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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist SarahFemale/United States Groups :iconzusolain: zUsolain
Sunny's Original Universe
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

I like to draw with pencils, and don't consider myself to have talent in any other medium. I like computer gaming, television shows, movies, YouTube and drawing of course; I like obscure animals, creatures, and insects; I like several sorts of art and music. I have a few OCs: my first one was Sunshine Ley the mutant; my most often used one is Rashina Kiaki the alien; my favorite one is Rae'Quia the Argonian. I prefer good grammar over bad, and will correct yours when copying over, but won't actively critique unless you need me to. I would be glad to help you in any way I can. I like to smile and laugh, but have issues with depression and anxiety so it doesn't always happen.

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Commissions are

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Requests are

Drop me a line for more information.

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Species pages: 023/?00
Character pages: 019/?00
Comic pages: 007/130
April project: 00/50

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Kisses by sunshineley Rawr by sunshineley My Rae'Quia by sunshineley Rae'Quian Picture Reference by sunshineley Little Kyre to Big by sunshineley All Willowy by sunshineley Smashy smash by sunshineley Jesse Keene by sunshineley MeeeeOW by sunshineley Express yourself, Snap! by sunshineley On the Subject of Stripes by sunshineley
Rae'Quia Biography 2015Verse: Somewhere between The Elder Scrolls fanfiction and my original universe.
Date: October 19, 26, 2014; February 7, 2015; March 31, 2015
Full Name: Rae'Quia
Pronunciation: ray KWEE uh
Nickname/Alias: Raeta, Raen
Meaning: Qwe means the sound of rain, and rac means a tall leafy tree; the English version of her name is Raining-Canopy or Swamp-Log.
Origin: Although the use of an apostrophe is somewhat unheard of in her culture in general, along with an æ, it is a tradition passed down from her mother's matriarchal tribe to mark the firstborn daughter.
Pet Name: Rae, Raerae, Raeq
Signature: Medium-sized messy and mismatched print; little to no experience with cursive, or languages other than English.
Gender: Female
Gender Role: Almost neutral, with tendencies toward female.
Orientation: Asexual, with a strong demiromantic tone toward no particular gender.
Real Age: Twenty-nine
Birthday: April first
Birthplace: Gideon, Argonia
Immediate Family: Jeejum-Ai, and Kioa'tu; both deceased.
My Main BloodlineThis is the bloodline of Zoconchren that I follow, as to my main characters, and in no way dictates what you should follow with your own characters.
As the society is matriarchal, one's most prominent heritage is through the females of the ancestry. Excuse me for sounding a little biblical.
Verucassi was borne of Jaibulun, Diaori, and Fyliinat. She lived for seven-hundred and twenty-four teres, and begat four daughters; Lyncassi, Harracassi, Zaracassi, and Kiolancassi.
Vaarunu was a descendant of Zaracassi. She lived for seven-hundred and ninety teres, and begat eight daughters; lastly of whom was named Jasmine.
Jasmine lived for two-hundred and seventy-eight teres, and lived and died during the time of the Great Hillican war. She begat two daughters; the younger of whom was Andromeda.
Andromeda brought about the turning point of the Great Hillican war, lived for six-hundred and eighty-three teres, and begat ten daughters from the same man; the e

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Zoconchren Anatomy Reference by sunshineley the Ancients by sunshineley Map of Zoconchra by sunshineley Usolain Galaxy by sunshineley Broken Stripes by sunshineley

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Munch munch muuuunch
Behold! At the request of the great PlaviGmaz, a caterpillar!
Drawn in Sketchbook Pro for Android
Reference was
Mar 18, 2017
March is starting to wind down; April is coming, and I am feeling it creep up on me like a spider in the darkness. Needless to say, I'm pretty nervous (terrified) for this upcoming challenge, but I hope that I can make it through with your guys' support .3. I know I do not have the emotional strength to do it if I'm left alone.

Regardless, I'm sounding a last call for drawing suggestions, requests, and commissions/art trades; send me a message before the end of the month if you have any lf these in your head! Please don't feel like you're going to pressure me, am greedy or presumptuous, or other thoughts that would cause you to not request something; I need all the help I can get, and try to believe me when I say you sharing your ideas with me helps a great deal.

Jan 16, 2017
Hey, so, I know it's a little far out, honestly not that far, but I'm thinking maybe I'l do something kind of neat for this coming April. As you may or may not know, it'll be Rae'Quia's birthday, and I try to do something special for it every year. Then again, I try to do something for my birthday and every holiday I celebrate, too, but it doesn't always happen ...anyways.

I was thinking, it bugs me a bit that my "busiest month" (according to my profile statistics) was May 2013, and so I thought maybe I'd be able to break my record this year? That is to say, I'll have to draw about two pictures a day for the entire month of April (with some room for slip-ups, because I know I will miss days); I've done draw-something-every-day challenges before, and it's mildly interesting, but to keep up with two each day I'll need plenty of ideas to take from.

Which means I need your help. And that also means requests and commissions are open! As long as you dun mind waiting until April for your picture. Also, any suggestions are amazing <3 And by the way, my 1000th gallery upload (apparently the last time I celebrated my thousandth deviation, it counted journals *facepalm* whoops) will be among these, so hopefully I can do something really neat for that.

(also, just a little note here, if you're wondering about where my new comic has gone, it's in progress :/ I really did hope to get it up by now, or at least under way, but I'm still waiting on my brother. I wish I could give little hints or teasers, but I still don't even know the story, so it's got a ways before I can do that)

some examples
Suggestions: something that I might draw on my own (my universe, my characters, memes, random stuff, and so on), may be any media, may be declined
Fishy Tangle by sunshineley   Blue Fishy by sunshineley  Lookin' So Fine by sunshineley  Leaf Red by sunshineley  Rawr by sunshineley  zSpecies of the Universe: Malulit Dreosi by sunshineley  the Ancients by sunshineley  nice cup o' tea by sunshineley  Don't Let Darkness Blind You by sunshineley  raederp by sunshineley  True Story by sunshineley  Raelism yo by sunshineley
Requests: anything you want me to draw (your characters, RP settings, and so on), may be sketched or inked or drawn in noodle/digital, limit of three
Dancing Through Time by sunshineley  Anavi Ivy by sunshineley  Rockin some Cargos by sunshineley  IM FABULOS by sunshineley  death by sunshineley  I say! by sunshineley  Wings of the Soul by sunshineley  One Standing Tall by sunshineley    The Real American Babes by sunshineley  pizza sauce on a stick by sunshineley
Commissions: 20:points: for digital color, 80:points: for marker, 100:points: for watercolor paint, 200:points: for mixed media, and 500:points: for colored pencil (art trade acceptable, if no points are available)
Love of Ine and June by sunshineley  Swish swish by sunshineley  Bluewing ref by sunshineley  Fired Up by sunshineley  Through the Mountains by sunshineley  Purple da best by sunshineley   Aequi Dragon by sunshineley    

current list
Hand study
Chin/jawline study
Nose study
Leg/ankle study
Shadow study
Gesture study
Weapon/technology study
Photograph study
Building study

Something purple+yellow
Something creepy
A dragon
Frog god
Mandalas (tangle fractal flowers)
Bob Ross mountains
Visusal snow/halos
Wings cleaving the sky
Killer butterfly
A beacon of light
A car that looks like a shoe
Pie that aliens made
26 cats on a tall cat tree
Happy crickets
Delicious Maui
Design a car
Lightning storm over countryside
Yoga poses
Mandarin fish

10 min 1 min 10 sec challenge
Drawing style challenge

Front of Kunn
Snap in a dress
Raen the assassin
Raeq icons
D&D group picture

Jasmine or Esmeralda (disney)
Faerie dragon (warcraft)

Ten generations
Char refs (comic, universe)

SizzleFox M'aiq the Liar
Safyr3 Tylendekkar Png

Funkifan human Edgar……

In any case c: thanks for looking, and please please comment.
  • Listening to: YouTube
  • Reading: Unicorns of Balinor
  • Drinking: Water
Blue Fishy
Hello, it's nice to draw something like this while listening to dull speakers in church. Also, whale shark, I mean, duh, they're always beautiful; how can I not try to draw something I've adored since I was a kid. Seems I've even still got my habit of drawing things too big for my canvas; whoops.

Previous drawings in this... well, I guess it's kind of a series now
What animal should I try next?
3/5/17; drawn in sketchbook pro for android; reference was…
Well, my "core" is almost gone
5 deviants said In any case, hope this year has been treating you well thus far c:
2 deviants said Oh well :/
1 deviant said Feel free to add to my "to-draw" list o3o
No deviants said Didn't even really do anything with it .3.
No deviants said I guess that means only one more month until April :/
Winter Stroll
Hi there c: and happy valentines day; this wasn't exactly meant for to be posted today, but, eh, it happened.
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for android; this style still looks kind of meh, I'm not good at it at all, but it's fun to do so I do c:
Reference: Silverado 92


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