the whole afternoon and evening together and, even though he wanted to spend the night at the chiss’ side, he didn’t want to push anything. He was surprised when Snap had climbed into bed beside him, but he happily relaxed against him, taking his warmth.

The next day went by smoothly, Trison felt like his emotions were even, even with the make out session they started the morning with; when Snap had gone to work out, Trison had retrieved a datapad from the workshop and then joined him, listening to Tallulah’s voice talking about her ship through an earpiece as he watched the chiss. The rest of the day passed by quickly, the human felt like he had spent enough time at Snap’s side, but wanted to return to being up against him as nighttime approached again.

Their kissing session was short that next morning, to Trison’s dismay, but he happily joined Snap in the cockpit as they approached their destination. He quietly watched the chiss at the helm, envious of the Bittersweet’s controls as he skillfully and gracefully moved his hands over them; he chuckled internally at his own thoughts and smiled shyly as he saw the other man look at him.  

“Imperial-” Trison repeated; his eyes were wide in worry, but he tried to disguise his reaction by looking down at the pink sweater he had put on just a bit earlier; it was a bit big on him and the neck had slid down to expose most of his right shoulder. He chuckled a little, taking in the pink color for the first time and returning his gaze to the chiss.

When Snap had landed them safely on the planet, Trison was thinking about his blue skin and the feel of it again; he tilted his head, trying to focus on the words that were said to him. “That’s right-” He chuckled, blushing a little, having thought he had been caught staring at him. “A good meal with fantastic company sounds like a pretty great way to check out a planet I haven’t been to before.

“I’m-” His next thought was interrupted with the unexpected movement and body contact; his mind reminded him that he had been thinking about touching him all morning and so he didn’t say anything more until Snap pulled away. “Snap-” He had whispered, but whatever he had thought to say had gone when a string of giggles escaped his mouth at the chiss' mention of shopping. “Whatever you want.” He said, his cheeks turning pink as he grabbed Snap’s hand.

“Maybe I can use some of whatever it is that keeps your hair so…” Trison spoke, but couldn’t find the word he wanted to finish; mostly because he had to fight the sudden urge to put his fingers in the man’s curly hair. He reached up and brushed his own dark hair away from his eyes; he had always been pretty indifferent when it came to his own looks, but being around the man, and noticing how he was pretty particular about his hygiene, made Trison worry about what Snap thought about him. “Can you help me with my hair?” He asked softly, rubbing his hands against his face, a little bit of anxiousness pulling at him.

[2:29:16 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap's piercing red eyes gleamed with a certain satisfaction, and just a touch of embarrassment, at the mention of his hair; he kissed Trison's hand, pressing it to his dark lips as they smiled softly, and then pulled him in close. His fingers gently traced the muscles of the human's sides and back; he then opened his mouth as if to say something, though words eluded him. He breathed, smirking, and then had Trison follow him into the lavatory; he fumbled a little over a few bottles of product he had lying around the sink, and popped open a cylinder labeled 'flexible hold.'

Snap dabbed a good amount of product into his hand, and then hesitated, making eye contact with Trison for a second before rubbing it into his fingers and through the human's hair. He had to note that his hair was very fine and soft, he having never really touched it before, and somehow satisfying to caress; he admittedly dwelled a little too long on the shape of it, but he pulled back after a moment in a thoughtful expression. With Trison's bangs out of his eyes, tucked away and upward in a messy fashion, the chiss had full view of his face shape for perhaps the first time; he gently held a hand on the back of his neck, pulling their faces together in yet another kiss. He whispered a vulgarity, touching his lips to the human's with a sudden tenderness. "-You're beautiful."

After another moment of necking, something that Snap was beginning to grow accustomed to, he pulled the human's arms around him as they walked together into the lounge; he dug through Trison's bag of belongings momentarily, thinking that he was maybe crossing a line, but quickly retrieved the tube of skin ointment. He held the man's right hand to his chest, gently pulling away the sleeve of his sweater, and kissed his burn scar with a certain fondness; he took a breath, applying the cream, but barely touching his skin as he rubbed it in.

Snap looked as though he wanted to say something, though nothing came out; he smiled softly, closing his mouth while keeping eye contact, contented for now to leave them in silence. Maybe it was a good thing, he pondered, that Trison's hair was almost always in his face, for he couldn't put together a coherence sentence with those striking eyes staring back at him so intently. A blush started at his ears as he glanced down sheepishly, and it made its way across his face and to his chest; he let his hands drift to the human's waist again, and just simply breathed for a moment. He knew in the back of his mind that they wouldn't always be like this, but pushed the thoughts away as quickly as he could; he wanted to enjoy this time, for as long as it lasted.

The rain softly tapped on the pavement and metallic buildings outside; it was a pleasant sound, as the hanger doors closed, but only because Snap knew he wouldn't have to be out in it for long. He had gathered a few things, and changed into his white v-neck tee moments ago, thinking that it might be a good undershirt if he needed one, as he held Trison's hand while walking through the docking area. Trash had contented to stay aboard Bittersweet again, and the chiss began to wonder what it was that he did all day in there. He didn't want to think about it much, as he pulled the human closer to his side, and strode into the open air; his mind needed to be in the present, and the love of clothing drew him forward.

[7:10:35 PM] Melissa: Trison had all but forgot what he had just asked, when he was pulled back towards the chiss; he thought about asking instead, why they needed to go out at all, considering their joint body language was suggesting that they’d be content just staying on the ship to neck. He giggled again, now being pulled down the hall; was it perhaps the thought of going out that made Snap so excited, and if so how could he deflate that feeling? No, they were going shopping; he set his mind on it and grinned, trying to let some of his inner nervousness go.

He watched Snap decide on which product to use, and when he turned and met his gaze, Trison couldn’t help staring back into his stunning red eyes with wonder. How does he make me feel so alive, he thought, pressing his lips together as the chiss styled his hair. He hadn’t ever put anything in his hair to hold or style it a certain way and, although the product in his hair wasn’t as intolerable as he expected, having his bangs off of his face made him feel somewhat exposed.

The uncomfortable feeling was distracted somewhat quickly with a soft tug and the pressing of mouths together; Trison sighed contently as Snap’s lips left his, then blushed crimson and lowered his gaze, hearing the man’s complimenting words. He refocused back on the chiss’ dark skin and let himself enjoy another few moments of kissing, not sure who started it this time, as he wrapped his arms around the chiss' back; his fingers tensing slightly against him.

Trison walked with Snap, still enjoying the emotional high of being so close to him; he watched curiously as the chiss dug through his own things, a fond smile on his lips. His body tensed when Snap exposed the scarred skin of his arm, but didn’t pull away as the chiss held the same arm against him; he shook a little as the cream was applied, anxiety trying to force it’s way into his mind, but he kept his eyes on Snap which seemed to help distract him.

There were so many reactions and words that streamed through his head, but none of them seemed to describe how he felt; the man pulled Trison’s inner walls down with such finesse and speed that it scared him, but, at the same time, he couldn’t pull away either. It wasn’t only that he didn’t want to be alone anymore, but it had a great deal with how much joy was in his heart right now, and he knew the feelings had everything to do with Snap. He watched the blush on the chiss’ skin spread to his chest and brushed his fingers over the change in color.

Trison slipped his hand down to cover Snap’s and slowly brought them up both to his own chest, “I feel you here.” He whispered, pressing the chiss’ palm against his heart. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, the pounding in his chest was intense and overwhelming; he focused on his breathing, trying to calm himself down and tried to find something else to say.  

“I should get dressed.” Trison breathed out deeply and kissed Snap’s hand gently before moving away. His thoughts were back in the moment of romance as he reluctantly returned to the sleeping area to put on his own clothes; once dressed, he pulled on his boots, retrieved his backpack and met up with Snap, glad to be hand in hand with him again.

“Shopping first?” The human asked with a little smirk. “You’ll, um, help me find something right?” He asked. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t shopped for himself before, but he usually only purchased exactly what he needed when he needed something; he had seen the passion in Snap’s eyes when he had dressed him earlier and wanted to see that look on the chiss’ face again. Trison blushed lightly, realizing again how selfish he really was; his thoughts tried to continue down that road, making him look quietly at the floor for a few minutes as they walked together.

[12:08:08 AM] Sunnyshine: "Of course." Snap's voice hummed lowly as he smiled over at Trison; he paused for a moment as they walked, taking in the small expressions that danced across the human's face. "Is something wrong?" He frowned only a little, bringing both their hands up to his chest in a possessive sort of way as they took an elevator down. "You can tell me." The threshold of the building was suddenly at their feet; the downpour of rain from a moment ago had subsided to more of a drizzle, though very few people were out in it. A docking ship rattled behind them, and the chiss stepped forward into the pathway; he smiled at Trison, hoping that he would continue being with him, and grabbed his waist while leveling their eyes. "You don't have to say anything, but I promise I won't judge you."

After a moment of relative silence, and some patrons of a nearby diner walking by who, from the looks of it, just had a great lunch, Snap pivoted with a thoughtful expression. His arm still around Trison's hip, he led them down the street; though the lack of communication bothered him sometimes, he certainly didn't want to press. They were still getting to know each other, after all, and some of the fun of a relationship is being surprised, he told himself. Several large buildings ahead of them reached up into the cloudy sky, and the chiss considered them as monuments to sentient species' shared ingenuity; he nodded politely to a few passer-by, and breathed in the humidity from the safety of the awning-covered walkways.

A few bright lights flashed through the gloom, and Snap turned to read the signs; some were in different languages, him only knowing common fluently, but he knew some keywords to look out for. A few minutes passed, and the chiss was concentrating on finding just the right shopping area; he had poked his head into one only briefly, before walking back out with an indifferent expression. "Maybe that complex will have something." He wondered aloud, crossing the mostly-empty road, trying to dodge the raindrops as he did so, and opened a glass-paned door for Trison to enter first.

The building had a great many stores inside, all of varying styles and products, and several different floors that one would be able to see the edges of if they looked straight up. Snap breathed in, the air smelled of quite the array of perfumes, and he coughed a little with a sheepish expression as his eyes began to water; he kept his gaze on Trison, wondering what he thought about all of it, though didn't say anything. He turned, a particular rack of clothes having caught his eye, and gently tugged the human along beside him.

[10:05:16 AM] Melissa: Trison looked at Snap as they walked, trying to refocus his rising nervousness; his mind tried to settle on a reason for it, did he just feel guilty for being selfish? Could it mostly be due to the mention of the empire? Or was it because he knew he’d have to be around people while shopping and he really didn’t know how to keep from putting up his inner walls; he was really vulnerable around Snap, the man could pull down those same walls with just a glance, and he didn’t know how to balance himself right now. He sighed in response so Snap’s words, he didn’t like the tension between them when he wasn’t being open, but he had to find the words to say, which wasn’t always so easy.

He focused on his breathing, his shoes against the hard ground, the cool air against his body; he had forgotten his poncho and it was a little chilly outside, but the warmth of the man next to him made all the difference. How did he know something was off with Trison? He looked up at him with a little smile; Snap really did see him, he realized that, which made him adore the chiss even more.

Watching Snap decide on a store to browse, Trison tried to take in every motion and expression; he was trying to focus on the little things he usually missed, but even as close as he felt to the man, it was exceedingly difficult for him to read him. Snap had opened the door for him; he blushed slightly and entered, waiting for the man to step beside him again.

He paused longer than he had planned, his face a little scrunched up at the wall of smells he was met with; it wasn’t as if the variety of mixed aromas was especially unpleasant to him, it had just surprised him and he took a few seconds to recover. He gladly welcomed Snap’s hand in his again, realizing how much comfort his touch brought him; he was distracted when the chiss had pulled him along with him and stumbled slightly, with a string of nervous laughter.  

“Snap-” He whispered, moving closer to the chiss as he found his ability to speak again. “Um, I’m just kind of nervous, there’s a lot of people here.” For him this explanation covered his conduct since they left the ship; he really didn’t know how to act in most social situations and found his old fears creeping up on him. Trison hoped that Snap didn’t mind his clingy behavior as he stayed within a few inches of the chiss, holding his hand firmly.

[7:01:26 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had turned to Trison briefly with a distracted sort of smile. "Yes-" He replied simply, his thought trailing off as he was distracted by a rack of particularly shiny clothing articles. He thumbed through a few items, pausing at one, and pulled it out with a swift motion; he held the sparkly black frilled tube top to his chest with a slightly quizzical expression, and glanced to the human. "Do you think this would look good on me?" He asked, then looked down at it himself; a grimace made its way across his face. "Ugh, I don't like black; I always think I will, but I don't." He muttered under his breath, putting the shirt back down on the shelf with a defeated sort of sigh.

Snap's brow furrowed as his eyes drifted back to Trison after another moment; he thought perhaps he had missed something. The human's tone was nervous. He pivoted a little, angling himself parallel to the man, and took his face in his hands gently. "Just focus on me." He whispered so that only they could hear, suddenly thinking that perhaps crowds were a bit of a problem for Trison; he smiled. "And focus on the clothes."

[7:58:55 PM] Melissa: Trison kept his eyes on Snap, trying to keep a smile and look of interest on his face; he stared at what vaguely resembled a shirt against the chiss and shifted uncomfortably. “I think anything would look good on you.” He muttered, then giggled a little at Snap’s reaction to the same article of clothing.

He trembled when the blue-skinned man touched his face; forgetting for a moment that they weren’t alone on the ship, he wrapped his arms around Snap and started to lean in for a kiss, but stopped with the mention of clothes. “Oh, yeah.” Trison whispered, forcing his mind to find a place between fantasy and anxiety and rest there, focused on the task at hand. He looked at the different sizes of tube tops, all in black, that Snap was first interested in and frowned.

Thinking for a moment and glancing at the shade of the chiss’ deep blue skin, Trison looked over the clothes rack in front of him; he scrunched his nose a little, not finding anything remotely interesting and pulled Snap over to pause in front of another rack. “Too bright, too dark, too… what is that?” He moved quickly to the next rack and thumbed through the clothing in front of him.

He grabbed a white shirt off the rack, it was cut in a feminine style, but he didn’t know or care; the whole thing was made of an intricate lace, which started with flower like shapes and came down to a zigzag pattern in a short, almost crop top style. Trison felt the cloth between his fingertips, it was light and soft; he thought for a moment about how the chiss’ blue skin would show through it, and he turned to Snap with a dreamy look on his face. “What about this on you?” He breathed out, offering it to the chiss.

Looking back to the rack again, Trison picked out another shirt and held it up; it was a relatively straight style shirt in light grey, but it had a triangle of cream colored lace that dipped deeply down the back. “This too.” He whispered, touching the lace gently; he couldn’t help imagining Snap in the clothes again, with his beautiful skin peeking through the lace.

[8:53:49 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap was tugged along beside Trison, and he smirked in a mildly satisfied way; in his experience, the fear of crowds wasn't so easily ignored or overcome, but the human seemed to be pressing forward with a certain focus that he didn't expect. He fought the urge to kiss the man, pressing his lips together in an attempt to stifle it, and rested his eyes on the clothes as they moved together through them. "I like your taste." He hummed softly, taking the offered items from Trison and tucking them under his arm to try on later. This shop in particular seemed to have a lot of blacks and whites; the chiss turned around and noticed a horizontally-striped turtleneck, and grabbed it to test the fabric before showing it to the human. "I don't know your size; think this would fit you?"

[9:19:48 PM] Melissa: Trison couldn’t help the sheepish smile that spread across his lips as Snap took the shirts; he blushed when he heard the chiss’ comment about the clothing and shrugged. “I think they’ll look good on you.” He said, his gaze resting on Snap for perhaps longer than appropriate, especially in public.

When Snap spoke to him again, he had to blink a few times to refocus and look at the striped shirt before him; he considered the black and white stripes for a moment. He only wore browns -leggings and wrap style tunics- they were habits cultivated on Tatooine, and he had never though to wear any other color or style. “It should fit.” He said, a bit of hesitation in his words. Trison was trying to immerse himself in this activity that Snap was apparently fond of, but he had forgotten that the man wanted to dress him too.

He grabbed a couple more lacy styles off the rack beside him and turned to look at Snap again. “What sort of things do you like to wear?” He asked, a little unsure. He looked the chiss up and down, trying to remember what he had worn in the past; his own observation skills were very limited when it came to things like clothing, instead he found himself wishing that Snap had less on. Shaking the thoughts from his mind he walked over to another rack and picked up a simple brown coat with a bit of fur on the collar. “Too warm for you perhaps, but what about for me?” He asked, holding it up.

[10:30:03 PM] Sunnyshine: "You're really getting into this, aren't you?" Snap chuckled softly, looking sideways at Trison with a fond smirk. "Thought I was the only thing that looked good on you." He muttered in joking, laughing a little as he remembered what the human had told him a while ago; he breathed after a moment, blinking, and forcefully shoved the need to kiss him to the back of his mind. He paused, holding the offered piece of clothing up to examine it, and then gave it back to Trison. "I think it's great." He considered briefly if this was a lie, him disliking the color for himself, but he supposed that the human liked browns since he wore them so frequently.

Snap shrugged passively, grabbing a few more articles of clothing as he drifted toward the dressing room area. "You gonna try some on?" He asked Trison, pausing while going through a few of his chosen pieces; it would be relatively easy to focus just on the clothing when they weren't directly touching, he pondered, but his heart ached a little at the thought of it. His two loves, colliding, and yet getting along? It was very confusing.

[10:57:44 PM] Melissa: “I think I could get into anything, for you.” Trison said with a smirk; he giggled at Snap’s words and blushed again, but just shrugged it off. He watched the chiss again, still trying to figure him out, but sighed, realizing it would take time for him to really get to know Snap; no matter how intimate and open they had been this last few days, they really didn’t know each other all that well.

He frowned, considering everything that had happened since they met; some of the times were devastating, but there were more good times than bad, right? Trison had been staring at a shirt for several seconds, not really taking it in, when Snap spoke. “You try them on here?” He asked; he considered the jacket in his hand, and setting down the other things he was holding, he pulled the jacket on over his tunic.

“Hmm, not as soft as I thought.” He grumbled, quickly removing it and placing it back on the hanger. Trison hung the jacket back on the rack, picked up the items he had set down and walked over to Snap. “I have a couple more lacy things you could try on.” He said; he bit his lip and bumped the chiss with his shoulder playfully.

[11:35:33 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap was taken aback slightly by Trison's shoulder nudge; the frown of his surprise was quite apparent, but it was quickly replaced with a smirk. "I love lacy things." He whispered in the human's ear as they walked, breathing on his neck for a second before ducking into a booth with his clothing options; he briefly made eye contact before closing the curtain for some privacy. Despite going shirtless so often on Bittersweet, he didn't like to be uncovered in public; it made his self-esteem prickle uncomfortably, and anxiety build to an unreasonable amount. Even trying on tops in an enclosed space made him self-conscious.

Snap lifted a piece of clothing over his head, having put his arms in the sleeves, and then looked down at the fabric; it was very sheer, and he grimaced. After another few moments, he emerged, tossing away the majority of his chosen garments, and being left with one lacy blouse that Trison had chosen for him. He glanced around for the human, his eyes a little unfocused, and his face heated. "Any luck on your end?"

[12:04:55 AM] Melissa: Trison watched Snap walk into the curtained booth and he paused just outside; he noted the size and decided following him into the tiny fitting room didn’t make any sense, so he walked into the next empty one and quickly changed into the striped turtleneck that Snap had picked out. He stepped back out some minutes before the chiss, having only tried on the one striped turtleneck, and waited patiently for the chiss. He frowned when Snap had set down most the clothes they had picked out, but noticed that he kept the one very lacy top and let the feelings of disappointment fade. “I like this.” Trison said with a small smile, the striped shirt still in hand.

He noticed how Snap seemed to go quiet again as they walked to the front of the shop to purchase their items; he wanted to reach out to hold the chiss’ hand again, but he kept his hands on the shirt the man had picked out for him instead. “May I buy that for you?” He asked, motioning to the lovely piece of clothing that Snap had decided on.

After buying the items, they left the shop; Trison let his arm fall between them and touched the back of Snap’s hand lightly, timidly trying to prompt him to hold his hand again. “Where else did you wish to go?” He asked quietly, looking around at the shops before them. The amount of people here tried to bring up his insecurities and he paused again; he breathed out deeply, reminding himself that he was safe beside the blue-skinned man, despite his confusing demeanor.

Walking into the store that Snap had picked, Trison looked around curiously at the many styles and colors. “Do you think I’d look good in a deep blue?” He asked without thinking; realizing what he said he blushed furiously and turned to busy himself by looking at different suit jackets.

When Snap had picked out several different colors and styles, of mostly suits for both of them, they headed to the dressing rooms. Trison noticed that the curtained rooms were much bigger than the last shop and tried to follow Snap inside one. “I don’t really know how these go, will you help me?” He asked with a little shrug, holding up a vest and suit combination.

[2:06:41 AM] Sunnyshine: After making his way beside Trison to the exit, and reluctantly allowing him to buy his shirt, Snap had gazed into the window of a suit shop. The hum of overhead lights was relatively loud; he had considered for a second if it was fancier, because more lighting made it seem like they cared more about color. The only other patrons of the shop walked out, passing the chiss and human with indifferent expressions, and making conversation in another language. "Navy is probably a good color for you." He hummed distractedly. "Might bring out your eyes."

Ignoring the nervousness that had began to crawl up his spine, Snap casually glanced over some suits, skillfully stifling his glee as he pulled one out that had a lovely checkerboard vest and wide lapel. He tucked the items under his arm, reaching for another; this one had a stiff collar that would be sure to stand up if he popped it just right. Snatching up a few other things, the chiss then glanced over at Trison; considering his shape for a moment, his eyes danced. "Perhaps brown too?" He muttered under his breath, remembering that the human seemed to like that color, and reached for a suit that might just fit him; then promptly another.

Snap's arms were a little full by the time he felt as if he were finished looking through the shop's stock, and ducked into the large dressing area; he bit his lip anxiously as Trison spoke to him, but nodded. He tossed the clothing into a booth, pulling the human in with him, and drew the curtain; his face remained somewhat stoic as he pulled out one of the items he had chosen for Trison, and held it up to him. "Could use a pocket square." He murmured, removing the blue jacket from its hangar, and going to slip it on the human's arms; the shirt underneath got a little rumpled by its sleeves, but the chiss was more worried about how the shoulders fit. He pondered them for a long moment, testing their shape, and gazing at the fabric; he hesitated, realizing that his skin was almost the same color as the suit he had chosen, and stood with a quizzical expression as his deep red eyes met Trison's. "You don't like me just because of my skin color, do you?"

Snap chuckled halfheartedly, pretending that he was joking, though he really wasn't; he sheepishly ran a hand through his hair, and glanced back down at his pile of clothes. He retrieved a small blouse with a tied ribbon on the back, and looked it over, wondering if it would even fit him; he sometimes underestimated his size, but thought it would be fun to try on anyways. He stepped away from Trison, and then took his shirt off to put on the top in his hands; his skin tingled at the sudden wave of air hitting it, and he grimaced while attempting to put his arms through the sleeves. The chiss glanced down, thinking that the fabric was too dark to go against his skin, but reached to his back to try and lace the ribbon back up anyway. "Might as well go for it." He mumbled to himself as he struggled.

[10:34:59 AM | Edited 10:40:10 AM] Melissa: Trison let Snap dress him with a shy little smile on his lips; he didn’t really notice much about the actual clothing as he watched the way the chiss moved. He was taken aback by the question of skin color and backed himself up against the wall of the changing booth, his face in his hands. “I-uh- No-um-” He stuttered quietly. He looked up and noticed that Snap was having some difficulty with the shirt he was trying on, so he moved over to the chiss. “Here, let me.” He mumbled, gently grabbing Snap’s hands and moving them.

His hands lingered for a moment before he let go with a steadying sigh; carefully lacing up the back, Trison couldn’t help noticing how soft Snap’s skin felt against him fingertips. Is it just his skin, he silently asked himself; he couldn’t deny that he really loved the man’s skin, the color and feel, but he knew the chiss was so much more than how he looked or felt to him.

“Snap-” He whispered; tying the ribbon and turning the chiss around to take in how the blouse looked. It was pretty, and unlike most the styles he’d been trying on; the contrast didn’t make his skin color stand out as much. Trison pulled him close, placing one hand on his waist and softly stroking his face with the other. “I think you’re beautiful-” He swallowed, trying to push down the rising anxiety. “But it doesn’t have as much to do with how you look as who you are.” He kissed his jaw line tenderly, while trying to keep his own breathing calm. “You are so talented, I find that I envy the way you touch Bittersweet's controls... Your compassion amazes me.” His words were soft and airy as he continued, pressing his chest against the chiss. “The way you make me feel makes me wish I wasn’t so flawed… I like -no, I adore every bit of you.” He slipped his hand against the back of Snap’s neck, his fingertips tugging slightly at the man’s curls, and slowly pulled him in for a kiss.

[11:15:58 AM] Sunnyshine: "Sorry-" Snap had replied solemnly, in regards to the color of his skin. "I didn't mean to imply that-" He breathed as he was kissed, and leaned his forehead down to touch Trison's; brushing his fingertips along the sides of his chest in a lustful way as the man continued to speak. He pressed his lips against Trison's arm that had found its way to the back of his head, and let a swear slip out, having kissed the blazer instead of skin like he wanted to. "-you really know how to wreck my concentration." He whispered, the back of his mind poking him for a moment about the clothes around them; he really did love clothing. Fabric, styles, patterns, they were more like playthings to him; people, on the other hand, were more firm, lively, interesting, not to be used. This was a distinction that he hadn't always made.

A definite blush made its way to Snap's face as he leaned his whole body into Trison's to kiss him; he steadied the both of them on the wall of the changing room, his other hand drifting up the human's shirt without permission. He pressed his fingertips into the skin of his back, and let out a breath before continuing to kiss him; he always was a sucker for suits, and it seemed that even just a jacket was enough to captivate him. Not that Trison would have it on for long, if he had anything to say about it.

[11:57:03 AM] Melissa: Trison glanced at the clothing still waiting to be tried on as he felt Snap’s hand against his bare skin; he pulled away for a moment, as he let a string of nervous giggles escape his lips at the man’s earlier comment. He pulled off the blazer and then his own shirt, considering if he had actually planned on trying on anything, or just wanted to feel the chiss against him again. “Kark-” He whispered, settling on the selfishness of the latter.

“I think you feel better on my skin.” Trison whispered, returning to where he had been a moment earlier. He wrapped his arms around the chiss and loosened the ribbon he had just tied, having some difficulty, but managing anyway; he swiftly pulled the shirt off of the man and tossed it to the floor, as he pressed their chests together again. He let his hands explore the chiss’ skin above his waist, being careful to not linger the places that Snap had specified were ticklish.

After having been entangled in each other’s arms for several minutes, Trison’s hands found the chiss’ hair and he ran his fingers through it, being careful to not tug too hard. His mind was lost in the moment of adrenaline as his heart rushed and his breaths became short and quick; he kissed him passionately again, his tongue moving into the man’s mouth with slow purposeful motion. He was focused and in the moment, despite his own awkwardness; as their movements became more heated, he found it harder to push past the little bit of discomfort, as it was growing with each second he was against the chiss, until the feeling was unbearable.

He gasped as he tried to push down the feeling of overwhelming fear; his body was reacting without his full conscious permission or awareness to their combined intensity. Trison’s vision started to become shadowy and unclear; his mind was quickly going into full panic mode and his palms were hitting against Snap’s chest, as he tried to keep his legs from running away.

[12:54:44 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap had been drifting in a sea of emotions, euphoria ruling his expression before Trison suddenly started reacting forcefully. The chiss' thoughts violently came to a halt, and he pulled his head away with a sharp breath as panic prickled the back of his neck. "What-?!" He mumbled, his voice having been lost in his own mind a second ago. He jolted, looking around the room for something that might be threatening them; his muscles were tense as he leaned protectively around Trison, even with him hitting him. There was nobody there; they were still alone.

Snap watched a few particles of dust gliding through the air, and he sighed, refocusing on Trison while letting his arms drop. Had something happened? His heart raced, and his face was red, though he wasn't sure if it was from the excitement of a moment ago or the burst of adrenaline from thinking they were in danger. Had he hurt him? The chiss' mind struggled to catch up to the situation, and remembered that Trison had identified as asexual; he caught his hands in his own, and leveled their eyes. "Too far?" He asked apologetically, sorrow in his tone; he brushed the human's hair with his fingers, softly tugging the majority of it down across his face. "There-" He smirked solemnly. "You're back."

After pausing to look at Trison with his earnest eyes, Snap turned around to dig through the pile of clothing beside them; he took out a particularly soft striped tan and grey sweater with zigzags through it, and gently pulled it over the human's head, leaving the sleeves rest limply at his sides. "You have to tell me-" He mumbled, reaching up to his face, but stopped his hand just short of touching his pale skin. "I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

Snap's mind stuttered, a thousand different thoughts running through it all at once as he stared; he had been selfish, overbearing, unkind, forceful, and many other things that jabbed at his weakened self-esteem. He had thought everything was fine, and it just felt so nice that he didn't realize things had gone too far; he should've been more sensitive to Trison's wishes, he should've been aware of what they were doing. He stifled a vulgarity, looking down at the floor, tears threatening to fall; he was ashamed of himself. "I'm s-sorry." He muttered, wiping his face with the back of a hand.

[7:49:19 PM] Melissa: Trison was crying hard and having trouble catching his breath, but was somehow still standing and trying to fight. “Back off, Vict.” He had muttered, almost inaudibly; his mind recalling moments of fear from his past. He froze as Snap held his hands and tried to focus his eyes on the chiss, but his vision was blurred with tears and his mind was still foggy with terror. He stayed still as the man rearranged his hair in its usual messy style and closed his eyes to try to listen to his soft voice.

He flinched as Snap pulled a sweater over his head, but relaxed into the warmth of it. keeping his arms in the body of the sweater. As realization of the situation set in, Trison flopped onto the floor of the dressing room, feeling deflated and empty. He had wanted to be close to the man, but couldn’t handle his own body’s reaction to the intense intimacy; he didn’t understand how he could enjoy everything up to that point and then completely fall apart. Snap hadn’t pushed him into anything, he knew that, but his behavior said otherwise and he hated himself for it.  

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He cried, pressing his hands against his face and then rubbing his hair against his eyes. “It’s my fault, not yours.” He sobbed in his hands, shaking and wishing he was someone, anyone but himself right now. “I hurt you again, and even if I could, I don’t deserve to be with you.”

[8:59:02 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap's lips parted, as if he was going to say something, and yet all of his words seemed to be just out of reach; he forced himself to stop tearing up for at least a moment, inhaling quickly to refocus his thoughts, and watched Trison curl up on the floor. He hesitated, only having been an observer of crying in public a few times; perhaps there weren't any bystanders now, but he was sure that the human felt self-conscious and exposed. It dawned on him that he himself would've ran out, and that Trison had exercised a great deal of restraint to not.

Snap bent over to thumb through the clothing at his feet, and then picked up a few of the softer articles; they crumpled in his arms, and he felt a little guilty that the store would have to press them again, but he continued collecting. After a moment, the chiss stepped quietly over to Trison, and tossed the cloth over his scrunched form; he smirked, kneeling beside him, and then dug through to find the human's face again so that he could breathe. "It might bruise-" He admitted, speaking about how his chest had been hit, a little bit of a chuckle in his throat as he kissed the top of Trison's head. "But you're still worth it." He mumbled a cuss, situating himself into a sitting position beside the pile of clothes around the human, and leaned on the wall; he closed his eyes, letting the adrenaline drain from him, and whispered. "You don't have to be sorry; it's just how you are."

[9:54:52 PM] Melissa: Trison looked up from the pile of clothes; he wondered how the man could stay with him right now; he had put a wedge in their relationship yet again and knew he didn’t deserve to be cared for so tenderly. “I’m not worth anything.” He muttered almost silently, wiping the tears from his eyes. With the warmth and weight of the clothing, his heart rate and breathing became steady again and his tears seemed to have run out.

Scooting closer to Snap after a several minutes, he hesitantly leaned against him, despite his own feelings of worthlessness and worry that the chiss wanted space; he reached out to find the chiss’ hand and gently held his fingers. “I don’t want to be this way.” He whispered. “I’ve never had-” He swallowed, trying to push away the awkwardness, and speak as plainly as he could; he looked pointedly down towards his own crotch as he continued. “-swelling while necking before. I reacted without thinking and I understand if you don’t ever want to risk kissing me again.”

He wiped a few stray tears from his eyes and sniffed a little; he was surprised that he was able to speak about the situation, let alone so soon after it had happened. “Can we go back to the shopping?” Trison whispered after a few more minutes, hoping that he hadn’t ruined the whole day. “You said you’d help me with these-” He implied the suits covering most of him. “And I still want to take you to a meal, if you want to go with me? Or I can just go back to the ship, if you want me to?”

[10:34:29 PM] Sunnyshine: Snap's eyes flew open, a frown on his brow as he met Trison's gaze; swelling? A grin grew on his face, surprise hitting him, and he laughed a little while cussing again; he reached to the human's face, holding it in both of his hands tenderly as his expression softened. "I would love to continue shopping with you." His voice hummed low in his throat; all thoughts of self-hatred seemed to melt away in a single moment, and all he was left with was adoration. "Please stay with me." He followed in a whisper. It then hit him forcefully, the idea that he didn't just like this man, but that he loved him; he breathed a sigh, and it caught in his throat as he let his arms drop between them. A few tears fell from his deep red eyes, but he didn't wipe them away; he only stared at Trison longingly, knowing that he would do anything for him if he could.

Snap had only been in love once before in his life; his hands began to tremble as he shifted and then held up a vest to the human. He tried to smile, but tears started to stream down his face; love hadn't been this brutal on him before, save for the very end of it, but it was blanketed in a certain kind of terror this time. The tremor in his hands worsened, and he had to drop the clothing because his grip had waned almost completely; he turned his head away from Trison, leaning his chin on his own shoulder, and tried to bring a hand up to his face to wipe away his tears.

[11:09:16 PM] Melissa: “I’ll stay.” Trison whispered; watching the emotions on the chiss’ face change, he looked at him with a little smile. He reached out to Snap and let his fingers linger on his cheeks, after wiping the fresh tears from his face; he had to push down the want to kiss him again, not sure if Snap would want him to now.

Why was Snap crying, Trison wondered, was it because of his actions? Was the chiss being polite, but didn’t actually want him here? The human had taken a step back, trying to give Snap some space, because he didn’t know what to expect; he was already emotionally exhausted, he wasn’t sure how he’d react to being yelled at or being pushed away, even though he thought he deserved it.

He busied himself with getting dressed, trying to push his worries aside; he turned around, pulling off the sweater, and put on a button down shirt. The buttons were difficult with his hands still shaking, but he managed to button it up and turned to Snap. “What do you…” He trailed off seeing that Snap was still upset.

“I-” Trison tried to speak again, but found the words caught in his throat; he wiped the tears from Snap’s cheeks again and slipped his hands against the chiss’ hands, interlocking their fingers gently. “I’m sorry I messed up our moment again.” He whispered softly, wanting to move closer, but not sure if he should. “Please don’t cry, I’ll do whatever you want me to; is there anything that will help make it better?” He bit his lip nervously, leaning toward Snap; he wanted desperately to touch him again, despite his earlier reactionary behavior.

[12:50:02 AM] Sunnyshine: Snap sighed forcefully, he having been holding his breath in an attempt to stifle his crying; he looked into Trison's eyes as he addressed him again. Stay with me, he wanted to say, hold me forever; the words drifted through his mind like lacy white curtains, though could not be held onto. There was still the trembling of fear in his extremities, but he managed to curl his fingers around the human's and bring them up to his face; he took a breath, tucking Trison's arm around his shoulder, and kissing it gently. "T-thank you." He muttered, his lungs rasping a little. "I want you-" He hesitated, reaching his other hand up to caress the human's face while he tried to catch his breath. "All of you- to stay; please stay- with me."

Snap leaned over to peck Trison's lips, just barely touching them with his own, and then he paused to look at what the human was wearing. He smirked, wiping away a few of his tears with the back of a hand, feeling his emotions shifting suddenly again. "A little big on you, isn't it?" He chuckled, and then coughed, sniffing. "Kark, I'm such a mess-" He sighed, using Trison's swear word while leaning back on the wall again; he felt stiff and awkward, unsure of himself and even the whole universe right now.

A few moments later, Snap successfully cleared his face of tears, and breathed smoothly into his hands; he glanced up at all the clothes, and decided that he'd better try a few things on now that his mind was a bit more organized. The realization of feelings hadn't hit so hard before, and he remained a little unsteady, but tried to brush it off; he commented about a few pieces of attire, their styles and fit, and ended up purchasing just a couple of things. The grey sweater for Trison, and a brown suit that looked amazing on him, then a few tops for himself; he was rather contented with the selection, and his hand drifted to the human's waist as they exited the store.

"I think we could use a little bit of quiet time-" Snap had whispered, pressing his mouth into Trison's shoulder. "To prepare for tonight; you're still taking me to dinner, right?" He smiled playfully, though terror still remained at the corners of his mouth, and they walked through the street, both not having much to say. Surprisingly, the rain had stopped altogether; noticing this, the chiss had glanced up at his hair, and then decided that he would probably need another shower in order to fix it again. He cleared his throat as they rode the elevator up, feeling a little out of place, but kept his hand loosely on the human's hip; he wasn't sure if Trison wanted to be touched right now, but he needed the stability himself, and felt as though he could be just a little selfish for a moment.

Bittersweet was a sight for sore eyes, and Snap sighed as he entered her lopsided frame; while he liked shopping and adventuring, there was something satisfying about returning home after time away. He let his arm fall from Trison's side as they parted, but glanced over with a coy smirk; his red eyes gleamed with adoration, and he kissed the human's hand as if to say farewell for now, then ducked into the lavatory.

A few hours passed; Snap had been getting ready for the majority of the time, making sure that his hair was coiffed just right, and looking at himself in the mirror to see if his new white lacy blouse fit properly. The fear he felt before had been pressed to the very back of his mind, as had many things that he didn't want to think about, so his thoughts skipped along jubilantly; humming a soft tune about loving someone again. He had been waiting to get over Tallulah, and it seemed as though hope had been lost; he knew now that he would always love her, even though she was gone, but that didn't mean he couldn't love someone else too. He turned around, checking to see how his rear end looked in his tight black pants, and smiled fiercely; he felt ready for the night, whatever it would bring.

Glancing around briefly, Snap had made his way into the lounge area; his fingers fiddled with the lace on his shirt as he waited for Trison. His eyes drifted downward; he felt suddenly self-conscious, but tried to push it away with some positive thinking.
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:wave: Thanks for the watch. Have a nice day!~
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Hi. w00t! 
Thank you very much for watching me. I really appreciate itHug 
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